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  • The Tangled Princess
    52.3K 3.1K 28

    Evanora Cordelia Magnus, a twenty-two year old elemental witch, was only a child when her mother was forcefully taken away from her. Destined to become the queen of witches, she trained for years before finally accepting her position as the crown princess. But her well planned life turns chaotic when she discovers tha...

  • Closing Time
    37K 2.6K 72

    The entrance of a stranger into her bar brings Ryleigh a flood of problem- Demons, Angels, Hunters... and an age-old war that has been revived over a missing weapon. ********************* Ryleigh works as a bartender. She works from noon to midnight, closes up, and goes home. When a stranger walks into her bar right b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Grave Sight
    123K 6.7K 51

    (18+) *Unedited* *Updates Friday's* Nova Bara is a twenty-three year old mix breed. Between necromancy and vampirism, she belongs to no one but herself. At least, until someone shows up at her door asking for her help. (18+ for graphic sex, language, and violence)

  • Polaroids and Postcards
    138K 9K 47

    | Wattpad Editor's Choice | Jason Lovett, a no-nonsense guitar-player, is leaving New York to get to a career-making gig in LA. But before he gets far, his car breaks down. Being stranded without a car or money and running short on time to get to the performance of a lifetime, he resorts to his only hope: hitchhiking...

  • Incipience
    113K 6.7K 37

    Incipience (\in-ˈsi-pē-ən(t)s), noun: the act or process of bringing or being brought into existence. The meteors came without warning. Hundreds of thousands of them came raining down to the Earth, but they did little damage to the planet itself. It's the people that they brought ruin to. Upon impact, the meteors comb...

  • Beautiful Dilemma
    396K 20.5K 54

    She was beauty; deep and rich in art... He was an enigma; an inexplicable force of nature... Akilah Johnson, was an art student at Cambridge School of Arts. With her dream of becoming a famous muralist, she is more than ready for the start of her senior year. As a heavily awarded fighter in one of...

  • Fireborn
    577K 26.7K 51

    [Exciting news! This story will become free on February 26!] A young sorceress, sworn to protect life at all costs, must choose whether to sacrifice her humanity or let an invading dragon army destroy her homeland. ***** Sorceress Liselle Alta has...

  • The Last She (Books 1-3, the Last She Series)
    12.8M 650K 191

    Ara, the only woman left alive after a plague, is searching for a way to save humanity. She thinks there isn't a man she can trust, until she meets Kaden. ***** A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every fema...

  • The Last Dragon Shifter
    176K 13.3K 52

    Naomi Cliffton believed she would go her whole life hiding her true identity. To the people of Tyrra, she is someone barren of magic and a social pariah. In reality, she is the last dragon shifter: a lone survivor of a race that was killed off for being a threat to Tyrra's hierarchy. In fear of being persecuted like h...

  • The Many Dates of Indigo
    488K 22.4K 79

    As Indigo Clark nears her 30th birthday, new male suitors vie for her attention. The trick is to pick the right one... ***** Indigo Clark, a successful businesswoman approaching her 30th birthday can't seem to shake the questions, "Where's your rin...

  • The Girl And The Curse
    15.1K 1.3K 48

    ❝ Wispy like smoke, the curse passed into our world until we became like the ones originally cursed.❞ *Featured on the Wattpad Homepage: Editor's choice* Jade Bobola is too hesitant for her own good and now that she's confirmed that the illness her sister is suffering is a curse, she has to lose the trait fast, for th...

  • Unemotional
    29.9K 2.4K 57

    Audran Owens is an upstanding college student and a great friend. The type of guy his friends can confide in without hesitation. One night out at a bar with his friends he meets Chandrel Sirens. She introduces her unapologetic eccentric lifestyle to his regular life. At first, he sees her as a friend but then slowly...

  • Future Us: Betting on Love ✔️
    58.3K 3.5K 68

    Damon Johnson's never been the guy to settle down, but when he lays eyes on Lenell Richards, he starts figuring out how to change his ways to win her heart. ***** Damon Johnson, an aspiring software engineer, and Lenell Richards, a pre-med s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mrs.Drug Cartel
    4.1M 105K 65

    A MAFIA ROMANCE ________________ "Mrs.O'Rihley take your clothes off" ________________ The wedding ring forced onto her slim finger and a new life thrown into her arms. Kiara was just in the wrong place;at the wrong time. Lucien O'Rhileys lust for revenge and power burns just a hot as Kiaras lust for freedom. His he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Within the Walls
    269K 15.2K 41

    Before the rising seas could cease their destruction, a virulent plague killed off billions of the adult population, leaving the young immune to survive. Together they built the Floodgates to protect themselves from the relentless surges of an ocean gone wild. Within the walls, they built a new society. 109 years lat...

  • More Issues Than Vogue | ✔️
    5.3M 167K 29

    *Wattpad Featured Novel* Haley Monroe has moved to the Big Apple and is ready to start her internship at Forward Magazine, the hottest best selling lifestyle magazine in the country. Everything is set into place: Overpriced tiny apartment? Check. Sadly single? Check. Friendless in new city? Check...

  • The Descendent Protectors
    949K 32K 45

    With only three weeks left of summer vacation, Nora and her friends decided to road trip to a secluded territory with a wondrous lake in the northwestern region of Indiana. Unbeknownst to them, the territory has been claimed by one of the most powerful men in North America, and they were trespassing. A while later, N...

  • The Scarred Beast
    1.6M 56.6K 38

    It was rumored that a beast lived in the shadows, he was known as the sex beast long before a battle went down and after that, he was known as the scarred beast who preyed on females in heat. No female had ever survived his wrath, or bore his mark. Except for one. Lilliana never thought what she would come across on...

  • The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield
    67.2M 1.4M 38

    ***The wrong girl is sometimes The Right One.*** Charlotte Samuels thought she'd be stuck waiting tables at Marlow's until all her debts are paid off-in about ten thousand years or so. She definitely didn't expect a marriage proposal from the arrogant Brandon Maxfield who was blackmailed by his father to make her h...

  • Blood Ties (Blood Lust Sequel)
    6.9K 631 10

    UPDATES POSTED WEEKLY! Audrey has finally made it through her first semester at Lachlan University. Now it's Christmas break, and while other students are heading back to the States to be with their families, Audrey is forced to stay behind with the vampires of Lachlan Island. Not that she had a family to go back to o...

  • Prism: Seeking the Sunbeam (Book 2)
    1K 102 10

    ***WARNING - PROLOGUE HAS PRISM LEAGUE OF LIGHT SPOILERS!!!*** Please add this book to your library so that when I begin posting chapters, you will get notifications. I want a practical goal that will allow me to work out every part of the story and make sure the writing is of quality. Thank you!!

  • Of Light and Darkness
    11.6K 1.4K 33

    Of Light and Darkness - Book 2 Sequel to The Omen's Key ** My name is Dawn, Dawn Clemence. My mommy is a vampire assassin and my daddy is... ...well, you see...he's kind of...a devil. Not thee Devil, but a devil. And I'm... ...I'm me? I was told that when I was born, my parents were really happy. They really were, but...

  • The Omen's Key
    271K 21.2K 73

    Highest Ranking: #12 in Paranormal I'll spare you the sappy sob story of how I became Cayden and ended up in the home of the most powerful coven of necromancers lead by none other than Satan's son. Actually....Never mind. That's kind of important. But, for now, I'll let you in on a little secret.... I am what locks a...

  • Southern Secrets: Book 2 in Southern Charms Series
    13.8K 1.3K 30

    My grandmother is a witch. My mother is a witch. My sisters are witches (one of them in more ways than one). And to my complete and utter shock, I'm a witch too. Still powerless. Of course, if a certain Prince of Hell has his way, I won't remain without magic for long, because no matter how stubborn I am, the clock...

  • Stronger as One
    73.6K 3.6K 74

    Riley has always been a pretty average girl. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened in the 27 years of her life. Well, aside from her family dying in a car crash when she was little, getting adopted and having a kick ass job in London as a security and protection expert. For the rest of it though, her life was...

  • Ivy of Our Hearts
    306K 18.1K 42

    A dark fortress of trees twisted and crippled by time, the Clearwater, Connecticut, woods is no place for two teenage girls. The legends claim it's haunted. Fed up of being kept inside after dark, fearing the monster will take them, sixteen-year-old Ivy Farewell and her best friend Margaret set out to prove everyone w...

  • Deviation (Book #1 in The Dark Skinwalker series)
    354K 23.8K 33

    For thousands of years, the Pantera and Lupina clans have been mortal enemies, always on the brink of a war that could shatter the world. For Kadence Riley, daughter of the Clan Leader, there has only been one goal: to become like the rest of her family-strong, fast and lethal. When the moon rises on her eighteent...

  • Silversong (The Fable Series, Book 3)
    17.8K 1.1K 12

    The third installment of the Fable Saga - Silversong. After the sudden departure of Fable, Ash's life has gone back to normal - or at least, as normal as it's going to get after you've spent the whole summer jamming with the world's most famous rock group. She's trying to rebuild her life, forget about the past, and...

  • Lullaby (The Fable Series, Book 2)
    501K 29.2K 49

    Sixteen-year-old Ashling Shields has had her whole life turned upside down for the second time in two years. As a freshman she was the sole survivor of a harrowing disaster. Now, in the summer before junior year, her life is once again spiralling out of control. Hunted by a shadowy force and entangled in the affairs...

    906K 47K 56

    The lone survivor of a terrible tragedy, sixteen-year-old Ashling Shields is living like she's already dead. But when a chance encounter with an irresistibly wicked teen rock star goes awry, she's pulled into a world of fallen angels and seductive vampires. A world of dark pleasures, enchantments and secrets deep in t...