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  • Little Bros Big Troubles
    6.3K 1K 5

    This is a random story about the little brothers of the boys in my story. Four Jaturapoom, the little bro of Forth All Mighty. Bane Vongviphan, the little bro of The Casanova Beam. Moon Kongthanin, the little bro of The Great Phana. Sky Suppappong, the little bro of Fai Suppappong. Joong Decapanya, the little bro of T...

  • No Need | PhaMing
    14.3K 1.5K 4

    Still with Big Bad Docs universe... This is 3rd book of the series which can be treated as single book Book 1 : Dare | ForthBeam Book 2 : Haze Me | SharpAim Book 3 : No Need | MingPha Book 4 : Rule | MeanSaint ... maybe... haha.

  • Chivalry is Dead | PhaMing/MingPha
    43.8K 4.7K 12

    Who wants a story of Phana-asshole-Kongthanin? * I was rereading Your First Man and this spin-off come out in mind.

  • Dating Craz-Docs Challenge
    7.1K 767 2

    If you think dating Craz-Docs gang member is a bliss, ... think again. Pairing: ForthBeam MingPha/PhaMing KitYo/YoKit

  • A Heart to Hate
    55.4K 4.3K 12

    From the YOUR FIRST MAN book 1 and book 2. This is the MingPha|PhaMing part which can be treated as all whole new story without read the 1st or 2nd book.

  • All About Myself
    39.4K 3.1K 6

    Ming finds a man looking good from afar, when he got closed, he cursed. "Ah, damn. Phana Kongthanin?" The man looks at Ming, a little surprised. "Mingkwan Dechapanya?" * A story about 33 years old Phana and 32 years old Ming. *

  • Life Diet
    86.6K 5.8K 12

    I am Phana Kongthanin. People knows me as a perfect figure. But they didn't know the deep shithole I've been through. I am sooooo stressed on the pressure I put my self in. Sometimes I am cheating on my life diet. I did bad things.... Like... screw with my bestfriend's ex-boyfriend who also my ex-boyfriend's bestf...

  • The Chasing (PhaMing / KitYo)
    45.9K 3.7K 10

    What if Wayo chase Phana so hard and got help from his bestfriend, Ming... but the result is not what they both expected...? * This is 2Moons FF. Check the tag and author's note to avoid reading something you don't want to. This is PhaMing/MingPha and YoKit/KitYo story.

  • Rebellion
    131K 8.9K 14

    The freshmen of Engineering don't want to listen to their seniors. Kongpob reminds Forth not to take the fist way. Forth's men don't want their boss to take the soft way. Forth doesn't even care that much about the junior when people expect him to do something. But his ultimate 3+3 gang seems know what to do. Who's be...

  • I Got The Kids
    314K 21.9K 28

    Beam drops Forth in the side of the soccer field. "Don't worry, I got the kids. Just notify me when you done." he says. "Thanks, Beam, you're the best." Forth says. "I'll treat you dinner." He will have soccer match: Electrical Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering. Beam nods. The window of the back seat rolled down...

  • ToyFriend
    203K 10.8K 19

    This is not what it's looked like.

  • Maybe
    101K 6.1K 9

    It's running wild in his mind, the what if scenario. Like a broken recording, that part of him keeps scolding himself as if he did something, everything won't be the same.

  • Before the Last Ice Cream
    109K 4.7K 8

    Hi, MingPha ;)

  • Not so Gay
    19.9K 1.2K 4

    This is the second book of my fanfiction work: "2Moons" - a PhaMing/MingPha love story. This is Wayo's continuation part after "Yours" (ForthBeam) and "2Moons" (PhaMing/ MingPha) books. This is not BL, but this is not an ordinary boy-girl love story too. ***

  • Wayo's Evil Plan
    20.9K 1K 3

    Wayo had enough. He will take revenge. His way. To Ming who tricked him to turn into his personal sex slave in the name of giving him lesson of sex art before taking any move to his God of love, Phana (from the beginning of "Guardian Angel"/MingYo). To Phana who play an endless push and pull game, left him with a fal...

  • Loyal Boyfriend
    50.5K 2.7K 4

    This picture is just too good not to make something from it. *

  • Dumb Dumb
    83.4K 3.5K 6

    Stupid random moments of everyone and every pairing in my universe Shot shots everytime

  • Smile
    133K 6K 11

    When Phana is too tired to even smile

  • Underneath the Moon
    56.2K 3.2K 9

    Ming and Phana are having too little time for themselves when they had to mentor their junior Moon of their Faculty. Forth can't do it for the new Moon of Engineering because he is the Head Hazer in his third year. Besides, Ming won the Campus Moon, he would have been a better mentor. Phana? Suthee has bad grades so h...

  • 10 Dollars a Kiss
    16.7K 911 2

    When you got the kiss, who cares about the gas money anyway...? A MingPha story. Same universe as Beauty & The Beast-a ForthBeam story

  • 2 Moons
    294K 11.9K 18

    A story about two Campus Moons. *** Ming raises his eyebrow seeing Phana in front of him, in the stage, leading the Campus Moon and Star gathering. Yo always talk about him. Not in the morning, during day, in the afternoon or even at night. Just like this? Tsk. Campus Moon? So what? Being one is easy. * Phana tilts h...

  • Spoiled
    543K 17.9K 26

    Just random night at the bar ***