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  • I Was Never Picked Why Do You Want Me Now
    158K 5.6K 200

    All my life I was never picked I was the nerdy , poor kid in our pack. My biological father up and left my family and started a new one. My older brother and I are total opposite from one another player football and I was the dorky nerdy kid sister. One day after my birthday I was supposed to be running our pack runs...

  • Strong
    28.8K 1.1K 17

    Petal Athena Jones grew up in the MC life. She was royalty there in her father's Club, the Lost Boys. She was the princess along with her best friend Margo. They were treated as such. Coddled, spoiled but often pushed away. Neglected. Women had no power in the Lost Boys. They were expected to take care of the men and...

  • Secret from the past (ON HOLD)
    2.1K 43 15

    After highschool graduation Vlinder decide to travel to America to meet her grandparent. They don't know about her. So when Vlinder arrive in a smal town in Montana she learn that her family is in a motorcycle club. Will they accept Vlinder or sent her away. Read to learn about Vlinder and her family and the secret...

  • Needles: Death Eater Series
    1.5K 96 10

    He was a loner most of his young childhood years. Never having any friends. But then as he got a little older he started running with the wrong crowd. In and out of juvenile jail. That is until he met King, the president of the Death Eaters MC, and was given the nickname Needles, to remind him of his past. She is Cora...

  • Into Darkness
    9.3K 274 5

    Almost an entire year later and I still felt the familiar pain in my chest at the sight of the clubhouse in front of me. I remembered that there was a time that I called this place my home, that the people inside were my family. Now I knew that the only home I would ever have was in myself, the only family I had was...

  • The Promised Bride
    348K 11.1K 27

    Anastasia Grace Kolloff was promised to Raven Ravensthal when she was born he was 10 yrs old She is being Shipped off to America to be married to him because of a debt between Her Great Grandfather and Ravensthal Great Grandfather In which the first born Girl in the family is married to A Ravensthal to clear the deb...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Adopted My Twin Mates 18+
    2M 50.7K 94

    Coco had sworn off men for a long time. At 30, she's bored with her repetitive life, and adopts two large dogs from the pound. Except they are wolves, and her twin mates. And they were horny lil buggers but hey, so was she. ••• I heard the sounds coming from her laptop, and my eyes shot open in shock. Our mate is wat...

  • All My Love | MxFxM
    264K 5.3K 23

    Stella Scott a 19-year-old college student, starts a passionate affair with Matvey Ivanov, and his equally sexy father Sergei Ivanov, who happens to be the head of the Russian mob. What could go wrong with being in a father-son throuple? This story will contain graphic violence, mature language, and strong sexual con...

  • In The Next Room
    236K 3.3K 7

    "How long did you watch? Be honest," he whispered, as though he were half embarrassed, yet he desperately wanted to know the truth. I was turned on by the blush of his cheeks, because I knew he rarely talked about these things. My heart rate quickened and I felt myself grow instantly wet at the memory. I remembered h...

  • Calling the Doctor
    100K 3.1K 16

    Dominic (Doc) Doc is an Ex-marine and is a fully patched in member of the Hell's Riders MC club. He runs the local clinic in the town of Rockvilla. He does not have a wife or any kids, but he want them for he has been ready to settle down for years. The problem is finding a woman that can handle his life as being a do...

  • Hurting.. MC BOOK
    28.7K 1K 18

    I remember that it hurt.. Loving him hurt; Missing him hurt; Seeing him hurt; Being away from him hurt even more But what hurt most was being with him. ... Especially when he wasn't mine... Book 2 of TDR! Octavia Danis, a free spirit, troubled past, shell of a girl. After years of abuse and constant violence, she f...

  • Bring It On
    56.1K 2.4K 24

    Reaper is the VP of the Hell Bound Riders MC. He loves the drugs, money, and women the MC brings his way. Even without all that, he would still be loyal to the core for them. Anna-Lee Harper is a country girl that grew up becoming opposite of what her mother wanted her to grow up to become. After a fight with her mot...