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  • Obedient School |D•L
    265K 4K 62

    "I won't hesitate to bend you over my desk and take you right here, right now" ~ in which a troubled, rebellious girl gets sent away to an Obedient school to fix her behavioral issues.

    Completed   Mature
  • One Last Kiss
    707K 21.6K 32

    Annabelle Jenkins is not a normal girl. The people around her think she’s just the quiet, smart girl but they don’t truly know want her ‘problem’ is. Her problem, she can’t be kissed on the lips or else she dies. How did she get it? Ever year one girl is cursed with this ‘problem’. No one knows about it and no one kno...

  • My Star's Light is Overrated |✓
    131K 8.4K 55

    #10 in Humor 15/05/17 #29 in Teen Fiction 02/11/16 DISCLAIMER: I wrote this story when I was thirteen, so I'm sure that there are A TON of mistakes and plot holes. Reader's discretion is advisable. ❝Even through the cloudy nights of gloom and gray, it is a star's light that brings out a new Day❞ ...

  • Holding On To Happy | ✔
    113K 6.6K 28

    Mia Perkins life is a wreck. Her friends aren't speaking to her, her dad and his new wife are having a baby and she's positive her mom hates her. Then there's Calvin Benton, her new neighbor who is a little too honest for her liking. But maybe honesty is just what she needs. *** This is an unedited first draft and my...

  • Melting Ice
    111K 4.2K 36

    A girl with a heart as cold as ice. A boy with a mask as thick as snow. No one else in the world understands them like they do. Only, can they melt each other's defenses? ~~ Welcome to Soran High School of Arts and Sports. Listen, as an Arts student, you are expected to follow after the trends, do well in your modul...

  • The Gift of Nothing | ✓
    135K 6.9K 20

    *read under your own discretion* Chancellor isn't just your average girl. She's sarcastic, witty, and doesn't let people step over her. But there's more to that. Inside, Chancellor is broken, lost, and wary about life. After having a depressing past, she doesn't know what she exactly wants. But that all changes...

  • Broken Beyond Repair
    563 81 10

    Remember the first time you fell in love? Things felt so magical, so out of this world you are living a dream and you couldn't believe the reality? Then you wake up and realise that's what it had been...a dream. Cover made by @fucked_up_euphoria

  • Comfort Zone
    358K 15.6K 22

    "I'd always liked my life. It was quiet, under control, and routine. Then he came along and showed me how much more there was, how much more I was." *********** Snarky, sarcastic, seventeen-year-old Henley Baker was living life entirely within her comfort zone, but she didn't mind. She was completely content with simp...

  • The Alpha's Trap
    13.2M 381K 50

    Warning: Feels, Violence and sexual content Advised Age: 15 + Maisie Ashford is thankful that her older brother is becoming Alpha. She'd rather not have the responsibilities of having to care for her pack with all the duties of being Luna. She enjoys her life... She has a crush, a best friend, a loving family... what...

  • CHILDHOOD LOVE (Sequel Of Xavier Black)
    4.1K 127 9

    Zayn got a hold of my hands and pulled me to himself "Where do you think you're going?" I shivered under his grip. No Bethany you can't let him get to you this time. "It's none of your business so let go of me." I tried to free my hands but his grip hardened. "I won't let you go ever again. This time I will end up mak...

  • Enemies Turn to Lovers
    3.5M 46.3K 11

    Zaden Voss, extremely hot, somewhat smart, even funny in a way. Ever girl's perfect guy. But not for Nova, an average girl with bad anxiety problems. Zaden Voss has been Nova's tormentor since her first steps. Since their mothers have been best friends they are forced to see each other ever single day. Zaden loved to...

  • Open Feelings ✔︎
    526K 12.7K 74

    Casey Manning likes to run away from her problems. That's why she moved all the way to New York when her dad died. Now, returning back home to finish high school, she's faced with issues that she can't run away from. Jason McCall faces his problems head on. He says what's on his mind and always tries to solve the pro...

  • Jingle Hell [Complete]
    301K 23.1K 68

    Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell, Jingle all the way. Oh what fun, It is to hide; To slaughter and to slay... (Winner of @Fright's Holiday Horror Contest!) Highest ranking: #10 in horror, 27th December 2016 Featured in @IncarnateMovie 'Best of Horror' reading list Featured on @Fright @Wattfest @SpeculativeFiction @ForbiddenW...

  • The Story of Him and I (slow updates)
    27.3K 726 37

    "I couldn't like Ashton fucking Woods. Not him. Anyone but him. Oh no, please, tell me this isn't happening. Tell me I'm not falling for the player." - Ever since Ashton dropped a football in Allison's backyard, the two of them have been the best of friends. Both of them share one thing in common, a broken family. ...

  • Comimg Home
    95.3K 1.3K 15

    Taylor's 10 brothers left to go to army camp. They left their outgoing, sweet little sister. 2 years later when they return, will they come back to the same little girl? Or will they come back to a closed off, scared little girl?

  • My 9 Mafia Brothers || #wattys2020
    109K 2K 27

    Lyla Tailes finds it hard to fit in when it come to high school when everyone thinks she's a poor nerd but it especially doesn't help the fact the Lyla Tailes doesn't even exist. Isabella Sofia Marina Romano lives a secret life. Why welll that's because she is apart of the richest and most feared family in the western...

  • Lucifer
    546K 17.2K 26

    "You're a monster," she whispers, a tear falling down her cheek. "I know." He looks at her with a taunting smirk. "But so are you." --------------------------------------------------------------------- He's a monster, incapable of feeling anything but hatred. She's a fragile girl who was forced into a world of hatre...

  • Meeting The Gang-leader.
    311K 6.7K 27

    When you hear the door open to your classroom, you expect your teacher who looks absolutely miserable. Not a new kid who has a smirk on his face. You expect the new kid to sit next to the queen-bee of the school, not the loser of the school. You expect this year to be like it was the rest of them: terrible. From getti...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Possessive boyfriend (Sequel to Possessive bestfriend)
    501K 14.5K 48

    Noah & Jezzabelle were finally together but that doesnt mean he stopped his possessive ways with her. She does have her reputation in school of being with more guys then she can count. And being in a one on one relationship only zone now, that seems to surprise everyone...including the guys she slept around with. No...

  • The Mafia's Obsession
    73.6K 1.6K 14

    Alexei. The Mafia Don that didn't entirely fall into either one of the two extreme cliches - a cold-hearted demon, sympathetic when it came to those in need. And on his yearning heart's journey to an anticipated milestone, the concealed, broken yet joyous Valeria can bring one of two things to the table: a fairy-tale...

  • Ge[Fang]en (Septiplier)
    361 16 3

    Two teenagers, Mark and Seán, get captured by a vampire named Felix Kjellberg. Who forces Mark to do what to Seán, so Seán will be free? Don't worry, Felix is only a controlling bystander in this smut. Written by Me & DD @xDaddyxDarkx On here Roles Me: VampFe & Seán DD: Mark The Title Explained: It's a bilingual pu...

  • The Fighters Girlfriend
    52.4K 1.2K 21

    Cameron was this innocent girl. One night at a bar was the worst, and the best nights ever. She met Jay. She's been single for a while and just wanted to be focused on whatever the hell she was doing, but she easily got distracted when Jay came into the picture. Jay was this 'bad boy.' He was a fighter, but Cameron...

  • Possessive bestfriend
    1.4M 39.3K 36

    Jezzabelle & Noah were bestfriends since diapers. They were very close, and loved each other before they even knew what love was, most likely they were each others first true love, but never told a soul. They enjoyed their friendship till one day he moves away not even saying goodbye to his bestfriend who waited for...

  • The Night the Vampires Came
    62.1K 4.9K 34

    Ailith has had a secret crush on popular girl Holly since high school. When vampires kill everyone they ever knew, will Ailith finally get a chance to tell Holly how she feels? Who is the little boy who keeps appearing in Ailith's dreams? More importantly, will Ailith survive the rainstorm that is turning the entire w...

  • Siren ✓
    447K 23.8K 63

    Mute since the tragic accident, Ashlyn Holland has lived a quiet life in her childhood home, haunted daily by the shadow of her Father's memory, but too afraid to let him go. Instead, she passes the day serving coffee and kindness, avoiding the ocean at all costs. When Derek moves to town, her routine is interrupted...

  • Ice cream, Teasing and Awkward Situations
    4.4M 212K 71

    "Now crawl on top of me and give me a back massage," he said bluntly, waiting for me to move. "I'm not doing that kinky shit," I yelled in horror, looking down at him like he was crazy. He had to be joking. "Need I remind you, Mia, that I can still call the police at any point," he said in a serious tone while givin...

  • The Boy Who Read Minds ✔️
    778K 33K 70

    Highest rank: #1 in Teen-Fiction and sci-fi romance, #2 humor Aaron's special power might just be the coolest- or scariest- thing ever! It's always helped with his bad-boy reputation, his rightfully arrogant all-knowing intimidation seemed to go a long way with his love life and somehow also his education. Until he me...

  • The Bad Boy Craves Me✔
    3M 59.4K 31

    "Do I seem like an idiot to you princess?" he sassed taking another agonizinly slow step towards me. "N-no" I stuttered out a blabbering mess, unable to think straight with his sudden closeness. "Do I have to show who you belong to again Bella?" "I-don't know" I whispered out too far gone within the eyes of the silver...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha king's mates a Jamaican ???
    112K 3.9K 21

    © Copyright. 16 year old Princess Weird is a badass . She doesn't care what any one thinks are does she ? Her name says it all but the twist she is a Jamaican and the mate to the next alpha king . When she journeys to NYC on a foreign exchange program she meets Blake her over protective...

  • My Curvy Black Mate
    113K 3.1K 15

    Hi reader I love reader supernatural book like werewolf and so I decided to make. This story will be about love,werewolf,action,and comedy. I might misspelled some words in this story .Any it start with a girl name Rosy love(rose she preferred).A human high school girl but with curvy. she moving to England with her fa...