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  • {It's Nice To Have A Friend | Fred Weasley}
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    Amelie Black was 1 when her mother was murdered and 2 when her father was thrown into Azkaban. She was sent to the Malfoy's, despite the protests from Remus Lupin and Andromeda Tonks. Raised in a strict household meant that Amelie didn't know anything outside of Death eater ideals and the thought she had to be a Slyth...

  • Oi Homeschooled - Fred Weasley x reader
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    "AUCH, I'M WOUNDED, SOMEONE HELP ME BEFORE SHE KILLS ME!" he yelled loudly and I couldn't help but laugh. "Shut up, the whole castle can hear you!" I said and tried to pull him up. "That's the point! You're a dangerous being", he stated, but let me pull him up. "You're an idiot", I mumbled and narrowed my eyes at him...

  • Honey Bee *Fred Weasley
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    "Oh, Hello," she said in her dreamy voice. "I'm lost." "Hello, Lost. I'm Fred." No one knows why life happens the way it does. Why people do or feel the things they do. Though, Honey Lovegood thinks she has a pretty good idea. Her life hasn't been perfect, not at all, but everything had a cause and an effect. She knew...