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  • The devils tactic (Highschool dxd x Betrayed!tactician!male reader x azur lane)
    12K 242 14

    (Haven't seen a lot of azur lane x reader so I decided to do a crossover) (Y/n) (l/n) a tactician of rias Gremory's peerage as they were out on a stray hunt Rias and her peerage betray (y/n) leaving him for death or so they thought

  • Azur lane X OP Male reader
    39.4K 705 44

    (Y/N) was the second subbattlecarrier to ever build in the world by the Philippines Author note: this is my first ever book so please be gentle with me also I'm using a phone so be gentle

    Completed   Mature
  • Azur Lane: Sakura Empire
    4.7K 63 17

    Instead of AL: Iron Blood, it's the Sakura Empire. I do plan on doing one for the Eagle Union and Royal Navy. So, enjoy.

  • Azur Lane: Caytalysm (On Hold)
    14.5K 124 18

    ... All i saw was darkness... and cold... And breathless... .. who... am i?... Why... did i... ended up... like this... .. The darkness... is farmilliar... and empty... Then... the warming light came... Am i...? ... ah... so this is what ... people said... A second chance... This time... I'll change it. My fate... wil...

  • King of the ocean
    30.4K 366 17

    They needed more firepower if they wanted to beat the sirens. So, let's start summoning yeah? Disclaimer: Azur Lane is not owned by me and anything that you recognize is owned by the original owners. Please support the original owners. I should probably have mentioned that this is a male reader story too, sorry

  • Long Live Ironblood: Benchwarming
    5.8K 61 17

    The alliances have been broken ever since the Sirens got beaten back, but with the Azur Lane and the Sakura Empire at each other's throats the Ironbloods have been left in the sidelines for the most part. It almost seems like the German shipgirls and their commander can take a rest and kick back, for now. (This is not...

  • Azur Lane: Eagle Union
    6.5K 86 19

    This book is about the commander of the Eagle Union or 'merica for short. Overlapping Azur Lane: Iron Blood, Azur Lane: Sakura Empire, and Akashi, Dr. Molder, and the Sirens. So, enjoy.

  • Azur Lane: Star of the Shining Arrow [COMPLETED]
    29.9K 523 25

    In a alternative world, there exist Azur Lane, a group that are lead by the commanders to fight and protect humanity from the Alien entity called Sirens... but the new arrived commander has one more goal than to lead... Just who on earth is he?

    Completed   Mature
  • Observer Alpha x Betrayed Male Reader
    27.2K 565 18

    You were a German Scientist for the Iron Blood's and you are credited with invention of the -3 and V-4 rockets. You were successful until you were betrayed by the whole of the Iron Blood because of your inventions.

  • Long Live Ironblood: Wilting Rose
    4.6K 77 19

    The Ironbloods and their commander are back at full strength after working with the Sakura Empire, but with the Sirens occasionally dropping by to see how things are going the line between enemy and ally is blurred. Amongst this a threat begins to rise, one that even the all powerful Sirens fear and one that may spell...

  • Protector Of Azur(Russian Male Ship x Azurlane). ON HOLD
    29K 458 17

    The last russian destroyer Admiral Chabanenko (a lone male soul) is sent to defend the motherland on sea because Sirens are invading with their army the world attacking every country but when he was sailing a NUKE explode on the last russian city. He fights the Sirens to the dead, but he had been chosed to become the...

  • An Unexpected Arrival
    21.2K 223 7

    (DISCLAIMER: Updates would be slow.) U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65) was docked at a harbor after getting decommissioned awaiting for her faith to be scrapped, but somehow faith had other ideas.. a storm had approached nearby and a waterspout started to get nearer to the docks, the waterspout sucked the Aircraft Carrier in...

  • I'm Drowning(Male Depressed Reader x Azur Lane Hood)
    16K 324 13

    (This version of I'm Drowning is just Y/N and Hood together) Y/N L/N was a normal happy child. Despite being very young, Y/N loved the ocean. When Y/N was seven, his mother remarried and gave birth to his step sister, Lily. Y/N wasn't heartbroken about the divorce though. He understood that not everything was alright...

  • The Legend of the Black Pearl (Azur Lane x Pirate Male Reader)
    14.1K 279 7

    The Black Pearl is known to be the legendary pirate back in the days. All the ship girls knows he's just a myth until one evil force appear which awakened him. What will these ship girls reaction to meeting a famous pirate?

  • Strongest battleship
    23.1K 327 13

    a battleship suddenly manifest it's self in the pacific, supreme battleship Yamato and her sister musashi make haste to investigate the unknown battleship.

  • The Lone Leviathan Class Battleship (Azur Lane story and male reader)
    4.4K 54 14

    It's a normal day for anyone. But for it'll be proved wrong. Sirens were attacking. Yap had just completed building his state of the art Leviathan class Battleship. It's outfitted with the best of the best guns. Little did he know he sailed in to a maelstrom created by the Sirens after holding them off. Yap finds hims...

  • The Crystal Fleet (Azur Lane x Battleship Oc's)
    21.2K 480 37

    In June of 1943 after the combined Fleet of the Russian Navy and British Royal Navy sunked the Crystal Fleet the Uni Souveran Arctic Fleet, those ships found themselves in a new world different from their world (Yes I did changed the description)

  • The Carrier and The Commander
    5.8K 66 25

    Prequel to 'Azur Lane The Next Generation' I don't own anything related to Azur Lane

  • Azur Lane Hornet X Male Isekai Pilot & Commander Reader
    8.4K 132 5

    Y/N L/N was the best pilot on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet during the World War II. You flew with a Douglas BTD-1 Destroyer. You prepared for a patrol until a fleet of enemy fighters attacked Hornet. You just got in your plane when an enemy fighter destroyed your plane. It was also the day when the aircraft carrier...

  • Yandere Bismarck & Tirpitz X Male Depressed Sucidial Reader
    10.9K 143 4

    Your life was miserable. Your parents never cared fo you. You were bullied when you attended school. After your school you thought this nightmare was over but you were totally wrong. Your former class mates also joined Ironblood. After they learned that you also joined Ironblood, they started to bully you again. It ev...

  • Azur Lane: I Fell in Love With a Ship Girl Named Enterprise
    7.8K 160 38

    An Author x Enterprise Love story. An Azur Lane fanfiction lemon. Not related to "Symphony of the Heart". My R.I.O. and I were busy checking the instrument panels of our brand new F-14 tomcat on board the new USS Enterprise (CVN-80). Suddenly a dimensional portal sucks the entire ship. Including me and the entire crew...

  • The Man of A Fallen Empire and Azur Lane
    9K 231 17

    You are the last man left alive, but you fight for the Empire of Japan and it's people. You are unaware that the mainland is now under the control by the Empire of Sakura. Still fighting and unaware of the many things that have changed, you search for answers of who you are and what is your mission from the Emperor. W...

  • Rise Once More (German Warship Legends x Male! Admiral! Reader)
    46K 764 54

    Y/n is a five star admiral who is part Russian and German. As a child, he remembered hearing of the stories of the Bismarck, Graf Spee, and Prinz Eugen. He always wondered what would happen if those three legends still lived, it was his wish. But, what if that wish came true?

  • Azur Lane Fanfiction : The Day I Fell For You
    45.7K 428 19

    "I love you, and I always will. No matter what other people say, my feelings toward you will never change."

  • the giant from the depts goes to another world ( alicorn x azur lane)
    64.9K 1.1K 45

    alicorn was off from erusea naval to avoid from trigger, but in the middle of his journey. there was something wrong ( The pictures from this book are not from mine)

  • Azur Lane Superior German Engineering [COMPLETED]
    8.7K 180 20

    KapitanLeutnant Friedriech Allen: Naval Officer, Stationed Aboard KMS Bismarck. Status: Changed to KIA during Operation Rheinübung. Where Am I? I am supposed to be Dead. I see a Forest? What is this place? Concept sorta taken from "The Pilot and The Enterprise" Enjoy! I do not own Azur lane Or the Cover art. #1 in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Azur Sky (Azur Lane Fanfic)
    957 5 3

    1 Year After the Conflict between The Crimson Axis & Azur Lane, SBD Dauntless, An Eagle Union Dive Bomber, Which was Made Human due to the Mental Cube, was Recruited to the Azur Lane Base, Along with Other Planes, Like F4F Wildcat & F6F Wildcat, As He Arrived, He was Assigned to CV-6, which Turns out to be Enterprise'...

  • The Kitsune Brother (Male Reader x Azur Lane)
    25.3K 365 9

    He were the first to be construct, the first ship to have a human body, the only ship to be a male, he is the one who saw every shipgirls growing, but he see in three little shipgirls his true family, the three were called Kaga, Akagi and Amagi, he raised them as they're older brother but when the sisters get's older...

  • You're On The List(Betrayed Pyke Male Reader x Azur lane)
    42.9K 430 13

    Y/N L/N was known world wide because of his heroic doings everybody loves him and same with the ship girls they love him and put all their attention to him, All the male commander envy and jealous of you, they made a plan to kill you and made rumors of you but that was the biggest mistake they did.....

  • Azur Lane: The Fleet That Forgotten (and many Collabs too)
    51.2K 810 70

    Dec 20th, 2XXX The 257th Fleet (a.k.a The Colossus) was assigned to counterattack an unknown enemy who called themself are Siren, but they didn't know that they will be transfered to another world, causing lost contact to their world, will they survive in another world ? Note: I don't own these image or game or sth li...