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  • The Critique Fellowship -- [Partnership BOOK CLUB]
    1.8K 141 20

    [Open to new members] Are you looking for more of a dedicated partnership/beta reader/critique partner? Want your full book read? Want your chapters read every week? Want engaging comments? Then welcome to The Critique Fellowship :) This is a bookclub focusing on critique partners. NOVELLAS and FULL LENGTH accepted ...

  • Vermilion ✔
    47.6K 2.9K 51

    Melissa Barton is a donor for Vermilion Inc - a company that collects blood for the vampire elite. Her blood is delicious, and it results in receiving a letter one day while working as a maid for one of the vampire families. One of these vampires, she learns, has bought her directly. Like so many on Earth in the yea...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Grimoire
    3.1K 519 36

    On the Featured books of the Vampire_community in May. Ingrid and Lilia are twins. They lead the perfect life - or so others think. While Ingrid is one heck of an energy ball, Lilia is just the opposite. Ingrid can kick a** while Lilia can - well, help you save your butt. One fateful day, they fool around with a Grim...

  • Corner of the Hill
    1.2K 314 57

    After enduring a treacherous past with a fickle lover, Alani finds her way to the doorstep of the reputable and handsome; Dr. Talon, the rugged, veteran; Henry and the beautiful twins; Eve White and Eve Black. Will they be enough to put her world back together? How will the worlds of so many characters clash and who...

  • Adriathae
    1.3K 314 31

    ~~~~~~~~~~ A new world filled with humans brimming to the core with magick, a cooped-up prince, a crazy old woman, an amazing new best friend and a kind blacksmith. Indani Shah must navigate this unfamiliar place, all the while trying to escape. However, her powers seem to be unpredictable. Her looks and unmarried s...

  • After Life
    614 143 12

    Zoey Hungerman has aspirations, all of which revolve around outdoing her brilliant, graduated-at-the-top-of-his-class-in-Cornell older brother. She's gunning for the spotlight in her family by excelling in Oxford law school, but her ability to see ghosts puts a wedge in her plans when she moves into an apartment with...

  • He Just Refuses to Die
    1.7K 518 40

    If she invites a man to a date and he comes even a second late, she will kill him. But what does she do with a man that manages to always come in time? ***This is a short story (10,000 - 11,000 words) that is COMPLETED***

  • Books & Honey [A Book Club]
    22.7K 1K 182

    [OPEN to new members] A book club dedicated to helping writers on Wattpad to gain readers and friends. Friendly, open-minded people only. All genres accepted except Fan Fiction. Mature works accepted.

  • A Darkness Rising
    1K 167 24

    Mave lives in the shadows of high school while scavenging payments for rent. But then she stumbles into a dark place, and wakes up something she shouldn't. Things that others want back, including several half-human monsters who want to kill each other. Val finds himself soaring skies empty of his people. Silver cannot...

  • Death In The Woods ✔|Editing|
    4.8K 1.1K 33

    |A Wattpad Featured Story| What happens if you wake up the next day to the news of the death of someone who asked you out on a date the previous day? When Sarah McKenzie who is turning eighteen in three months time wakes up to the news of her school mate who has gone missing for days, only to turn out being found dead...

    Completed   Mature