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  • Intoxicating | Kaminari x Bakugou (18+)
    60.2K 2.5K 47

    "Okay, let's get this straight-" "Good luck with that" Kaminari joked "Ha ha, very funny" Bakugou grumbled sarcastically but Kaminari could see a hint of a smile playing on his lips "That's not what I meant. I'm not your boyfriend, and you're not mine okay. That's not what this is, it was just a random hookup. Got it...

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐅𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮 || Todoroki Shoto y Bakugo Katsuki x Male Reader
    269K 27.2K 69

    Falling for you - Bakugo Katsuki y Todoroki Shoto x Male reader ❝No estoy buscando un enamoramiento por ahora, pero no puedo dejar de pensar en ti y de sonrojarme a tu lado...... ¡Me estoy enamorando de ti! ❞ ❛ ❲ 🍥 ❳ ❜ ➜Contenido ChicoxChico. ❛ ❲ 🍥 ❳ ❜ ➜Omegaverse ❛ ❲ 🍥 ❳ ❜ ➜Male reader Omega ❛ ❲ 🍥 ❳ ❜ ➜Todoroki...

  • Todoroki x male reader
    58.6K 1.1K 9

    This is a todoroki x male reader book, I'll try my best to update, hope you enjoy, (y/n) is the new kid at U.A he made friends pretty quickly one of them might just want to be more than friends with him though.

  • Izuku's long lost twin brother (bnha X male reader )
    45.8K 664 22

    [slow updates] Inko has never told izuku about his twin brother, but what happens when they find each other? BNHA DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!! OP! Deku Slight twincest

  • One against all ! (BNHA × male Reader)
    363K 11.9K 60

    Since your parents died after a Villian attacked your family , You're the adoptive brother of your Mothers best friends son. Bakugo Katsuki. After you were left alone they adopted you and finally you were also allowed to Join U.A after getting out of the Hospital !

  • BNHA x !Male Reader
    378K 9.4K 24

    Hmm so your daily life was to sleep, eat, school, work, and train. You worked as a assistant security guy at UA. The reason you got the job was because of your best friend who employed you. Then, there was a level breached, and the league of villains came along.. !read more to find out! [ #1 Katsuki - 1/28/19 ]

  • Night sky (ONE-SHOT) Hitoshi Shinso x reader
    8.3K 298 1

    No one would expect to make a new friend while stargazing. (This is written for my best friend and I only pray that I got his character right despite me being a fan of the series myself, so I apologize if Shinso is a bit OOC but I do hope you all enjoy!~)