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  • Shades Of Monotony (Andy Biersack Bwwm)
    9.6K 386 19

    "Trust the words that hurt, they never lie"

  • Irredeemable (TeacherxStudent) Andy Biersack
    4.9K 89 13

    Lucy was always a troublemaker. Everyone gave up upon her, even she did. But he was different. His smile is what saved her. Can she keep him in secret? This is all too risky for both of them. Andy Biersack fanfiction from highschool, where Andy is a math teacher ^^ Will get smutty and perv, since I am weird, so get r...

  • My Stepbrother Andy...
    1.3K 92 10

    Willows mother marries into a rich family and moves into his mansion with him and his son, she meets her new stepbrother but seems to catch feelings for him and his charming attitude but will they get caught? Will it last??

  • Pickup ✞ Andy Biersack
    75.4K 2.8K 92

    "I picked her up at a gas station, Now I'm in love with her."

  • Will You My Saviour? (Black Veil Brides fan fiction )EDITING
    10K 373 34

    *NOTE* I am a HUGE fan of the beautiful,talented Juliet so please keep that in mind .This story is in no way meant to portray a hatred of her .However,the role she plays in the story is essential to the plot . Andy is in a dark place in his life .His marriage is failing and no matter how hard he tries ,he fails to l...

  • Fake Love (Andy Biersack)
    10.5K 195 24


  • Chasing Crow (Andy Biersack Love Story) [COMPLETED] {1}
    1.7M 56.1K 62

    FIRST BOOK IN THE "Chasing Crow" SERIES Niki finds a strange cat outside of her apartment one rainy night. She takes the cat in and takes care of it, not realizing it belongs to a certain celebrity. What will happen when she goes to return the cat?

  • demented. {a.b} DISCONTINUED
    25.2K 1.3K 24

    when love becomes an obsession TW: blood, cutting, knifeplay INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in ANDYBIERSACK ATTENTION: This book is discontinued.

  • dark devotion ≫ a.b.
    18.6K 934 25

    #19 in Biersack!! -- Quinn has finally made it to senior year at her boarding school. She's shy, awkward, and just doesn't fit in. At the beginning of the new school year she meets Andy Biersack. He's tall, dark, and handsome. Everything a girl wants in a guy. One day she unveils a dark secret about him. She gets swep...

  • Monstrous (Sequel to Beastly)
    82.9K 4.6K 49

    My eyes filled up with warm tears, my lip quivering as I clenched my fists. This was not the Andy that I knew and loved. No, now he was a monster. A cold hearted, disgusting monster. "Get out, Andy." I snapped. "Snow please. I didn't do it!" He cried. "You liar." I said through gritted teeth. Andy shook his head. "Sno...

  • Andy Biersack Gifs And Pictures
    3K 105 11

    Favorite gifs and pictures of Andy Biersack. If have any favorite Andy Biersack photos of gifs please tell me and ill post them. And if your a fan of Ashley, CC, Jake or Jinxx ill also add them.

  • Love or Lust (Andy Biersack Love)
    205K 8K 35

    Is it possible for a young smart girl to fall for the deep and dark transfer? Is she prepared for the dark truth about him? Obviously it's possible for Madison Grey. Her plan wasn't to fall in love, at all in fact. She wanted to focus on school and grades. But when bad boy Andy Biersack comes in, his mysterious smile...

  • Heavens Fallen Angel [Andy Biersack x Reader]
    100K 4.3K 27

    When all seems hopeless and broken you only have your pains to fill in the gap but when two new guys go to your school one will change your life and show you a different way

  • Heavens Favorite Fallen
    13.1K 619 12

    Sequal to Heavens Fallen Angel You think that nothing else vould go wrong now and you can't stand being left again by the ones you love. But what happenes when the one you love is the one you fear