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  • Danganronpa V4 (Mastermind Shuichi X Kokichi)
    176K 5.6K 31

    After finding out who the true mastermind of the game was, Kokichi Oma was forced to participate in the new killing game along with 14 new students. The 16th student was none other than Shuichi Saihara, the Ultimate Despair Detective.

  • The Blood-Stained Empress
    298K 8.7K 16

    After Li Meixing is executed by her lover alongside her family, she wakes up four years earlier and searches for a way to survive the coming conflict. ***** Li Meixing is living the perfect life. Her father is a powerful politician in the Qi Kingdom...

  • Undertaker[Adrian_Crevan] X Reader
    18.3K 332 12

    So basically Adrian here is a noble and so are you..... Buttttt you ran away. 0---0 Unfortunately your family is always terrible. When you were running you bumped unto someone...