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  • murder, porcelain [editing]
    3K 608 46

    "If I had known from the beginning how everything would turn out in the end, would my decision have been different?" Amber Vaughn longs for variety in her monotonous suburban life. By chance she meets the charismatic musician Tae Joon, who invites her into his world full of ruthless showbiz, parties, money and intrigu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Everything that Can Never Be
    6.2K 1.1K 81

    FEATURED BY STORIESUNDISCOVERED #TwistsandTurns Following the death of his little sister, Jaime spends his evenings staring at the family next door in their nightly ritual of watching the sun set, but in his attempts to learn their secrets, what he discovers might be more than he can handle. *** Jaime is obsessed with...

  • Wolf & Hood
    2.4K 427 19

    "What big hands you have..." "All the better to please you with, my dear." ◖──────────────────────────◗ A modern twist on a classic tale that you can really sink your teeth into. Hold on tight, ladies and gents. It's a bloody ride filled with lust, deception, and wild-things. ◖──────────────────────────◗ By day, Ally...

  • Selected ✔
    94.3K 7.8K 55

    Two powerful changelings feel helpless when the council assigns them as a mated pair. Fiery Rajini is offered to Ray, an arrogant beta to the highest Alpha. She's not the only one dissatisfied with the situation though - Ray has no intention of taking a mate either. The two struggle against their fates, becoming unexp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Do you dream of me in the next life?
    537 166 6

    It only takes a second. One second for dreams to be torn. One second for a heart to stop beating and a second for it to be born anew. Kalah and Joseph are the best of friends, but what happens when an accident rips them apart? Take a journey of discovery, where nightmares are the monsters of reality and dreams are not...

  • Asphalt Knight: Ignition
    2.5K 372 31

    Welcome to Velo City, where the American Dream died. The year is 2065. Corporations rule over a corrupt world government. The 1% live in lavish luxury while the poor rot away in slums. Transportation is regulated by DriveNet, a globalized network of self driving vehicles. Street racers, the remaining few who practice...

  • Kingdom of Power, of Courage, and of Wisdom
    3.7K 717 99

    When the king falls onto his deathbed, the one he chooses to lead Qin into the next era of a 500 year war is not the child everyone knew but the child no one did. The six kingdoms will test the new heir, Factions will seek the bloody throne, and wolves lie in wait at every door. The only hope the new heir has is to se...

  • The Signs We Missed
    7.8K 1.8K 52

    "This is not going to be easy, it's not going to be pretty, it's not going to be romantic, and I don't care." 17-year-old Luke is forced to restart his life when his mother throws him out in the midst of a mental disorder and addiction to narcotics. But his urge to push everyone away from him is soon put to a fatal te...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fury is Born (Book 1 of Hanthalah)
    8K 682 62

    WINNER - EC AWARDS HISTORICAL FICTION SECOND PLACE - KOHINOOR AWARDS HISTORICAL FICTION For centuries, the Arab tribes occupying the windswept plains of Arabia have known only bickering and conflict; they have clung to their traditions and gods for time immemorial. However, this is all about to change with the adven...

    Completed   Mature
  • Age of Aquarius
    161 58 3

    In a world where you're forced to be someone else, all you can do is be yourself.