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  • Broken Hope (boyxboy)
    13.4M 522K 60

    Keegan is a boy who loves affection. He's usually quite peppy and excitable, but everything in life has turned against him. He ends up locking away his emotions and making himself distant from the world, trying to avoid further suffering. He's left a shell of his former self, struggling to get through life. He decides...

  • I am mated to the alpha's son other known as my best friend.
    241K 5.3K 27

    OF course people had mates but what see dident now was it was going to be her best freind mason to be her mate yeah he was nice and all that but would he treat her like he treated her before the were mates?Read and find out :)

  • Forgotten Love ( Vampire story)
    8.9K 148 9

    Darrell and his brother adrian are bothin love with the same girl. But they are vampires. When the girls finds out she freaks and arian accidentally killed her. 150years later Adrian is a messe up guy. Darrell restarts highschool but is still a tourtured soul. But a girl who looks very like charlotte has arrived. Will...

  • There's no way that i have three mates!
    1.1M 29.8K 32

    Amber is just your average werewolf girl. the only problem is she just can't believe she has three mates.So when she finally meets them she does the most sensible thingshe can think of. sHE RAN....Well she tryed but the future kings are so not giving up their mate and their determine to have her even if it means that...

  • I got a Second Mate? (On Hold)
    1.5K 63 2

    Rose Lake is a 17 year old she wolf, she meet her mate at the age of 14 and she loved him. When rose was 16 her mate Jack died in a rough attack. When she turned 17, Rose and her family moved to a town in Florida. What rose doesn't know is that in the new town of woods town, there is a man that will forever change he...

  • Harry Styles cheated on me now im a vampire
    128K 2.2K 44

    I date Harry Styles for a year and he cheated on me with my best friend I thought we had everything but no I was just a game for him when I moved back to my parents that was a biggest mistake of my life literally.

    Completed   Mature
  • Angel & Devil [Harry Styles Vampire/Romance] - SLOW UPDATES
    372K 7.3K 55

    I don't trust anyone. Even the Devil was once an Angel... ©PrincessTulips

  • The Alpha's Little Witch
    1.1M 25.1K 22

    The creamy white of her alabaster skin, as if she is illuminated from the inside. Gold freckles scattered in all the right places and positively beg you to trace them lightly with my fingertips like a sensual connect-the-dot. Her lips so luscious that were colored a natural rose, savoring it slowly and still I will ne...

  • The Volturi General
    806K 17.3K 51

    Jasper and Demetri turned up one night outside Bella's house to let her join the Volturi. Edward left her, right? So what's the use of all the crying and sulking around under Charlie's roof? But would she still mope around after knowing that her true mate wasn't really Edward? But Jasper?

  • The Emo and the jock
    380K 13.5K 24

    Robyyn is the Emo girl that gets bullied everyday for being herself. Ray is the jock that hides his sadness behind his jokes. Together will they make something beautiful? Or destroy it?

  • Nothing Lasts Forever (Sequel to My True Savior)
    2K 20 25

    Harry's 'dead'. Bella is worried. Bella learns something that'll change her future forever. The happy days they had don't last. Cheating, heart breaking, lies, nothing last forever. ~Sequal to My True Savior~

  • Psychotic (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)
    72.5M 1.1M 54

    "I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." - Christopher Poindexter

    Completed   Mature
  • Rare and Rejected
    436K 12.8K 33

    You would think that being the most rarest creature in the world would be the biggest blessing... Well it is but that does not mean at the same time it can't be the biggest curse Meet Skylar Rarist Amberly- The most powerful being the world has ever known. She is the bullyed one, the one everybody hates, the discra...

  • Emo Love Story
    74K 1.2K 9

    ''How could I let this happen,'' you screamed and punched the wall hard. You shrunk down to the ground again and whispered ''Because you thought he was different. You thought he had a heart.''

  • You Don't Know Me
    189K 7.2K 50

    Blonde 16 year old Kiera comes across as stupid and ditzy to everyone. Little do they know that it is all an act. Day after day; week after week; month after month. But the million pound question is 'why does Kiera act the way she does?' ~~~~~Sequel is called "You Think You Know Me Now?"~~~~~ © 2013 by XTHEBESTX. All...

  • Friend Zoning Harry Styles
    30.4M 467K 68

    Emily is the usual college student, trying to eventually work her way up into getting accepted to Medical School. She meets Harry Styles, charming, funny, and the biggest sweetheart. They begin to develop a strong friendship.. Harry wants more. One problem, Emily's not going to leave her boyfriend, Brandon, for someon...

  • I Was Bullied By One Direction
    53.5K 1.6K 25

    I been bullied by liam,louis,harry,zayn,&niall for 3yrs. But one day all that change.... Hello my name is Ana and i am a vampire.. ©copywrite2014-yulizamaldonado

  • My Bully (One Direction Fanfic) (AU) (Complete]
    255K 6K 23

    What would you do if you got bullied every day? What would you do if your bully hurt you verbally and physically? What would you do if your bully was Harry styles? Presley is a 17 year old student, just trying to get through high school. She has great grades and a perfect family. But when it comes to...

  • The Dare (Marcel/ Harry Styles FanFic)
    2.6M 69.4K 37

    The boy with the swallows and the green eyes is hidden beneath knitted sweaters and big lies. Will one dare change everything?

  • The A-Team ~Harry Styles Love Story~
    88.4K 2.4K 20

    I was part of a gang in south London, making deals with the scum of the streets just so I could fill my stomach with food for the night. He had all the money in the world and threw every bit of it away to help the innocent, he had every outsider in this town fight against the bad, he himself fought against the bigges...

  • Just A Dare
    374K 7.4K 31

    It was a mean thing to do, I admit. And I wasn't a mean person. But I did it anyway. "It's just a dare," she said. "and it's not like you'll ever see them again." She persuaded me and I couldn't argue with her logic. I was moving across the world. So, I thought I would never see them again. You only live once, you k...

  • I Will Never Let You Go (Emo love story)
    65.9K 2K 12

    Hailey has been bullied her entire life by the jocks and barbies of the school and her own mother. The only person to stand by her is her best friend Ryan. They think of each other as just friends but would that feeling change when Hailey and Ryan shift into a new apartment to hide from Haileys dad?

  • A Vampire Fairy love story
    8.7K 174 16

    My name is Valcarie Carson. I am 18 years old & I make a livening being a hacker & gathering information on people for anyone that has the money to pay for my services. I’ve been doing this since I was 16. I thought I was being careful until a few weeks ago I was kidnapped by a vampire assassin named Marcus who was...

  • Training The Alpha, Rewritten Version (On hold)
    1K 39 4

    Stephanie and Adam have been childhood friends since they were six. After ten years they're still close as ever, or Stephanie thought till Adam cheated on her with her twin sister. Now, it seems as if Adam's mission in life is to ruin hers. Unable to deal with all these emotions, Stephanie decides to drown herself at...

  • Hybrid plus Alpha
    173K 5.4K 16

    An eighteen year old female werewolf, Nora, lived a happy life as the daughter of the pack Beta until one afternoon, when she want hunting. She was then surrounded by vampires who turned her into a hybrid, half werewolf, half vampire. Feeling the hunger starting to burn in her throat she wanted to go home but then re...

  • Adopted By One Direction
    2.6M 40.9K 22

    13 years old. Lonely. Abused. Terrified. Little Madison has never known what it feels like to have someone love her. Abused by her 'family' she has learned to shut people out, never trust, seeing as though everything is a trick to hurt her. Sexually, mentaly, and phyically she has been taken advantage of by the people...

  • The Vampire Reject (TVR)
    433K 15.7K 20

    I have nothing. No parents and brothers that hate me. Along with a bitch of an ex best friend and a crush on a jerk. After I was brutally rejected I managed to get out of my self pity and have enough dignity to run away, and by doing so managing to get myself turned into a vampire. Stuck in a completely different wor...

  • The Boxer
    7.2M 144K 45

    Widely known as a fierce and competitive Boxer Mr.Styles chance of caring is slim to none considering he's lost all who's important in his life.. Cryssy is open minded and going to uni to become a doctor with a fairly normal home life. You'd think the two are completely different, and trust me they are, but there's st...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hell's Angel (Book 2 in the Dark Angel series)
    732K 28.5K 20

    After the battle ended and Lucifer lost his power and throne, we thought it was over. But part of my mother's vision was overlooked. The battle might be over but the war is only beginning. My crazy grandmother has joined forces with Lucifer. What they haven't anticipated is me. A stronger hydrid with more power than...

  • What is Love, Alpha?
    501K 15.3K 18

    - "What's wrong, gatia? You're too pale," he said softly, using one hand to brush my hair from my forehead. I happily basked in his touch, feeling comforted already. "I... uh," I trailed off quietly, not really wanting to say. I was suddenly worried of him thinking I was insane. Biting my lip and looking down at the...