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  • Haven't You?
    4.1K 215 6

    A series of short stories that revolve on saving a certain someone. Mainly because I'm a little tired of everything bad happening to Teresa and I think that she should save Jane more then he saves her. Just saying ; )

  • Socks
    1.1K 30 1

    The Mentalist. Tag to 6x10, Green Thumb. Lisbon buying socks for Jane.

  • Christmas come back - The Mentalist
    732 24 1

    Jane's free but Lisbon hasn't seen him since ages. 2 years actually. Containes Jisbon and a bit Rigspelt.....

  • Hypnotized (A Jisbon FanFiction)
    17.7K 783 15

    She looked through them and suddenly remembered Patrick's abduction. 'No. That can't be. He just got kidnapped, but that could have been anybody.' She thought and then saw the blue smiley on Patrick's face in her head. She searched for it in the files quickly. It wasn't hard to find it. The blue smiley was on the face...