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  • The Heart Grows With Love [BoyxBoy]
    100K 1.3K 30

    Harrison is like many other 16 year old boys, a troublemaker. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mom. Harrison is a complete homophobe so when his dad explained that he was gay when he left, Harrison refuses to speak to him. Harrison is living a happy life when his mother drops the cancer bomb, which would...

  • Hey Mr. Kidnapper
    6.2M 78.7K 20

  • Freaks of Greenfield High
    2.3M 13.9K 20

    When a teenage cyborg is forced to hide out at a small-town high school, the unthinkable happens: she falls in love. *Optioned for TV by Cream Drama, Inc. *Winner: Maryland Romance Writers Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest, YA category *Winner: Gulf Coast Romance Writers of America Silken Sands Self-Published Star cont...

  • Cupid's Granddaughter
    9.7M 106K 33

    Greek Mythology. First installment in the Cupid series. Amore, Liebe, Amour, No matter what language you say it in it means love and it's Peyton's job. Her grandfather is Cupid and he's hired her as his newest apprentice against her own will. And now he says that he wants to hand the business over to her? No thank yo...

  • Old Flames
    2.7M 21.6K 34

    Lainie Moon and Aaron Dozier have a history, a present, and a possible future. This story was the creation of many helpful suggestions by readers at the time of the writing. Thank you, everyone, who helped out!

  • Taylor - The Rock Star's Daughter
    4.5M 30.3K 16

    This is an unedited, first draft of the book The Rock Star's Daughter, which has been downloaded by more than 1.2 million readers since its publication. At the age of 15, Taylor Beauforte has only met her father twice in person. After all, he is the lead singer of a world-famous rock band, constantly on the cover of...

  • Finders Keepers
    635K 475 10

    Madcap adventure? Travel, humor, sex and desire? The fate of the cosmos? Finders Keepers is the critically acclaimed backpacking buddy story of two dudes making their way through Europe and New Zealand, searching for their place in the world ... while trying not to wreck the Milky Galaxy in the process.

    Completed   Mature
  • Aisling's Diary
    1.6M 2.5K 40

    **Watch the Webisode of each chapter! On Mobile, Go to Info or click the thumbnail if you're reading on the web!** I'm Aisling and I moved to Dublin, Ireland from Boston Massachusets which is kind of weird because I thought I was coming home but actually nothing was how I thought it was going to be. To start with no...