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  • Isle of the Extinct: Underworld (Book 2 in the Isle of the Extinct Quadrilogy)
    15 6 1

    The glutinous, foul-smelling ball of acid hurtled towards Shane's makeshift shield, colliding with its rickety wooden frame with a squelchy, pulpy splatter. He could feel the impact of the venom ball reverberate throughout his shield, and he held it closer to his face, knowing that taking the brunt of the poison would...

  • Isle of the Extinct-The Bestiary
    62 15 3

    Whether ambling across the great plains or stalking in the shadows, spearing through the water or soaring above the mountains, countless terrific beasts populate the Isle, from hulking tree-eaters to insignificant-seeming meat-munchers. This mighty tome will help you open your eyes to every creature, no matter how gre...

  • Reviving Luna: A Novel
    2.1K 440 51

    "Let me go. Let me fall into the sky!" Daniel bawled. "Set me free, I, a sinner, must perish into the firmaments," he broke into tears, his pupils dilated from the morbid outburst, trying to shunt aside the enfolding arms of the old man. Afore the poignant effusion, a year earlier, on January 13, 2025, NASA disclosed...

  • Workshops
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    Here you will find the lesson plans for all the workshops we hold in the community forums.

  • The Butterfly Awards- Summer 2020 •Closed for Judging•
    1.7K 131 12

    Do you want an honest review of your work? Do you want to see where it ranks among the other contestants'? Then this is a place for you. And yes, the name was the only one I could think of. I also don't own the art on the cover, cuz my art skills are almost non-existent.

  • The Bubble Tea Awards 2020 || JUDGING
    5.7K 327 25

    So guys...this is the first time I'm hosting a contest, so please be patient with me. Want more reads? Want your story to be discovered and have a chance of winning? If so, then feel free to join! There are a lot of genres that you can enter your story into. I'm sure you'll find one that your story fits into. Open (X)...

  • Pantheon Awards 2020
    26.7K 1.4K 15

    all writers, all stories. compete to be crowned winner of thepantheon awards 2020 and to sit on your throne in olympus. cover by @peachspit

  • Rose Awards 2020 (open)
    7K 409 8

    Welcome to the 2020 Rose awards. we are Open

  • Quest Reviews
    5.1K 294 47

    Now open. It's a review shop. Please check inside for rules and how the shop works. Cover and Title credits: renegxde

  • Lost Memories Of A Young Ruffian (On Going)
    19.9K 8.9K 28

    Everything in his life was a mess. His family, his work, and even the love of his life. Paano na lang kung magising siya isang araw na hindi na niya kilala ang sarili niya? Would he make the same mess like before or start making a better one? Lost Memories of a Young Ruffian Written by: IMRGREYI & krisjulie_02 Starts...

  • Hunted in the Sands
    1K 242 18

    "Hunter or prey, boy?" New city, new job, new life. All Kairo Shire wants is to be a patrol officer in the LAPD. It's a simple plan: keep his head down, use the uniform to blend in, and clock out at the end of shift. Too bad it all goes up in smoke (literally!) when he meets Lorne Karmel. A violent offender has escape...

  • Gen Z Awards 2020 ✔
    20.3K 1.4K 72

    This Awards is dedicated to all the writers and to all the stories in the world. Happy Writing! Stickers by : @ABrunetteGirl and @thegrlulook_for

  • Our hill of stars
    378 68 19

    Falling in love with your best friend.....that's how every story ends up. Sure, I fell for my best friend. She kept something hidden from me it could've ruined everything. it did ruin everything. Now I'm in a hospital, in the bed next to the love of my life. You wanna know why, how, or even what's going on? Come read...

  • The Virgin Chronicles
    3.2K 724 14

    "Jay Tyler is a hunk of chiseled perfection that was hand-sculpted by the sex gods and put on earth to set me on fire, both figuratively and literally." Jay Tyler (KJ Apa) is the epitome of toxic masculinity and is the centerfold of Cassie Berenson's schoolgirl fantasies. Needless to say, she's on cloud nine when he...

  • The Dawn
    259 56 5

    For a depressed girl Riari, life can be harder than it used to be, until she stumbles into unsual experiences with her friends. When it comes to her priority? It's always her sister. She lost it! Trying to find happiness, brings her a mystery.

  • M.A.D
    691 278 18

    Mutated Analgesia Disorder (M.A.D) was the debilitating disease that nearly broke Australia. Caused by the chemical weapons used in the Unfinished War, the victims of the disease, Manics, carry three markers: inability to feel pain, a severe phobia of water and... general insanity. Now, two decades after the bombs hi...

  • Love Taboo
    250 47 5

    April Williams's life could have been predicted: A teenager living in Portland, Oregon who is soon graduating from high school and aims to pursue a college career but that prediction is wrong. April's life changes at a young age when she meets a boy at an airport. What could have been a simple event turns out to sha...

  • The Elimination
    1.3K 522 29

    The Sapiential Elimination And Abolishment (SEAA) is run by a family of intellectuals and once they have captured the human LUCAS STRIFE, things begin to change; especially for NOVA STYKES who sees differently. The SEAA's mission is to abolish the human race but after the humans discover the hidden planet of Callisto...

  • The Fostered Program
    935 399 15

    Imagine the moment you found out you were pregnant, you knew that your child would be taken from you because childbirth was simply outlawed? In the year 2045, The Fostered Program was made to solve the growing population by outlawing parturition. Until the adoption clinics are cleared, no child can know their real mo...

  • Our Escape
    106 62 6

    "I start to kind of freak out, because Oryn is somewhere and they could recognize him. Before, I could freak out anymore I get pulled into a tight room. I then realize where I am! I'm in a janitors closet with Oryn and I can feel his warm breath on my lips. Ugh will some one shoot me please!" Isa Sapphire is a 18 y...

  • The LeMont Mysteries
    24 1 3

    A series of shorts starring private eye Rayla de LeMont. #1 Up In Smoke - Rayla rehashes an old cold case about an affair and a disappearance. #2 Dead End - Rayla reminisces about a strange meeting with a well dressed man. #3 Groundbreakers - Rayla discusses a case that took her outside the bounds of her small town. ...

  • The Rye
    1K 262 11

    The R.Y.E. - The Rebellious Youths Eradication Act In a supposed Utopia, where no crime nor rebellions have occurred for the past forty years, children are forced to conform to rigorous societal standards, leaving them eager to transition into adulthood. On the fortieth anniversary of Pax Americana, the government lo...

  • Dragon 1 Degree North (work in progress)
    139 8 6

    In 2089, the human connection to Terra is severed and the grab for dominance is exacerbated. The new hire Zinnia Raczinsky finds herself caught up in a power struggle that looks like a cat fight between two unhappy women but is actually a space drama involving high stakes.

  • The Truth
    17 4 1

    Truth hurts, Here lies the real truth about this life.

  • Alexa Frostbite
    288 69 34

    COMPLETE! Three hundred years after a wintertime tragedy which was lost to the history books, fifteen-year-old Jake Green moves to a village with a forgotten name. At first the only problems on his mind are his father's disappearance, his pale and cute next-door neighbour, and his exams. That is until he awaken...

  • Being Butch Green
    6.2K 587 38

    An extremely dangerous file. An awkward teenager (who'd rather think of himself as the badboy of nerds). A converted, somewhat nice criminal. And an illegal medical lab. All is not what it seems when seventeen-year-old Butch breaks himself out of the local police station, making a somewhat daring run for it with his c...

  • Viper Five [work in progress]
    1K 90 56

    "Just think, you'll be the first teenager to have her story set in a post-apocalypse." Still reeling from the death her father and brother after a spaceship crash lands onto her city, seventeen year old Fee Green discovers this is merely the catalyst for the strange events to come. It soon becomes apparent that e...

  • The Red Cloak Awards
    3.6K 209 12

    CLOSED Read inside to find out the rules and if you'd like to join us. We hope to see you there! (NOTE: Follow all the rules and form properly, or we will begin denying people. All we ask is that people follow the rules we listed.)

  • Anarchy
    62 17 2

    After a natural disaster destroyed the Earth, there only remained nine factions. There was no government and each faction had a different resource the other ones needed. They traded what they needed and raided for the rest. But after a string of realistic nightmares, Estelle Vega, the General of Anthorne, discovers sh...

  • ⭐️Past lives Curse ⭐️
    362 97 24

    FIRST BOOK COMPLETED !!!!✅✅✅✅ "Hold on!!"-a young girl said-"Hold my hand tight...please" "I am too heavy"-a boys voice said in reply-"It wont hold us both" "Thats not a problem i can hold you"-the girl said with a crying voice-"I cant lose you!Pleaseeee" "You dont have energy enough let me go or we both die"-this tim...