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  • Camren One-shot Compilations (Vol. II)
    2.9K 220 7

    Basically a compilation of my ideas, but Volume II Enjoy! :))

  • Unbelievable
    1.6K 139 5

    Ranking the lowest out of all the departments, Miami Dade Police Department was sent a Special Agent to get the job done. Go through with S.A. 27 and a few comrades, as she takes on one of the unusual missions she was assigned to accomplish. Police Line, Do Not Cross. Rankings: 1 - #karlacamila - 08/05/2021 1...

  • The Princess and The Bandit
    94.6K 4.8K 50

    A princess running. A bandit thieving. Together, they make quite a disaster . . . CAMREN AU G!P POSTED: 03-12-2020 COMPLETED: 08-11-2021

    Completed   Mature
  • Prophecy of Slytherclaw
    3.7K 368 13

    Looking at the girl during that class, indeed she had pretty eyes. Bright Slytherin green eyes. Too bad the girl's a Ravenclaw . . . CAMREN HP AU GxG POSTED: 7-12-2021

  • My Sweet Prostitute (English Translation)
    19.8K 666 15

    Lauren is a very beautiful woman who has something special that makes her different from all the others. Due to a problem during her gestation, she ended up being born with a male sexual organ. In other words, Lauren is an intersexual woman. But that made no difference in her life, Lauren is a great businesswoman. Ca...

  • She's Dating The Badass
    79.5K 2.4K 20

    The school nerd Lauren Jauregui doesn't have alot of friends. Well to be honest, she doesn't have any other friends other than her two cousins Ally and Hailee. One day Lauren's life flips upside down when she accidentally messes up with the school's badass, Camila Cabello. To make it up to her Lauren entered a world s...

  • One Wish (Camren) (G!P)
    298K 10.9K 40

    After losing both her parents during war to the Wizarding World, Camila Cabello is brought to Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of the Wizarding school. Before the death of his close friends, and to honor his only two shoulders of trust, professor Albus Dumbledore swore to she...

  • Rush (Camren G!P)
    632K 12.4K 25

    It's a rush everytime we touch. Lauren G!P.

  • Is It Worth It? (Sequel to 12th Avenue)
    59.6K 2.8K 59

    Not good with descriptions but welcome to the sequel of '12th Avenue' Lauren g!p

  • Do or Not (Camren)
    69.8K 2.5K 30

    When Softball team captain Lauren Jauregui, stumbles upon a Student Assistant named Camila Cabello, her life wasn't the same. All she knew is that Fridays, were Camila Days. Note: G!P Rankings: #1 - #lauren (07-12-2022) #3 - #laurenjauregui (11-28-2021) #7 - #camilacabello (05-21-2021) Disclaimer: This book is an orig...

  • Bleed Into Your Mind
    33.2K 952 30

    50% Fluffy and Romantic 50% Dark and Disturbing The way you take away my pain How you can kindly just explain How you can fight your way through anything Camila is a little fucked up but Lauren loves her anyways. The list of songs I played on repeat while writing this fic

  • i'll be lost until you find me (camren au)
    562 38 1

    Camila is the new girl and her life is basically perfect. It's really no wonder the one person she is drawn to is Lauren - Lauren with the gorgeous eyes, Lauren who keeps secrets, Lauren who has skeletons hidden in her closet that she'll guard with her life. It's the same old story, really: we always manage to fall fo...

  • Happier
    23.8K 1.1K 8

    Camila is the most successful young adult novelist of the new generation, and she'll be damned if she lets Lauren Jauregui get in the way of that title.

  • all i need is you
    4.3K 196 3

    Camila has a really bad reputation. Lauren finds that she doesn't care at all.

  • break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored
    1.9K 105 1

    Lauren has a girlfriend now, so Camila should not be all over her. But seriously, she really can't help herself.

  • Creep / Camren
    21.3K 863 31

    What happens when an obscure obsession is taken out of hand and everything seems to take a dark and twisted turn towards the wrong direction. Lauren just wishes she would have kept a close eye to everyone in her surroundings, not exactly everyone just that weird brown eyed girl that rarely visited the music store. �...

  • Loving Her(TeacherxStudent)(Camren)
    191K 4.3K 53

    **HIGHEST RANKS** #2 in teacherxstudent #1 in gxg #2 in laurenjauregui Rebellious and cocky high school student Camila Cabello and the incredibly hot and demanding English teacher Ms.Jauregui. Ms Jauregui can't stand her, she thinks she's arrogant and annoying but at same time can't help but think how hot she is, sh...

  • Pretty Girl Tears
    178K 6.1K 62

    Success is something desired by many.. Camila Cabello however knew that the very word was next to impossible to achieve.. so she created her own version with her abrasive slightly harsh attitude slamming models and designers into formation to create a world untouchable by the weak That was until a shy soft spoken Laur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Headlines (Camren)
    838K 19.6K 171

    Singers Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui's relationship from the point of view of social media and different tabloids

  • Crazy In Love (Camren)
    166K 4.8K 28

    "If I told you to jump into that gross, nasty, stinky fish pond, will you do it?!" "If I had to do it to prove my love for you Lauren, I'll gladly do it! And for your information, I don't even know how to swim!" *Splash* "CAMILA!!!!"

  • On Edge • Lauren/You
    135K 6.9K 22

    WARNING: G!P You G!P is Girl Peen meaning you're a girl with a dick so you're intersex • Everything you've ever known and loved has gone to shit and there's only two ways to look at things. Survive and kill or live it up as much as you can till your time comes. You can probably guess what'd be the better option and fo...

  • Camren Kidnap
    63.1K 1.3K 17

    Lauren has stalked Camila for about a year now. what will she do when she gets the perfect chance to kidnap Camila and make her hers.

  • Assassin with a Heart//Camren//
    120K 3.5K 35

    Lauren was her father's precious angel. Lauren has always done what her father has said. For it will only help the mafia grow. Lauren was know as the Angel of Blood. Using only her bare hands and a pocket knife to drench the life out of her victims. Lauren fed off this raw power she was trained to have. She loved...

  • Purah ( Camren AU)
    10.2K 387 14

    "The scariest monster are the ones that lurk within our souls." Everyone thinks it's a metaphor but to Camila, it's not. (Camren AU) the story basically inspire by book let the right one in/let me in and jennifer's body movie. But of course with a different story line. Trigger Warning : Some strong language, v...

  • You and I, collide.
    80.7K 2K 25

    My life was not perfect. Let's say I'm in the middle of fun and boring. I got friends a few but real ones. A boyfriend that I love. So I'd say I did well in my social life. As English teacher well, I guess I did pretty well my work has been all great. Except for the fact that the principal hates me. Other than that m...

  • Lamp and Milo (Camren AU)
    52.4K 2.2K 27

    In a world full of people where looks can be deceiving, and disguises are a must. How will you learn to trust? How will you earn one's trust? "If I kiss you, would you believe me?" Highest ranks: #1 - #camrenisreal (07/02/2021) #3 - #camren (11/24/2020) #3 - #lauren (12/10/2020) #3 - #cam...

  • Room 72; Camren (translated to English)
    5.7K 193 14

    Camila is a doctor at a Los Angeles hospital. Her life is based on going to the hospital, taking care of her sister Sofi and spending time with Ally and Dinah, until she runs into Lauren, a patient in a coma whom she helps wake up. What she doesn't know is that Lauren is the owner of a large multimillionaire company w...

  • Hook My Love (Camren)
    53.5K 2K 21

    Camila is a millionaire heiress. Lauren is a prostitute. But what amongst the two decided that they belonged together?

  • Forever love
    67.2K 2.1K 33

    Lauren is a cold-hearted, unloving and dangerous officer with only one thing on her mind, vengeance, but will all this change when she is forced to protect her prisoner, a beautiful, fun-loving girl named Camila. (Also side note, this is story is more about them and their lives and how they end up in each others lives...

  • thin walls (are calling me home)
    213K 4.9K 28

    Lauren honestly didn't expect so many noise complaints when she joined the police, but if all of them went as well as her first one, she was sure she could handle more. Especially when she couldn't stop running into the girl she kept thinking about. Or: Lauren is a cop and gets a lot of stupid nicknames, Camila is an...