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  • DBX: OMEGA09 vs Brachydios
    187 3 1

    A battle between two powerful violet Dinosaurs, OMEGA09, Jurassic World's New Powerful Hybrid Tyrannosaurus Rex. And the Brachydios, The Slimeblight using Brute Wyvern of Monster Hunter. Who will triumph as the real Lilac Monstrous Theropod!

  • DBX: Rampage vs Indominus Rex
    176 2 1

    Transformers vs Jurassic World! Who will win this DBX, Rampage, the Constructicon, or Indominus Rex, Jurassic World's Genetically Modified Hybrid Dinosaur.

  • DBX: Predalien vs Nuckelavee Grimm
    154 4 1

    To commemerate RWBY Volume 5, There is A Battle between two Monstrous Hybrids! Who will win the Battle for Kuroyuri? The Predalien, a Xenomorph/Yautja Hybrid, or the Nuckelavee Grimm, a Grimm based on the Orcadian Horse-Like Demon?

  • DBX: Berserker Predator vs Raven Branwen
    300 4 1

    Predators vs RWBY, Every universe has it's killers, and thats what these two cold blooded murderers are here for, to battle to the death, who will be the strongest hunter, and who will die as a weakling, the Berserker Predator, leader of the Bad Blood Predators, and Raven Branwen, the leader of a bandit tribe and the...

  • The DBX: Christmas Crossover!
    113 1 1

    OMEGA099: Happy holidays every one, here's a tale about people and creature from multiple universes! I hope you enjo- Dinocroc: Your cover sucks! OMEGA09: You know it's hard to make one on an IPhone with small Vestigial Arms!

  • DBX: MUTO vs Skullcrawler
    332 3 1

    Godzilla vs Kong: Skull Island Its a battle between two enemies of the Legendary Monsters, who will win, the MUTO, aka the Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism? Or the Skullcrawler, the Top Predator of Skull Island! (Art by iswayah from Deviantart)

  • DBX: The Blob vs Tigrex
    88 1 1

    Goosebumps vs Monster Hunter, Which deadliest beast will be the Apex Predator? The Blob that ate everyone, or the Tigrex, The Wyvern that is Absolute Power!

  • DBX: Seregios vs Skullcrawler
    137 3 1

    Monster Hunter vs Kong: Skull Island Which of these Hostile Monster species will prevail, Seregios, The Thousand Blade Wyvern, or the Skullcrawler, Skull Island's Apex Predator.

  • DBX: Mega Shark vs Agamo
    143 2 1

    The battle between the Monsters that terrorize Land and Sea, which monster will prevail? Mega Shark, the Megalodon that fought four other monsters, or Agamo, the sentient stone golem that will crush anything in its path? ( In celebration of Shark Week!)

  • DBX: Alien Queen vs Gore Magala
    150 3 1

    Aliens vs Monster Hunter, To commemorate Alien: Covenant and Monster Hunter World, a battle was started, who will win this bloody monster battle, the Alien Queen, the leader of the Xenomorphs, or Gore Magala, the Frenzy Virus Wyvern. (I don't own the arts, all credits go to their rightful owners)

  • DBX: Stegoceratops vs Spinosaurus Rex
    206 6 3

    I don't know who made the art, I just watched it from a video, and that video gave me an idea, a battle between two dangerous hybrids! One Herbivore, and One Carnivorous, and that's why I asked truce-pacer to do one of his battles in his story Dinosaur Fights! (P.S awesome book, look it up) and that battle is Stegocer...

  • DBX: D-Structs vs Indominus Rex
    617 8 2

    Dinotrux vs Jurassic World! Two evil pale white Theropods, who would win in this battle, D-Structs an evil Tyrannosaurus Trux, or Indominus Rex, Jurassic World's first Genetic Modified Hybrid Dinosaur!

  • DBX Finale: Kylo Ren vs Predalien
    84 2 1

    Star Wars vs Aliens vs. Predator Which of these two monsters, (Yeah, you saw what I did there) will reign supreme over the Galaxy and this final DBX of 2017! (DBXS2 will premiere next year!)