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  • When the Light is On You
    64 12 1

    Leonardo hums philosophically as he paints a portrait of Lisa Gherardini.

  • Lisonneta
    32.4K 1K 19

    Fourteen line poems.

  • Carrion
    10 0 1

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bluejay Shaman
    652 82 29

    Traveling the back roads of Montana, not-quite-fearless art gallery owner Alix Thorssen is far from her home in Jackson Hole. Trying to clear her sister's husband of murder, she finds herself up to her Ray-bans in shaman's secrets, mysterious deaths, zealots, and madmen, not to mention -- ah yes -- passion among the p...

  • Vers Libre
    2.8K 469 35

    Free-verse randoms.

  • Laundry Lines: A Memoir in Stories and Poems
    967 192 23

    Why do we remember what we remember? As Ann Elizabeth Carson looks back at the long laundry line of her life strung with memories, in a rare combination of visceral, sensuous prose and poetry she explores how many Western women lived and were shaped by the 20th century. Laundry Lines: A Memoir in Stories and Poems...

  • Mickey the Monkey
    524 54 7

    A cunning monkey grabs the attention of three kids and a small Alabama town during the summer of 1937. A tale in seven parts.

  • Older Poems from the Pen of Olan L. Smith
    4K 888 98

    This collection is a gathering of most of my older poems, both published and unpublished, making it easier to find my poetry.

  • contrived
    504 184 14

    sometimes life is contrived. My thoughts and observations on aging.

  • Magpie Pearls
    1K 110 9

    This poetic journey started when I began questioning why I write poetry. The assumption I had come across pearls of wisdom to impart is quickly challenged by readers of "Magpie Pearls", leading me to explore truth in a broader sense. Is truth universal or personal? Relative, or absolute? What becomes clear to me over...

  • The Woman Who Never Cooked
    14.5K 1.8K 83

    I'm hidden inside the fiction and oddly, or maybe not so odd, I included three memoir pieces that I don't identify as such. That's the first tip-off. For reasons I explain in The Fear and Love Conversations ( Part 2 follows.), I mix fic...

  • Drifters
    3.3K 266 10

    A collection of Inspirational poetry and my personal observations.

  • Daring Names : Heroic Ballads
    485 58 11

    YOU are the hero! You have many adventures to go on. How would you feel if you were a famous knight? What does it sound like in a mermaid's lair? Will you be friends with dragons? What is it like to fly? Only YOU can tell the story! (Please leave comments and votes if you enjoy a story! This book has new parts added...

  • A dragon in winter
    1.5K 79 14

    Does the writer suffer the delusions of oncoming bi-polar disease, or is he the victim of the machinations of infinitely superior aliens who fear the the human race's ability to breed far faster than they and poison the environment with their consumption. Set in once prosperous mill towns in Lancashire at the end...

  • The Smell of Snow
    730 89 10

    From our little island, we usually can smell snow when it falls on the mountains across the straight

  • Deadline--a VERY short story
    366 27 3

  • Limericks .. Poetic Ladies
    6.4K 646 100

    Poetic Ladies Indeed! <3

  • edge of the garden
    13.4K 795 26

    outside of eden

  • Some Girls Wander by mistake
    483 67 4

    A few poems on burgeoning womanhood and advice for our daughters A few lyric references and a bit of militant feminisim to garnish.

  • over the line
    8.8K 800 46

    in the dimensions

  • Sappho: For The Love Of Womb'an.
    279 10 5

    Sappho was a Greek lyric poet, born on the island of Lesbos. The Alexandrians included her in the list of nine lyric poets.

  • if you live, you cast a shadow
    130 12 1

    as the shadows appear......

  • Muscadine Jack
    158 23 1

    Just another night on the road with Jack and his blues band

  • Still Waters
    20.1K 608 60

    A collection of metered poems of life, death and everything in between.

  • A Tanager's Dream
    870 32 1

    A songbird's dream of beasts and peace, where East is West and West is East

  • The Great Divide
    609 42 1

    Onward and upward

  • Time
    926 46 1

    A three quatrain poem: abab, cdcd, efef. Time is called the elusive mistress.

  • Pensacola Zoo
    823 25 3

    Talking animals, fishing gone awry and pandemonium in the monkey house

  • How You Doing, Old Friend?
    150 17 1

    Self reflection's best done with a good friend.