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  • Friends With Benefits: New York ✓
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    New Cover Made By: ColourFluff They tell you in high school that real life is hard, but no one ever thinks it's as hard as it really is until reality sets in. Aiden Holland was smart, came from a nice family, and was determined to be a doctor. At twenty-one he packs up to go to school on the east coast; proposing to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Roses and Heartbeats
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    What happens when opposites collide..? Siya and Chris are two teens residing in NYC they studied in the same boarding but never talked with eachother. Now they are in the same high school. Will there be fireworks in the heart when they meet again? Get inside to know all about it. 💜

  • SHe - "The Waving Girl"
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    This is a story about a Young Shivaay who is seeing some visuals of a Girl-Waving. Is this his imagination ? Or there is something more to it? Peep in to know more :) This story's idea is taken from "" I m just adding "Shivika" tinge :) Please give it a try 🙃:) RANKED #14 out of 154 (shivaay singh obe...