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  • F-ing Perfect (Girl x Girl)
    1.2M 42.7K 60

    When Cal McCarthy first laid her eyes on Grace Jordan, she knew exactly what type of girl she was. Stuck-up, controlling, feared by her classmates - in other words, a mean girl. Every school has one, and Cal wasn't the type to be intimidated by such a cliche. And the moment she talked back to Grace was the moment she...

  • New Home [gxg]
    421K 10.7K 43

    Noelle Bennett 16 years old and moved to her dad and his new family because she had many problems at home. Her dad left her mom,her and her two sisters when they still we're babys. Her dad has now a wife,two sons and a daughter and lives in a mansion in New York. Noelle has to deal with a rich family a private school...

  • I'll Reach For You (GirlXGirl)
    5.2M 173K 75

    Skylar Mason lives the perfect life with her parents, but one day her father, a social worker, decides to bring home a girl who he has been struggling to find a home to. Skylar hates the idea of sharing the house with a girl she does not know except her name, Hunter Bennett. When Skylar meets Hunter, she realizes tha...

  • Quiet On Set (GirlxGirl)
    2.1M 107K 107

    "Dumbass" "Blind bitch" "Shut up and kiss me"

  • A Jock's Tale (BoyxBoy)
    1.5M 32.1K 33

    Love is not a thing that can just drop in anyone's lap (or maybe it can). Sometimes you have to fight for it, because this is reality, not a fairy tale. Just ask Jake Sampson when he moves from the upper Midwest to Northern California to spend his senior year. It doesn't take long to spread his wings in his new home...

  • The Angel Among Us [BxB]
    364K 14.9K 37

    Noel shouldn't have expected to be transferred over to an amazing school. But he had, thinking that the boarding school he was going to was going to be his first step towards correcting his already pure behavior. Oh, how disillusioned he was when he stepped into the halls of hell, each student waspish, lashing out ove...

  • El Roommate [✔️]
    2.4M 83K 93

    New school years call for new beginnings. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for Caleb, his new beginning consists of a constantly horny pale roommate. This year should be fun for him. *Chapters are kind short. *But there are a lot of chapters. *The story is finished. But I'll be going back and fixing small mista...

  • Falling In Love With Mr. Step-Brother (BxB)
    1.9M 65.8K 43

    [BOOK #1 of MISTER SERIES] God of Sexiness. That's what Noah's friends, and the entire student of his school, calling him. He's rich, and perfect. At least that's what people know about him. He's just 18 and a senior student. When his mother left him and his father for another man, he became mean and cold. Harsh and t...