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  • Song For Gaelphaxes Book One {Nim's Dragon Series - A Seedworld Novel}
    5.2K 1.7K 34

    The waters surrounding Dragon's Roost are rising, children are going missing, and a power struggle between the Dragon-riding Forkbeard clan of Northburg and the Blacktongues of Ostergyd grows more tense with each passing day. In the centre of it all, a young girl risks everything to save a three-hundred-year-old Drag...

  • Song For Gaelphaxes - {Book Two of Nim's Dragon}- A Seedworld Novel
    1.3K 543 40

    Nim has done it. She' s proven she can ride a dragon. Unfortunately, she also proved she can fall off and lose a dragon, and now the folk of Dragon's Roost are a bit upset. Not at her, because nobody knows her secret. Yet. But when they do they'll probably... well she's not sure what they'll do because nobody has ev...

  • Athanasius Finch: Private Dick | ONC 2020
    1.6K 268 13

    Beatrix Cagliostro, a starving Doctor in Letters, is hired as a Ghostwriter by Athanasius Finch, an eccentric and megalomaniac P.I, and together they will solve the biggest mystery there is: how to pay rent and not die trying. ***** B...

  • A Blaze in the Dark (A New Dawn #1)
    101K 9.1K 69

    [High Fantasy/Dark Fantasy] Finally Sebastian is old enough to be a warrior. He has dreamt about joining his friends, Alex and Nick, for as long as he could remember. Little Fox doesn't like it one bit that he still has to wait nine more moons before he can prove himself a real man. But something is stirring in the Fo...

  • Brian Saves the World, Maybe
    25.2K 2.4K 56

    Brian Walker, the IT guy at a small government contractor, has two problems. First, he hasn't had his morning coffee, and second, a strange voice in his head claims an alien invasion is underway. Solving the least pressing of the two should be pretty simple, but that leaves the coffee issue to deal with! Still, what i...

  • The Varyan Princess
    440 18 19

    Locked up to a crown she did not want, Princess Valencia of Varya only lusts after one thing: Adventure. But as her powers began to grow stronger, her father, King Auriville's grasp on the princess becomes tighter. It only took Yve of Sisne one attempt to become a Knight of the king's army making her the youngest and...

  • Forever June
    5.1K 1.4K 30

    「 WINNER OF THE READERS' CHOICE AWARDS 」 ❝ for the guilt in his head can't ever be expressed, so he learns how to love himself instead. ❞ → lowercase intended → cover by @corvums

  • The Outlanders
    1.8K 219 21

    There's Earth, and then there's Laethora; A world full of magic, and wonder, far beyond that of any earth-born human's comprehension. But what happens when the fate of Laethora is handed over to an unsuspecting group of college students from earth? Kasper Moone, Marston "Mars" Fetch, Lane Seabrooke, and Jacqueline "...