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  • Zero Falls: Season One
    48.3K 2.8K 86

    After escaping their abusive household, twins Bill and Will Cipher, find refuge in a strange town of Zero Gravity. It doesn't take long, before danger lurks around every corner, as the twins encounter many oddities, monsters, and even godlike beings. To survive, they need strong allies. But, will they find the strengt...

  • MDZS Cut-sleeve Version
    6K 162 1

    WangXian XiCheng ZhuiLing JingSang

  • Stuck In Time (Drarry/Scorbus)
    68.4K 2.8K 10

    It was a mistake. A terrible, terrible mistake. Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter were supposed to make a potion that would let them see the past. It was just supposed to be a simple one tiny glimpse. Turns out, they're going to be stuck in there for awhile. - Drarry - Scorbus - Fifth year - Sets place after cursed...

  • Scorbus and The Time Turner
    108K 2.6K 33

    Scorpius and Albus were having an intimate make out sesh when they accidentally break a time Turner on Albus' bed. What time do they end up in? Better yet why was the time turner even there? And who else will end up traveling backwards, even forwards in time? Read to find out! Ships: Wolfstar, Jily, Romione, Hinny, Sc...

  • The potters time travel
    26K 409 6

    Harry is giving his kids the benefit of the doubt for his kids to stay home alone while he works.....what happens when James accidentally breaks a time Turner......

  • 1995
    18.5K 395 8

    what happens when Albus and Scorpius time travel to 1995....

    79.6K 1.7K 16

    The Potter-Weasley- Malfoy-Lupin gang get hold of a Time Turner and you can guess what happens next. They travel to 1995! Some of their parents 5th year! I don't own Harry Potter.

  • Minecraft, But You Can't Leave - DreamNotFound
    858K 35.3K 28

    "Today, we play a coded version of Minecraft VR in our minds. Our goal is to survive as long as we can and beat the game. Enjoy." ❗️❗️various warnings❗️❗️ -Strong blood / violence / character death (virtual and not too graphic!!) -Strong language (nothing you wouldnt hear on a livestream) -Alcohol use (very slight and...

  • Piece of Clay
    346K 17.4K 7

    George and Sapnap are artists (the former sculpts and the latter paints) in their two-studio house. George has been working on a life-size sculpture for nearly a month or so, and when finally piecing him together, he comes alive. Coming from the Greek myth, Pygmalion, the sculpture named Dream makes himself at home.

  • Solar Eclipse
    10.3K 641 4

    When Wei Ying destroys the Stygian Tiger Seal he expected his corpses to turn on him as the boundless resentful energy from the seal ran rampant in his body. However it didn't, instead he watched as the resentful energy swirled around his body until he couldn't see nor move. Was he dying? 'Are you willing?' A voice ec...

  • The Red Jade
    24.4K 1.1K 5

    After losing Wei Ying once he did his best to protect him but... He failed. He lost the thing most precious to him after he was finally able to claim Wei Ying as his. Aka the au where Wei Ying dies for the second time and Lan WangJi breaks, going back in time. What could go wrong...? Red Jade: is the chi stone, bring...

  • Stuck Together (DreamNotFound / Gream)
    308K 10.7K 37

    [COMPLETE] Clay invites his best friend George over for a week just before major travelling restrictions are put into place. The problem? Clay has recently developed feelings for George. Now they're stuck together by themselves. Will their friendship last? -- Please read A/N for more info, but major stuff: If either G...

    Completed   Mature
  • Drug Dealer Evan (aka the succ fic)
    569 24 3

    Probably the worst thing I've ever written. Implied smut, nothing explicit. Blame my gc for this.

  • Can't sleep Love || Daisuga
    35K 1K 38

    Sawamura Daichi, A third year in Karasuno High School, he happens to be one of the popular kids in school due to him being the Captain of the volleyball club. Sugawa Koushi, also a third year in Karasuno High School, a caring and kind vice-Captain of the volleyball club, because of him being the vice-Captain, he was s...

  • Nekoma Shōyo (Kagehina)
    115K 3.3K 17

    After Hinata has had enough of getting bullied, he moves to another school "Nekoma." !!!DISCLAMER!!! I do not own any of these characters in this story, besides the side charaters! They are all from my favourite anime "Haikyuu." If you're reading this, you probably already know that tho. Don't sue me ;-;

  • Roommates ||A RK1700 College AU||
    333 18 1

    "Are you scared of me?" Yes. Connor was terrified. Scared, afraid. Excited. He shouldn't be. He knew it was wrong. So wrong, but yet it felt so right. Everything about the dangerous situation, about Nines felt so right. So, against his better will, the boy stepped forward and up the edge of the roof, joining his myst...

  • I Take it Back (KatsuDeku)
    15.6K 658 1

    Izuku won't forgive Katsuki's apology for almost a decade of bullying. "Tell sorry to that little kid you first called Deku!!" When a hero mission gone wrong turned Izuku back into a kid, can Katsuki have a chance to apologize for his mistakes? This is a request fic! If you have requests, you can message me or comment...

  • The Tears of Thirteen Years
    112K 5.1K 27

    To find Wèi Yīng, Lán Wàngjī has to find himself and he unknowingly has thirteen years to wait.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Science of Magic
    933 91 3

    Harry Potter truly deserved the title of Unspeakable. Why? Truly his knowledge was unspeakable, stuff not even Dumbledore could fathom. He would've been a powerful ally to either side of the war, and yet, nobody knows who he really is. [There will be OCs, but I swear they're awesome, I spend too much of my time devel...

  • Scream Aloud My Love For You
    913 23 3

    A Scipio x Prosper fanfic based on the characters from The Thief Lord. I don't own these characters or any names, merely the plot line. I hope you enjoy! SOON I WILL UPDATE, I HAVE BEEN HAVING EXAMS

  • Karma's gonna come collect your debt
    252 8 1

    Dipper has put up with Mabel's greed for too long. When one of her selfish demands goes too far, Dipper runs away and turns to the only demon he can trust. Cover art:

  • The Lion and the Lamb
    1.1K 73 3

    Dio was ashamed. So ashamed. He would never admit it, but Jonathan Joestar had stolen his heart.

  • JonaDio: The vampire's beating heart
    8.5K 336 11

    A young boy named Dio Brando. he is introduced into the Joestar family, and meets a charming, handsome boy named JoJo. suddenly a dog runs toward him and he kicks it out of fear. after figuring out it was Jojo's dog, he felt like he was a bad person, and wouldn't be good enough for JoJo, so he writes a comic about the...

  • Alternate Universe Us (BNHA fanfiction)
    72.7K 1.8K 10

    A portal has opened mysteriously behind U.A. Everyone has heard of it but dont really know whats going on till Eraserhead explains that alternate universe thems have come in!!! And the most dangerous one was Deku himself!? How will the 1-A class handle this? Read for more 😊!!! WARNING: SLOW UPDATES