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  • Group-Chat [It-cast]
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    [COMPLETED + EDITING] The "not so serious" book. this book is a mess and I honestly didn't know what I was doing and I'm truly sorry for that. © jyattsmom

  • Ouija Losers ~ Reddie
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    When the losers decide to mess with an ouija board, it doesn't go as planned (To long to be a oneshot, to short to be a real story)

  • Quotes
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    Quotes from songs, fan fictions, movies, TV shows, and literally everywhere.

  • We're Okay // Reddie fanfiction
    8.5K 167 18

    It's a fix it fanfiction because we deserve a happy ending just as they do. After they killed pennywise Richie carries Eddie outside not wanting to leave him in that cursed place. He is brought into the hospital. Join the Losers, especially Richie and Eddie, as they start to get better and start to heal.

  • Modern Heathers
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    TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ for violence, murder, suicide, and swearing. Highest ratings: Number 1 in #jd Number 1 in #heatherduke Number 2 in #jasondean Number 2 in #darkcomedy Number 3 in #heatherchandler Number 5 in #heathermusical Since the reboot got so much hate I figured thats we all needed an ACTUAL modern version of H...

  • Forbidden love (McNamawyer)
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    Everyone's pushing, everyone's fighting, the demon queen wants me, there's nowhere to hide! If I say the wrong thing, or I love someone else, she'll hunt me and break me down! ~Heather McNamara ___________________________________________________ Heather McNamara has a hard time. Heather Chandler, the demon queen o...

    Completed   Mature
  • IT gets Stranger- IT 2017 and stranger things crossover
    34.4K 698 10

    The losers club move to Hawkins due to the craziness of derry

  • Stranger Things/IT crossover
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    The losers had moved out of Derry into Hawkins that's when they meet the 'The Party' aka Lucas, Mike, Dustin, Will, Max, and Eleven they soon found out that Mike Wheeler and Richie Tozier are twins 1/2

  • seriously, again? (IT/Stranger things crossover)
    6.2K 173 14

    When the bodies of the floating kids drop down into the river after the downfall of IT, Derry Maine is evacuated. And where do the Losers club end up? Hawkins Indiana of course! Where else would they go?It's your basic IT/Stranger Things crossover story with a few (not that exciting) twists. (This is me adding a real...

  • Stanley Uris' Summer Crisis (Stenbrough)✍️
    12.8K 528 15

    "It's summer. We're supposed to be having fun" Stan thought as he faces crisis on whether he would tell Bill or not that he likes him very much. Will he be able to tell him how he feels? Or will it be too late? This is the summer of Stanley Uris, his feelings and the Losers Club. **WARNING: STENBROUGH ALL THE WAY** J...

  • Stenbrough - Summer Camp
    21.7K 462 35

    Bill and Stan meet at summer camp through their friends Richie and Eddie. They end up sharing a bunk with them. Stan has always had feelings for Bill but, Bill is dating Beverly Marsh. Bill is confused. He wasn't supposed to have feelings for a boy too. Note:Will include the Stranger Things party.

  • Wrong Number || Reddie
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    What happens when Richie Tozier accidentally texts Eddie Kaspbrak? We'll a friendship form? Something more? Stenbrough also! This will be switching from Instagram, texting, and regular writing I legit can't write sad endings. There might be some angst later on or some sad stuff but it will end happily. I can never br...

  • now or never [reddie au]
    40.5K 1.7K 34

    richie tozier has been in a relationship with his boyfriend, connor bowers, for eight months. however, that won't stop his best friend, eddie kaspbrak, from telling him he loves him before they graduate high school and eddie leaves for college.

  • Wait For It || Reddie ✔️
    623K 20.2K 46

    [completed] Pennywise is defeated and the Losers Club decide to make the best of their summer before high school. They put their past behind them and look towards a new - hopefully more normal - future. Without a killer clown chasing after the group, their lives get some sort of normalcy. But with secrets being reveal...

  • Inseparable | Reddie
    25.8K 944 12

    They say you should never date a good friend. Why? Because if your relationship ends badly, you will more than likely lose that good friend. Richie and his best friend Eddie took that risk when they became an official couple. But what happens when sudden change erupts into their relationship? The two who would travel...

  • hurt | reddie
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    [COMPLETED] "i guess everything was just a waste then." - lowercase intended.

  • Reddie | Promise
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    Two boys grow up in a town called, Derry Maine. With their friend group called The Losers Club. Bev, Eddie, Richie, Ben, Bill, Stan, and Mike. Everything was totally fine till Richie tells Stan a big secret and accidentally lets it out in front of the one person that Richie does not want to know about it. Read this t...

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    to bill; you look pretty in that pink sweater. xx