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  • Blue Star Book Club [CLOSED TILL DECEMBER]
    9.7K 239 8

    How do I get my book recognized? What do I do to increase reads and comments? How do I find some amazing books to read? And, where can I get helpful reviews on my books? This is the place where it all comes down. Yes, a Book Club! Exclusively for ALL THE FANDOM now. Book Club idea:- @zanthenewt

  • We Are The Starlights
    936 127 7

    Want to know more about the members of Blue Star Community. Come on in, and get a chance to learn about them. Cover by: @velligal

  • Blue Star Contest 2019 [Closed]
    4.4K 457 22

    You are nothing but competitors.

  • Blue Star Editing Service
    1K 86 6

    It's all about editing your work. "We are Hiring"

  • English with Blue Star Community
    332 40 2

    Presenting you an exclusive chance to talk english, walk english and sleep english. Grab this chance to learn English with Blue Star Community. Click the read button to get on in an adventuresome and memorable experience with one and only Blue Star Community!

  • Splashing Colors
    1K 90 6

    Holi is the festival of colours, one of the most awaited festivals in the country (INDIA) and celebrated by Hindus all over the country. The festival is celebrated with much joy and vigour all across the country especially in North India. Holi is not just a festival; it's a tradition which dates back millenniums. It'...

  • Splish Splash Birthday Bash
    410 56 5

    Special Treat for Blue Star Members who are growing old😂 On a special note: We celebrate 1year and the birthday together of a member.

  • Blue Star Funzone
    769 74 4

    Presenting Blue Star Funzone where you can now sway your legs and hands and enjoy with your friends.

  • Blue Star Plot Shop
    1.1K 118 6

    A stage where you get plots on random, romance, fanfics and many more.

  • Blue Star Graphics- 2 [OPEN]
    9.4K 799 64

    100+ requests completed and still making.

  • Blue Star Icy Award 2019- 20 [Closed]
    3.4K 335 22

    ✨And this is where those hidden crystals are brought under the spotlight for many others to see. So yes, you will get what you deserve! ❤ ~~~~~~~~ We, the Blue Star Communty, have finally come together to take you on this beautful journey. a journey that will surely be worth cherishing. Yes, one and only-- Blue Star l...

  • Blue Star Reviews [CLOSED]
    15.5K 916 87

    "We are Hiring"