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    There will be funny and tricky riddles in this new book...... Do answer my riddle in the comment box without cheating..... ALL THE BEST...........

  • koreaboo | learning korean
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    ➤ STATUS: [ONGOING] Hey you, wanna understand your oppas without subs? HAHAHA Open this book now. PS. This book has a lot of references to start with and I'm just here to help you understand a little better. Thank you Mr. Byon and to other references for helping us out! Highest rank #5 in #한글 04272020

  • The Wrong Indian Flag | LGBTQ+[ON HOLD]
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    || Teen Fiction | Romance | LGBTQ+|| ||Ongoing I Sporadic Updates|| Shilpa Patel, an aspiring journalist, wants nothing more than to carve her own path in life. But it seems her parents are very determined to do otherwise, and before she knows it, she is engaged to Raj Mehta. It is not the worst of fates, she suppose...

  • LGBTQIAP+ GET TOGETHER | #PrideatWattpad
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    The biggest event of the year is here! Welcome to the first-ever LGBTQIAP+ Get Together - a month filled with cool activities for the entire community. Be sure to use the #PrideatWattpad and #GetTogether tags to join in on the fun. We have multiple writing contests, graphic contests, bingo, trivia, author interviews...

  • Stop Making Fun of Foreign Last Names - TELUS #EndBullying
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    I'm grateful to team up with Wattpad and TELUS for the third-time to create an #EndBullying themed story, inspired by TELUS' initiative to put an end to bullying. Stop laughing. Foreign last names are not a joke.

  • Prank Call
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    '"You didn't answer my call yesterday." "..." "Answer my call next time." "Or else?" "Or else I'll drown you even longer." "I'll die." "So? It's not like anyone cares."'

  • Masterclass | Shunali Shroff | Art of Fiction Writing
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    Join us for a Wattpad Masterclass with Shunali Shroff as she teaches us The Art of Fiction Writing Brought to you in association with @BloomsburyIndia

  • Riddles✔️
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    #wattys2017 - The largest collection of riddles from games and the Internet. - Can be logics or other fun riddles. - Cover by @MrWitty.

  • [✔] Think carefully 🤔🤔 and then answer 🙂🙂.
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    Some tricky and fun brain excercise questions. Cover credit: @UnknownWriter1308. Thankyou buddy ❤️❤️❤️ for making the covers. Follow her and make her your friend.🙂

  • Health_Center Entry Form
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    "Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you" -Katie Reed Here is the Entry form for Heath_Center you can find all the rules and conditions to enter Health_Center in here. We hope to start a chain of happiness and peace through this p...