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  • Her Last Wish
    638K 19.5K 39

    Tiana Collin's life is horrible and she knows this. With an abusive father and a druggie for a mother and with absolutely no friends at school, she didn't think her life meant much. So she decided to end it. But before she ended her life, she wants to feel loved. To feel cared for. To feel. So she decides to date one...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best Friends In Love
    2.4M 64.4K 42

    (COMPLETED) (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) (SARAH AND JAYS STORY COMING SOON) I look at Shane and glare at him. "I hate you, you know. You're suppose to be my best friend not my body guard!" I practically yell He starts walking towards me, determination in every step. I back away hitting a wall behind me. "You're my best...

  • Donna Pericolosa
    101K 2.2K 31

    She was known as the disobedient child . The worst thing that had every happens to the family . Nobody knew her because she let no one in. Everyone was submissive to her father the leader of the American Mafia but not her . The things she had to go through scared her and she found a way to cope by drinking and hurting...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Me Again
    129K 2.1K 64

    *********** Natalia Alejandro is your resident bad girl who rides a bike and wears a leather jacket. She's been broken at a young age, involved in gangs, smokes, drinks, does drugs and sleeps around. She's afraid of nothing except one thing: love. And that's because of Ryder Adams. Ryder Adams is the typical bad boy...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's mine, exclusively mine (COMPLETED)(Published Under PSICOM Pub.)
    13.7M 363K 22

    WARNING!!! MATURE content inside for 18 years old and above! If you're an INNOCENT or NOT AN OPEN-MINDED reader, please refrain from reading this story! Carina was always been a shy girl. She doesn't know how to voice out her opinions and always awkward around people. After what happened to her mom, she was left alone...

    Completed   Mature
  • Born To Kill - Book I {Rewritten}
    532K 14.3K 37

    "Lesson one. Never cross Alexander Valentino" I pressed on one of the knives in his hand. "Lesson two. Never call me Princess!" with that I gracefully cut his throat with my katana. His throat instantly started bleeding . Making the sounds of Santini drowning in his own blood, fill the room. "Remind me to never...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wanted By The Mafia
    4.8M 129K 57

    Grace was an ordinary girl... Sike. This isn't one of those stories. Meet Grace Belmonte, who belongs to one of the biggest gangs in Italy. She's well known for her smart mouth, racing, bad-ass fighting and now the target on her back... After killing three of the Italian Mafia's best men, she unintentionally caught...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Saving Grace
    2M 53.5K 44

    Kayla Green is not your typical girl. She is known and she has friends. People talk to her because of her easy going personality and caring attitude. Even though Kayla seems happy at school and is always chirpy, she didn't have things easy at home, so she uses school and her friends as a way of escaping her problems...

  • His Broken Princess
    3.9K 41 6

    Meet Scarlett Johnson is a smart, beautiful, innocent girl who is abused and raped by her dad after her mom died in a car accident he would drink he had a job to the point he lost his job had nothing to do but torture Scarlett Now meet Asher Romano is a ruthless brave Mafia leader who likes to kill for fun.Hes killed...

    Completed   Mature
  • To Love Again
    1.4M 39.1K 48

    Ella used to always be in the shadows shy, and lets people walk over her ,and treat her badly, but an incident happened which changed her , leaving a scar on her soul. She hides who she is behind a badass, bad girl act, and hides her emotions giving people the impression that she's heartless and tough ,but wha...

    Completed   Mature
  • She Can Fight (completed)
    884K 26.8K 33

    Alexis Marie Carson, she isn't like every ordinary 'good girl' who is completely helpless. She's exactly the opposite. Lexi has never really known her family, since, well what happened... She's been fostered most of her life. In and out of jails, given up to other foster families, and she lost herself in the process...

  • Killer Bad Girl | COMPLETED
    495K 14.9K 53

    She returned a different person, with a new mindset and a new outlook to match it. The girl that once cared too much, no longer cared at all. At almost 18 Sasha finally crosses the line with the police and is faced with two options. One, being to spend several months of her time in a juvenile delinquent facility. Two...

  • It Started With A Fight
    22.5K 439 16

    Previously known as "It All Started When I Protected His Sister" Oaklynn is a girl who likes to be adventurous even though it's not through traveling. She likes to get into fights if she has to. She only has two people in her life that are important to her. Until she meets him Theo is a boy who only trusts two peopl...

  • The Mobster. [Mafia Rom-Com]
    1.6M 47K 89

    • Book I in Mafia Rom Com series. • //A King only bows before his Queen\\ 20-year-old Camille is the badass- stubborn yet sassy girl of the whole college. She is the epitome of beauty. Boys are literally on knees in front of her. But the girl has her goals set and no one could tell what darkness is behind her tomboy a...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm back and bad (slow editing )
    416K 7.6K 28

    Katerina or Kathrine Evans has been bullied her whole life by the queen B, Brittney and her twin brother David but one day she couldn't take it any more and ran away 4 years later she's the best street fighter and street racer known as " Black Shadow" and is going back to her home town to get revenge for her Senior...

  • The new girls a badass
    1M 22.5K 25

    Charlotte, Tessa and Cameron have all moved to Chicago from Los Angeles. Charlotte is a street racer and underground undefeated fighter, Tessa and Cameron are both racers and Models. Damien,Noah,Elijah,Caiden,Holly are the "bad boys(and girl) of the school who talk to nobody. Damien is a racer,fighter and model, Noah...

  • Unbreak Me
    24.3M 859K 67

    Avery Adley is trapped and broken. After losing her parents at the age of 8 she was sent to her Uncles family. She has been used, abused and degraded. When a business proposition arises, marriage is on the table. Will Oliver Black be able to help Avery? Or will he be another cruel man in her life? Trigger warning...

    Completed   Mature