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  • Monophobia | Blind InoTan Au
    29.8K 1.3K 9

    cover credit; @schnoofle [KNY Inosuke x Tanjiro] Tanjiro was born with beautiful reddish purple eyes, despite their enchanting color....Tanjiro was without sight.

    65.3K 1.7K 8

    Ushijima has just lost the chance to take his team to nationals. A sleepy Tendou ends up getting dumped with the blame. When Tendou goes missing, Ushijima is determined not to lose anything else. With a confession on the tip of his tongue, Ushijima races against the clock to save the one he loves.

  • Bokuto x Akaashi ➳ Best Friend (Haikyuu!!)
    121K 3.7K 10

    Bokuto and Akaashi's friendship is something out of this world. Though there are many bumps in the road, both start to realize their feelings for one another. And not just as friends. xoxo credit to the artist for the background of my cover.

  • Silent But Loud - Bokuaka
    50.9K 2.5K 18

    "Well, Au revoir my, whores" Kuroo shrugs on his jacket. "I prefer floozies" Oikawa corrects him. "Hussies" Matsukawa nods. "Tramps" Kuroo points at them before walking out the door with a snicker. "No, no, tarts!" Oikawa announces. "Woah that is totally you" Matsukawa sniggers. "Hey!" Oikawa balks. "We're...

  • It's Sad to Eat Pie Alone
    594K 30.5K 26

    Castiel never liked people, and although he has nothing against his college room mate Dean personally, he finds that Dean is no exception. But Dean seems to like Cas like no one ever has before, and Cas is starting to think maybe people aren't all bad.

  • Can We Just Be Us? | KiriBaku
    543K 29.4K 107

    (Completed) Falling in love was easy; keeping it wasn't. We started off as friends. Slowly we realised we liked each other. Then a kiss. Which turned into date, and another date until; 'So you're my boyfriend, and I'm yours.' If only it could've stayed that easy, it didn't; Coming out, Telling parents, First time, Ju...

  • (Completed) Press Play {Kiribaku YouTuber AU}
    70K 4.1K 21

    {YouTuber AU, NO QUIRKS} {COVER ART IS NOT MINE, I ONLY EDITED IT} Katsuki Bakugo is a celebrity, specifically a famous YouTuber, and to most people that would seem like the perfect life, but it comes with its own difficulties. When the worst bits of his past are leaked online, his entire career begins to fall apart a...

  • Inked Skin - Bokuaka
    258K 10.5K 14

    A haikyuu au where whatever your soulmate writes or draws on their skin, shows up on yours as well. A bokuaka, kuroken, bokuroo fic. It's the dark ink stained in your skin, making canyons in your heart. It tears you apart from the inside out. Having a soulmate isn't like what it's supposed to be... Written: 2019-2020 ...

  • Mascot
    178K 6.1K 53

    Akaashi Keiji is the school's mascot. He loves it more than he'll ever let on. Bokuto Koutaro is the extremely decorated quarterback who's fallen head over heels for the boy in the owl suit. When a player from Nekoma, their rival team, strikes out against them, the two find themselves growing closer. Will their story...

  • Show Me The Ordinary (BNHA Royal AU)
    48.1K 2K 7

    When a new guard is assigned to protect the Prince, and heir to the throne, they go on many adventures. Kirishima is well known to be one of the greatest bodyguards in the city, but he never expected that he would be working for the Prince. With his new duty, he wonders if he can help the Prince in other ways than sur...

  • The Definition of Red [A KiriBaku Fanfiction]
    26.2K 1.9K 19

    Red /red/ adjective 1. A color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies. Red. An odd color. It has so many meanings and so many emotions behind it. Love Anger, Embarrassment; whatever you can think of and even what you can't. It's refreshing to know that it's always...

  • Flames {Reader x Bakugou}
    214K 7.5K 41

    Passion burns within the walls of UA High. All of those enrolled in the hero course, strive to be the best. To win. One of those students being you. She strives to triumph over class 1A, but, Katsuki Bakugou, a hot-headed, competitive jerk will make that very difficult. •This is the light hearted high school romance t...