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  • Taken
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    This book was bootiful suggestion from one of my best friends so...ya know...I'm writing it. (By the way this is a sequel to my other book True Love-go check it out if you haven't) Many years have passed since the Great Thaw and the events after that accord and now Queen Anna and King Kristoff are parents of three chi...

  • Kristanna Short Stories
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    Just a bit of Kristanna (Kristoff and Anna from the Frozen franchise) one-shots, because I get inspired every once in while. Hope you enjoy!

  • Kristanna
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    A series of one shots inspired by Kristanna Smut Weeks on tumblr, although not all of the stories contain smut. The first five stories were written years ago, deleted, and republished in 2018. Everything after that was written after the release of Frozen II.

  • My Sweet Ice-Harvester(A Kristanna Fanfic: after Frozen Fever){On HOLD}
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    Anna watched the whole town as they sang her a perfect birthday song. Kristoff raised Anna's birthday cake to see the brithday celebrant. "Happy Birthday," Kristoff greeted. Anna smiled at the ice-harvester. Kristoff suddenly slided through the floor, holding the cake and sang for Anna. "I love you, baby!" he claimed...