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  • Confusion: A Narry FanFic
    4.3K 104 11

    Description: Louis loves Eleanor. Zayn loves Perrie. Liam loves Danielle. Then there's Harry and Niall. There's no doubt they have feelings for each other, but will they man up and tell each other? Or keep it a secret? Then there's the other bromances: Larry and Niam. Who can forget Haylor? Are they sure what they fe...

  • Just Friends (Narry Storan au) {Completed}
    4.2K 294 21

    Harry writes to his Diary. Niall writes to Harry. They love each other. But don't know it yet because they're just friends. Narry Storan book? I think so.

  • Best Friends - Narry
    1K 23 4

    Best friends. Those people that tell each other everything. Like two peas in a pod, never a dull moment between them. That's Niall and Harry. But somewhere along the line, something changes. New feelings arise and Niall starts avoiding Harry, before spilling a secret that could ruin their friendship. If they ever fi...

  • Don't Let Me Go || n.s.
    771 30 1

    "That's it, we've done it. Are you ready?" I whisper to him. He smiles at me. "Of course. If you are, I am."

  • Tampons |Narry|
    77.4K 4.8K 31

    Where Harry goes to buy his girlfriend some tampons, but finds something else he didn't know he needed. "Why does everyone think I'm gay?!" "Because you are."

  • Narry: Texts And Imagines
    14.5K 857 35

    Just some random, cute, fluffy narry texts and imagines😛

  • We're Back (One Direction)
    1.2K 67 8

    Its September 25th 2018. Niall texts Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn separately a place for all of them to meet. But he doesn't tell anyone that they are gonna be with the others. Whats Niall doing? He is making a secret meeting to talk about getting the band back together. But what happens when Zayn is having some doubt...

  • Magic // Narry ❄︎ A One Direction Christmas Story ❄︎
    4K 238 7

    ❝Maybe everything they needed all along was a touch of magic?❞ Four members of One Direction after separating their ways and going solo, decide to spend that one special night of the year together. The full squad that includes Zayn Malik, who left the band back in 2014, gets into a car and that's when a real ride be...

  • Inside A Directioner's Mind!
    137K 13.9K 200

    This book will take you inside a Directioner's mind. There are mostly going to be Directioner jokes, moments, quotes from the boys and Directioner thoughts! And if your are a Directioner then you must read it! There are also imagines that I have written myself! *Although Zayn, has left, I'm still going to include him...

  • Protecting One Direction
    92.6K 2.4K 44

    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! STARTING IS SLIGHTLY CARROTISH. And plus, I was 12 when I thought of this idea... so, it will be kinda cringy (SORRY) What happens when you put mash romance, adventure and a huge appetite? You get Grace Persimmons, the niece of Simon Cowell and the one of the top agents in the Cowell Company. Th...

  • Directioners Crazy Mofo Book
    3.4M 143K 213

    This book is filled with One Direction facts, jokes, directioner problems, imagines, how directioners are different from other fandoms, tips for new directioners, things I find hilarious, and many more! And a bunch of stuff you directioners will enjoy! This is a MUST HAVE for all directioners!!!:) and if you're a new...

  • PS I Love Harry Styles
    12K 244 10

    So Niall loves Harry. Harry doesn't know.

  • Boundless Love {BoyxBoy} Narry/Ziam(Short Story)
    843 32 10

    Harry has always felt the sparks with Niall, and he thinks its the same for the other lad. So when a hotel messes up and shortens them a room, Niall and Harry end up sharing. Fate? Yes. Liam and Zayn on the other hand are confused about what they're feeling towards each other. Confusion isn't exactly a bad thing thoug...

  • Bruised
    4.2K 207 7

    A Book in which Niall helps Harry to heal his bruises. If only Harry knew how much Niall was hurting everyday. . . . Hope you enjoy reading this book it's mostly sad but cute too... Based on a disorder called OCD.

  • Fuck Buddies ~Narry~ (Re-written)
    160K 3.8K 18

    "I hate you" "Kinda hard to believe when you fuck me like that" ------- Harry and Niall have been on each others throats since day one. If the best way to keep the peace is to fuck then who can stop them?

  • Narry One-Shots
    77.3K 2.6K 38

    Just like my imagines for the boys separately, these will be One-Shots/Imagines only about Narry!!

  • I'll Be Home For Christmas (narry oneshot)
    1.1K 55 2

    "And darling, I'll be home for Christmas." or the one where Niall's in the army and Harry's having a baby.

  • Paper Hearts (Book Five)
    239K 18.3K 59

    -| until the very end |- "Everything was fine yesterday... And now it feels like we're barely holding on again... I just don't get it Harry." "I don't get it either okay?! I don't understand why everything has to go to shit right when it seems to be going back to normal. It doesn't matter though because I've got you...

    11.6K 550 9

    In which Harry is anorexic and writes letters to his former best friend, Niall Horan. WARNING: Extreme feels, eating disorder, depression, suicide. If you are not okay with reading that, you shouldn't go for this story. Please don't steal my stuff, I'll find you.

  • suicidal • narry storan fanfic
    95.3K 2.6K 8

    One Direction is bigger and better than ever, though with all the die-hard fans, there's bound to be some die-hard haters. Bullies tend to target the weak, the sensitive, and this was no exception - the haters targeted the weak; they targeted Niall. Niall was the only one that was ever actually bothered by hate, and s...

  • Narry|One Shots
    257 14 1

    Narry one shots based of songs. *I don't own any of these songs, I just write around them in a way*

  • Life Has Its Ways (Narry&Lilo)
    14.8K 380 14

    Liam and Louis are going through parenthood with their newly born baby while Niall tries to hide the attraction he obviously feels towards his best mate, Zayn's just there trying to keep them all sane. How is he when he isnt exactly in a sane state though?

  • Dear Diary. ~ N.S
    8.2K 717 21

    Dear Diary, I saw him today.... Love Niall. Dear diary. I saw him today again... But he didn't look my way... Maybe he hates me because of my tattoos and pearcings All the love Harry x Also translated in Estonian.

  • Sex [Narry]
    24.7K 376 11

    Different narry sex scenarios.

  • The Unspoken *Narry* Under editing
    8K 264 6

    “I-I’m g-gay” were the first words Harry Styles had ever spoken to his best friend since they met seven years ago.

  • shy and unlike || narry
    94.7K 5.1K 35

    "i'm shy okay. stop it, lou." "we're unlikely to happen. shut up liam." when the loudest kid in school is too shy to talk to the tall and lanky but not so oblivious brunet.

  • across the fence|n.s
    725 66 8

    in which two best friends, Niall and Harry, are separated and reunited 11 years later all because of something special they did as kids. -primenarry

  • Silk (Narry)
    509 30 1

    It's November 2017 and Harry's about to travel to Shanghai to perform at the Victoria's Secret show but Niall's distracted him with a request to bring home a souvenir from the show.

    Completed   Mature
  • Narry Facts & Imagines
    243K 11.6K 200

    WARNINGS: During reading you may experience; hyperventilation, screaming, crying and the loss of ovaries. Just some funny, cute, sweet and so Narry facts and imagines... *I use facts and imagines that I've found in internet and some that I've written on my own.* BEST RANKS: #1 in Narry Popular Thank you for everything...