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  • sweet n sour // bmc body swap au
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    Jeremy Heere is sweet, whilst Chloe Valentine is sour. What happens when they switch bodies? ------------- When both Jeremy Heere and Chloe Valentine get called back to do a retest of their maths test, they end up swapping bodies. Read as Jeremy balances his sudden newfound popularity and girl problems and as Chloe b...

  • Be More Chill Oneshots
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    Will include all of the ships I can find. Comment any ships or x readers I've missed out that you would like!

  • Boyf-Riends One Shots
    1.8K 64 18

    Our boys get into some weird shit

  • Be More Chill Texts ✔️
    26.3K 622 14

    Yo, your humans' heere with their first book! This is mostly a book where I let out my feelings through my precious children, but we'll just see how this goes. Usernames and stuff in first chap! -Thatagenderkid Disclaimer: I don't own Be More Chill. Cause' you know if I did, Boyf riends, Pinkberry, and ArsonBros wou...

  • Looking Into Your (My) Eyes* -BE MORE CHILL
    15.8K 660 10

    In which Jeremy Heere and Michael Mell swap bodies for unknown (and probably SQUIP-related) reasons. Shenanigans and hilarity ensue because of it. *(OKAY SO I posted this to Ao3 a while back but I'm putting it here so there's SOMETHING on my Wattpad account until I finish up my next fic. And, criticism is greatly appr...