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  • genshin impact ( xiao x aether) 🔞
    26.8K 882 17

    This story is about Aether how is traveling in liyue, the way is full of enemies and Puzzle! But her is someone who wouldn't let Someone or something hurt him!?

  • Identity V Jack x Naib Fanfic ( Lemon )
    962 33 8

    My friend was too lazy to wake up for noon rank , So I am manipulating her using this fanfic baiting her with one chapter at a time. Now she's my btch. This might be very poorly written but this is idv fanbase where there are very little fanfics soooooooooooooooooooooo Edit : The cover is made by my friend who is ment...

  • Mission[jack.X.naib]
    8.2K 428 16

    A dear friend of Naib got kidnapped by an unknown person, they got threatened to do as they say or they will hurt his friend. Follow naib and his friends threw this journey :D if ya want- Art credit goes for the rightful owner uwu