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  • Mr Adalwin's School for the Shy and Bullied: Episode One (on going)
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    Will has been invited to a school for the shy and bullied.

  • Everything Falls Here
    1.2K 158 65

    Twitch sees the world through cracked, smoke-stained glasses. And why wouldn't she? Her life is a nightmare for most. She runs errands for Mother, tries to stay out of the spotlight in The Fallen, a notorious gang known for off-market gun deals, but somehow manages to change all that in just minutes. Jake had the worl...

  • Aeleva; The Viking Saxon
    5.2K 514 35

    *COMPLETED but editing* England, AD 792. When all she knows is burnt to the ground, Aeleva is taken by the feared Danes. From a life of Saxon peasantry, a dark and brutal side is awoken within her. She has to adapt and survive in a world full of heathen. Torn by love for her captor and love of her faith she must dec...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gods Know I Tried (REWRITING)
    5.1K 372 54

    Although greek gods and goddesses are notorious for their ill-tempers and infidelities, there is one rule they all abide by which is to never fall in love with an ánthropos, the lowest-ranked beings in all the realms. As Hades' son, Jace is the sole ruler of the underworld city of Cocytus and happens to be secretly in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Soul in the Storm
    11.1K 776 45

    "This. Us. Whatever this is. I don't want it." "You don't want it?" he reached out his hand, fingers gently wrapping around my wrist. I shook my head, unable to speak, being slowly reeled back in towards him, my body betraying me. His other hand found its way to the small of my back, ensuring that I stayed flush agai...

    Completed   Mature