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  • Such A Dumbie (ShinsoXDenki
    24.2K 807 13

    "Your such a dumbie Denki" "Ya but you know you like me Shinso" Shinso X Denki I don't own the image I got it off google~

  • Love Isn't Impossible -A Shinkami Story
    30K 1.3K 11

    Shinsou Hitoshi isn't interested in soulmates. Kaminari Denki can't wait to meet his. Shinsou is invited to a Bakusquad hangout, and that night, his opinion on soulmates changes.

  • Doki Doki Lesbian Club
    9K 141 26

    Mainly a natsyuri, but do not threat! Sayonica will be included, I'm not a monster. If you want to know what happens you'll have to read it because I'm not good at descriptions.

  • Ask and Dare the Student Council: Part Three
    15.8K 460 93

    Aoi: if ya' gonna dare me ya' better make it good, or else! Shiromi: Go ahead, dare me! Akane: I'll be willing to answer your guy's questions! Kuroko: If you guys have any questions, I'll answer them Megami: I hope we can share some useful information Ships that will show: Akane x Amai, Aoi x Shiromi, and Kuroko x Meg...

  • The Comedian & The YouTuber[Garrence FanFiction]
    3.8K 162 18

    A Comedian. A Youtuber Garroth wouldn't of ever guessed, once he reacted to a light-hearted, and hilarious Comedian, called Laurence Zvahl would lead to meeting his new bestfriend, And who knows, maybe more..? But oddly Garroth's convinced Laurence doesn't like him, and only see's Garroth as a friend, but little does...

  • The Switch (Garrance) [HIATUS]
    3.1K 103 12

    { A GARRANCE FANFICTION } Laurance, Dante, and Garroth go over to Lucinda's one day to help sort out potions for her shop. But one mishap, leads to a giant change in their lives. More specifically, Laurance Zvahl's life. He winds up knocking some potions onto him causing him to turn into a.... G-g-girl?! Wit...

  • Love Love Paradise: Love Struck Triangle Laurence x Reader x Garroth
    30 1 1

    (Y/N) is on Love Love Paradise with the gang and during the trip Laurence and Garroth fights who gets you, since they both love. (Y/N) is apart of a Love Triangle and whom will she choose?? *I do not own any of the characters except for Reader and they belong to Aphmau! The characters maybe different from their person...

  • After the war
    83.3K 3.6K 67

    This takes place a few weeks after Zuko has been crowned Firelord and team Avatar has a bit of free time on their hands. Special thanks goes to the person who made the joke that this whole fanfic revolves around. P.S. If you think a pivotal/main character in this fic is straight, you've never been more wrong in your...

  • zukka <3
    311 8 3


  • The Wrong Text : A Music Freaks FanFic [DISCONTINUED]
    5.9K 90 12

    Hailey has had a crush on Jake for as Long as she can remember.... She's just been hiding it.... Can 1 Wrong Text Change the Game? Can 2 Jerks Stop it? Find Out in this Story Btw this is my first fanfic so its kinda bad lol

  • Zukka One-Shots
    12.4K 199 6

    These are some stories of my favorite ship from atla: Zukka (Zuko x Sokka) Disclaimer: I owned nothing, All credit goes to the creators of ATLA

  • Miraculous Ladybug RP 2
    12.3K 90 199

    Just Like Previous One.

  • If Yandere Simulator Characters had Instagram
    8 1 1

    You gotta read the book to find out! No spoilers

  • Mcd Meets MyStreet
    30.4K 520 25

    This Happens while they are in Starlight sometime after Aph and Aaron revealed to everyone but the Licolns' that they were engaged. In Mcd it occurs sometime is season 3 idk exactly when. Also this is my first story and I don't own any of the characters or MyStreet or Mcd or any of Jess's/Aphmau's Rolplays but I do ow...

  • Yandere Simulator | Male Rivals x Reader
    177K 2.4K 12

    ( i lost interest so this will be marked as completed even though it's not. ) ✎ One-shots of the male rivals with the reader, as the title had probably explained ___________ Main Characters: ✦ Osano Najimi ✦ Amao Odayaka ✦ Kizano Sunobu ✦ Oko Ruto ✦ Aso Rito ✦ Mujo Kina ✦ Mido Rana ✦ Osorō Shidesu ✦ Hanakō Yamada ✦ Me...

  • Secret Love Story (Ayano Aishi x Budo Masuta)
    2K 2 1

    Well the title says it all

  • Her New Guy (Ayano X Budo)
    11.6K 254 8

    Ayano~Chan (Yandere-Chan) I'd forced to move on since her Sempai aka (Taro Yamada) started dating Osana. All she wants to RIP Osana's head right off her body. She stopped killing after hearing so tapes from her father who she dearly missed. She had so many questions for her father but she was probably never gonna see...

  • Why risk it ? (Ayano x Budo)
    1K 16 4

    Ayano was born and developed without feelings. Then she discovered that she had feelings for Taro (Senpai) after failing her task of getting him to notice her she has realized that there was another and she would make him her target. Will he notice her or not....... ( Lemons will be included so if u don't want to see...

  • Its you and me (Ayano x Budo)
    5.9K 101 11

    I keep trying to be with him... but now i know that I should of picked him.. (Hope you enjoy)

  • Yandere x Herotic [Budo x Ayano]
    3.3K 61 10

    Ayano has moved to Akademi High. She keeps wondering about her love life, and if she will ever have anyone, or just be lonley forever... until she met Budo. She immidatly fell in love with Budo when they lay eyes on eachother. Will it be a perfect match?

  • Club Bet - Budo x Ayano
    6.5K 170 14

    Ayano is known for being one of the few students not in a club. In a game of truth or dare, Ayano become to subject to a dare. Budo has a month to get her to join his club, or the Martial Arts club would be shut down. Unfortuately, Ayano is having none of that crap. Budo continues trying, bur she's a tough nut to crac...

  • If I Can't Have Senpai (Under Revision)
    112K 3.9K 34

    If I can't have Senpai, then I'll have you until you can't bare the thought of ever leaving me.

  • Budo X Ayano One Shots
    1.1K 36 2

    Hey guys! So yeah. I'm making BudoXAyano one shots. Cuz I ship this couple. So if there are also Budo and Ayano shippers. Please give suggestions or advice. For those Taro and Ayano shippers... I'm sorry, guys. But I choose this side.

  • My Only Love || Sequel To My Annoying Girl [DISCONTINUED]
    3K 126 12

    "She is my only love. And I will do anything for her." DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN THE PICTURES THAT I USED FOR THE COVER.

  • My New Senpai. (Ayano (yandere-chan) X Budo Masuta)
    39.6K 813 10

    One day, our yandere run into the martial arts club leader, Budo Masuta. That is where our story begins~ Disclaimer: I do not own yandere simulator or any of its characters. The owner of that is Yandere dev. I also don't own any of the artwork shown. THANKS AND ENJOY YOUR MEAL. Wait... I meant story... Heheh.

  • Baby Thoughts-A Raven-Jun Story
    145 3 2

    When Raven and Seo-Jun woohooed while drunk,Raven got pregnant,will Seo-Jun stay for her and help her raise the baby,or will he run away and abandon them?

  • The Diary of Raven Villareal
    66 3 1

    Raven's diary during the episodes of Mini Magic starting from episode 4 :)

  • Where are you?- a Raven-Jun story
    456 10 9

    Just as Seo-jun and Raven went on a date,fog spread in glimmerbrook and Raven needs to find Seo-jun after he disappeared.It is Raven's duty to save Seo-jun but where might he be?

  • The Diary of Seo-Jun Kim
    500 4 6

    Seo-Jun Kim has a thing for Raven Villareal but will Raven like him back?