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  • My R | Short Sad Bakugou
    14.8K 371 7

    ✔️COMPLETE✔️ What happens when someone - who cannot sleep - hears a quiet, low voice in the middle of the night at UA dorms? //⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS: SUICIDE + MENTIONS OF SELF HARM⚠️.//

  • His Letters From Yesterday
    46K 1.8K 19

    ✔COMPLETED✔ Trailing towards the final days, Bakugou had been behaving strangely. Everyone noticed, but he'd brush it off with his hot-headed personality. He'd constantly space out, and the explosion-like determination and hate in his eyes flickered out. Yet everyone excused it, no one wanted to face his wrath. Until...

  • The day I met you ||Todobaku!!! (Depressed Bakugo!)
    3K 113 5

    Bakugo has been hiding who he is for his whole life. At the age of 10 bakugos mother was killed by his father when drunk. His father used to beat him up. His father overdosed and died when Katsuki was 15 and was ending junior high. The police sended Katsuki to an orphanage where everything is whole lot worse. Other or...

  • Bakugou's secret (On hiatus)
    46.2K 1.3K 10

    Kirishima always wonder where bakugou went in a hurry after class. So him and a few other classmates follow him.

  • Group Chat // Shinbaku
    20K 1K 9

    Class 1A has new of a new student who was supposedly joining their class. How will they feel when they see that their resident Pomeranian was already close to the new boy. The intended purpose left as soon as it came and i just ended up being a whole shit show of fluff, angst and drama.

  • Bakugo Oneshots
    37.6K 837 21

    Most of it is gonna be angst, but there will be some fluff. I'll update whenever I have motivation; dont expect an even updating schedule- Maybe every week? You can also request basically any scenario and any ship(with Bakugo). This book is completed, Im not making any more oneshots for this book(unless I have a good...

  • Bloody Bouquet : The King of Flowers
    4.7K 246 19

    Hanahaki A disease that results in the coughing, vomiting and explesion of flower petals, flowers and blood from ones lungs. Only seen in people with a deep unrequited love. It kills in less than 3 months The only cure? Confess, and hope they feel the same. Or surgery, after which you'll never feel the same. But...

  • Emotions? (Depressed Bakugo)!DISCONTINUED!
    11.6K 483 17

    So basically this is a story inspired by the story Bakugo Side, so I apologize in advance if I take any ideas from that story all credits will go to the original creator.😁 Bakugo was hit by a quirk that split his emotions, what will his classmates do when they find out the side affects of the quirk? Most important wh...

  • Villain rehab.
    14.1K 457 12

    What happens when the top four biggest villains get sent to the UA villain rehabilitation program? walk with Dabi, Shigaraki, Toga and Ground Zero as they Go through UA after being caught on a mission. Villain!bakugou Deaf!bakugou Dabi x ??? Tomura x Bakugou (they're both underage it's not pedo, I hate those kind of...

  • He's Gone
    2K 68 2

    Bakugou has been missing for 3 months, ever since the league of villains kidnapped him . Everyone was devastated, it just didn't feel the same without the hot headed blonde. Everyday they searched for the blonde, but every time they got a lead the l.o.v moved again. At the hideout where they kept Bakugou, they torture...

  • A hidden talent on ice
    31.8K 1K 8

    A boku no hero ice skating AU No quirks Same school and characters 👍 yep Bakugou is very talented at skating as the class soon finds out because of the up coming championships and bakugou is taking lots of days off school because of the of the practice that he needs to make it to finals the school know about this an...

  • Level Zero - Villain!Bakugou Rehabilitation
    27K 997 32

    "How would you describe him?" "A hurricane with a heartbeat and pretty eyes. Trust me, nobody is going to escape this storm unscathed." - - - Bakugou Katsuki, more commonly known as the big-time Villain Ground Zero, has a goal to reach. It doesn't matter how he gets his way, because Zero will succeed regardless of w...

  • Inside My Head
    2.9K 167 3

    Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID is a disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states. Katsuki Bakugou develops DID after years of being subjected to physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. Read more of the story to find out how he lives with this difficult disorder. Disclaimers Tr...

  • Dead Deku/ depressed bakugou
    888 35 4

    Warning this has suicide, suicidal thoughts, pills,self harm,drinking, and death story: Deku ended his life which effected bakugou in a really bad way. Pro hero Bakugou suffers everyday but hides it the best he could.

  • Regrets Turn to Sorrow
    1.2K 60 7

    Although he didn't mean it, Bakugou drives Deku into suicide. Can he save him before it is to late? Answer: No And that answer does a number on Bakugou.

  • Color Wheel (KiriBaku)
    14.4K 925 10

    In the society we live in, we are all assigned colors. The basic primary colors are the highest up. (Meaning anyone red, blue, or yellow) The other secondary colors were looked upon as less. Every time a color touches they create new colors. Bright, beautiful colors. But no two primary colors can ever love one another...

  • Patchwork Hearts {Kiribaku}
    24.9K 2.3K 27

    At the age of four, Katsuki was cast aside by his parents and forced into the foster system because he was cursed with an unfortunate Quirk-Explosion-which happens to have negative connotations to it due to a villain in the past. His parents aren't the only ones who rejected him because of it, though; he's grown up wi...

  • Can I Still Be A Hero?
    37.8K 2K 25

    Ever since Bakugo was young his life goal has been to become the number one hero. He's got it all: the quirk, the skill, the determination, etc. And once Bakugo presents as an alpha he'll have all the components for a perfect number one hero. However, when Bakugo's presentation does take place, there'll come a surpris...

    Completed   Mature
  • never been happier about my job (todobaku\bakutodo AU)
    36.2K 724 7

    this is an AU where every person has something to work .once a baby is born on its left arm is written what they are going to work. lets see what happens when katsuki and shoto meet (the characters and cover dont belong to me) -sorry if my grammar is wrong also tell me if you want smut in it please

  • The Selfless to my Selfish
    13.3K 638 19

    They say if you put a lock on lock lover bridge, live will find its way to you. Usually Bakugou never believed in superstition, but he was in a really bad place. Suicidal thoughts crossed his mind every now and then. money was running low, he was just released from a abusive relationship. Things where bad. Until... "y...

  • Erasermic- The hidden love
    49.7K 1.7K 16

    Hizashi Yamada has been feeling weird lately. he has been having chest pain and coughing up blood. What is wrong with Hizashi? Will it ever be fixed?

  • Heroes in training
    25.4K 949 13

    A teen!EraserMic fluff/angst fanfic.

  • I don't deserve to live ~ Depressed Bakugou
    12.5K 430 24

    Katsuki Bakugou becomes depressed when he believes he's been the one to end All Might, a green haired boy named Izuku Midoriya will help him through the pain, while hiding feelings for him. ⚠️ Warning: this contains ⚠️ 〔Cutting〕 〔Depression〕 〔A small bit of anorexia〕 〔Basically a lot of sad shit〕 ⚠️ Please don't read...

  • "I'm a fuckin' omega. Deal with it, bitch." [BNHA Omegaverse] [DISCONTINUED.]
    40.7K 1.3K 22

    [Warning, Strong language is featured] Bakugou is an omega. Shocking, right? Well not for class 1-A. Enjoy Bakugou's adventures of an omega with his class.

  • Baby mate project
    11.6K 360 33

    Katsuki Bakugou is an omega, the lowest of the ranks. Even with this being known it doesnt stop him from wanting to become first in everything. With a baggage that he can't explain is hard to believe that he'd actually have a mate. Eijirou Kirishima is an alpha, the top of the ranks with no baggage of pride attached...

  • A collapsing star
    103K 3.2K 26

    So, basically in this AU Bakugo is secretly bullied for liking a boy in class. His life isn't easy, but he's trying to keep his 'tough guy' act on in front of the other students. It's the second year at UA high, and nobody has realized Bakugo's pain. What happens when a certain half white, half red haired boy finds...

  • Where's my happy ending(depressed bakugo)
    24.3K 871 6

    Bakugo is known as the tuff , mean classmate of class 1A but what if that tuff ness is only his outer shell and on the inside he's just a frail boy desperately pleading for help

  • The Loudest Voice ( Todobaku )
    43.5K 1.1K 14


  • The Bad Guy - Villain Bakugou AU
    11.2K 373 11

    Bakugou Katsuki is tired of everyone seeing him as the bad guy with anger problems. He has had enough and after another break down in his dorm room, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Without even thinking twice, he sets off to find someone. But who? Read on to find out... Warning! Angst and depression wil...

  • Broken and Fragile (MHA/BNHA) Kiribaku (COMPLETE)
    169K 4.7K 31

    I do NOT own any of the mha/bnha characters but I do own this story and plot.The cover art and any other art is not mine. THIS STORY INCLUDES Rape, drug use, suicidal thoughts, self harm, swearing, abuse, fluff, and smut(maybe I'm not sure yet) They are second years in the story and Bakugou goes missing during a brea...