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  • The Devil's Favor [ONC III 2020]
    1.1K 210 15

    Olivia Chase, a successful woman who sold her soul to the Devil in exchange for child of her own, is offered a second deal of a lifetime when her daughter dies: Do Lucifer a series of favors in trade for not only her soul, but for her daughter's miraculous return. Armed with the demon gift of fire-snap travel and a sh...

  • A Middle-Aged Writer's Daydream
    1.8K 293 22

    Have you ever lost everything? Hank Preston was a famous writer whose debut book, "Stygian Blues", was a bestseller. His subsequent publications, however, were all low ranked. After a year facing total writer's block, his editor is picking on him with deadlines, his wife is leaving home, and he's under the risk of lo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dead of Winter
    733 131 17

    [ONC 2020 Longlist and Ambassadors' Pick - COMPLETE!] Using the controversial technology of memory reconsolidation-having a victim's memories implanted in her mind-PI Amara Ashcroft hopes to reveal the identity of her sister's killer. But when the killer isn't human, memories quickly take a deadly turn!

  • Knight of Fire | ONC 2020 | Round One Runner Up | Honorable Mention
    3.7K 770 22

    Renowned psychic Desmond Wells has it all: money, grandeur, and family. The only thing he doesn't have on his side lately is luck. With his psychic gift mysteriously gone, he relies on the talent of Ava Sinclair until he can get his power back. After reading about a new ritual involving a cup and a mirror, granting hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Soul Harvester (#OpenNovellaContest2020)
    3.1K 543 12

    Seventeen-year old Jacey Marques is a soul harvester. She travels to other dimensions to hunt down the alternate souls of those recently deceased in her own world with the goal to reawaken them. An unlimited supply of lives -- at least for the wealthy elite who can afford the steep price tag. But like so many doors...

  • Miss Matched
    36.1K 4.7K 33

    Tayla Murphy is tired of waiting for Mr. Right to find her. So, with the bulk of her savings, she invests in a once in a lifetime opportunity. GameSetMatch is an exclusive soulmate finding service, and Tayla is ready to meet hers. When Simon Buchannan's name turns up on Tayla's match screen, she's filled with disbelie...

  • Spirits in the Woods
    298 39 17

    Ten year old Zarah Rosemann loves exploring nature and spending time climbing trees in her favorite forest. The woods was always a magical place for the imaginative girl, but she never knew how special it really was until the day she found a spirit in the woods!

  • The Memory Thief | ONC2020 [AMBASSADOR PICK]
    1.1K 298 18

    While the city is tormented by the Memory Thief, Liliya is struggling to keep her job when the government issues yet another law further restricting the use of magic. Desperate, she finds herself looking for new ways to support her ailing mother and pay the growing pile of hospital bills. One day, during a not-entirel...

  • Push Notification (#OpenNovellaContest2020)
    13 1 11

    On a cusp of a scientific breakthrough that could change society forever, brilliant young physics researcher Miana Xing begins receiving unusual messages on her phone, delivered by a nameless app that she never installed. The instructions it gives her seem benign at first, but as the messages continue, Miana begins to...

  • High Stakes - Open Novella Contest III
    558 42 16

    What game would you play, if your soul was on the line? Years ago, Anna sold her soul to the Devil to save her sister's life, and she thought the deal was done. Turns out the Devil has other ideas. A fire at a convention means a number of geeks have unexpectedly died, and some of them have had the nerve to challenge t...

  • The Prince's Beast (Book 1.5, The Secrets of Tarot series)
    2.8K 274 12

    The Crown Prince of Wuzhen and an exiled kitsune leader meet in an enchanted labyrinth and struggle to accept their new bond, as the secrets of the Virtues and Seven Deadly Sins come to fruition. The Prince's Beast is a dual POV, Asian-inspired paranormal (MxM) romance story that takes the classical fairy tale Beauty...

  • Fighting for You (Open Novella 2020) [Completed]
    1.4K 364 26

    [ONC 2020 Ambassador's Picks] Days before the first Battle of the Somme, John Wilson, a young soldier stuck in his brother's shadow, meets the enigmatic Charlie Robinson. Cast out from the friendships of their fellow soldiers for unpopular views, they form a close bond straightaway; one that they vow the war will neve...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heart of a Prince: A Cinderella Story ✔
    1.2K 193 19

    During a 'soul searching' move to the kingdom of Dak'kine, Tia illegally fumbles her way into the castle's staff. The only possible way to escape this mess without landing in international prison? Marry the Prince. ---------------------------------------------------- A Queer, Cinderella inspired satire. [Complete at...

  • The Medium of Memory | ONC2020
    166 33 15

    You can't outrun the past. Hattie Newfield is a fake medium who makes a living off pretending to speak with the dead. But Hattie has a real psychic gift--she can "read" people's memories. When Hattie is approached by a stranger with an intriguing job proposal, she learns that she has other psychic powers that aren't...

  • those who speak in dreams | #ONC2020
    1.2K 139 4

    *ONC ROUND ONE QUALIFIER* *ONC ROUND TWO QUALIFIER* *ONC AMBASSADOR'S PICK* *COMMUNITY CURATOR PICK -- JULY 2020* ❝ how can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another in the waking state? ❞ | IN WHICH THERE IS A WAKING, AND A...

  • Zhenzhu
    127 32 13

    2020 ONC LONGLISTER Bixler finds himself alone on a dead poisonous world. Here he will stake his claim and start over. He has the ability to engineer the colony into the perfect world, free from all of humanity's wrongs and vices. But as the years go by and his colony grows, will the buried secrets from his past de...

  • Sarah's Blue Tree ✔
    433 75 16

    A crash leaves Sarah and her older sister, Mila, without a mother. | #3 in Children's Fiction. ♥ Wattpad Ambassador's Pick ♥ ONC 2020 Longlister | With their dad long gone, Mila is the only one who can keep their tiny family together. But, Sarah isn't making things easy for her. She keeps running away to a tree in t...

  • Timeless (ONC2020)
    1.8K 404 17

    [ONC SHORTLIST - ONC AMBASSADOR PICK 2020] When Rylan Walker wakes up almost 25 years in the past, the only explanation she has is that it's a vivid dream. But when her eyes open the next morning and she's transported back into the American Civil War, she knows it is real. She is utterly lost; the only familiar face...

    Completed   Mature
  • Upon the Heart (A Hannibal Fanfiction)
    1.7K 114 9

    Will Graham is convinced that he doesn't have a soulmate, so when Hannibal Lecter kisses him on New Year's and they develop matching soulmate marks, he is more than a little surprised. But that surprise turns into inner turmoil and suspicion when he realizes that Hannibal fits the profile of the Chesapeake Ripper almo...

  • #aboutlastnight (ONC 2020 Shortlist)
    2.2K 417 14

    For influencer Carolyn Danes, #aboutlastnight is the best hashtag. It perfectly sums up an evening filled with adventure and excitement. And her last evening out really WAS perfect. Her dress fit perfectly, her hair and makeup were on point, and she met the man of her dreams, out-of-this-world-hot and charming Damian...

  • New Hope Station
    812 257 29

    Pansy is desperate. Turned out of her childhood home with nothing but her clothes and a pittance of money, she makes the decision to get herself transported to the new colony. All she has to do is steal a loaf of bread, or maybe some fruit where a constable will see her and throw her into one of the overcrowded pris...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Games Kids Play [ONC 2020]
    63 5 4

    Thirteenth birthdays are a good occasion for cake, presents, and demonic rituals in Olivia's case. When she and her friends accidentally open a gateway, they unknowingly call through a demonic entity hell-bent on terrorizing them one by one. When their shared trauma drives a wedge in their friendship, they feel the di...

  • Never Fire [ONC2020]
    671 107 13

    As a curious eight-year-old, Sienna Diaz lit a match for the first time -- and then, for the first time, she was alone. Having been transported to another world with the lighting of the match, Sienna finds herself isolated and trapped in a life where her only escape is to escape through the match light. Sienna has li...

  • Within My Shadow [ONC 2020]
    19 3 4

    Where knowledge pools, so does potential, and when that potential burns, it rips a hole in the universe. Victor and Jasper are Redeemers, members of a secret organization that keeps alien tech out of the hands of Earth's general population. While they sometimes get to track down cool relics, their apprentice status us...

  • Inkoded | ONC2020
    945 239 39

    [AMBASSADOR PICK] [SHORTLISTED 2020] Decorated detective, Gibson Shaw, is forced to work a mutilation case because of his ex-wife's infidelity. The splintered remains of the A.I. bears a remarkable resemblance to its last ownership tattoo but he dismisses that as coincidence. When more bodies litter the dingy alleyway...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dreamers [ONC2020] | ✓
    8.6K 760 12

    * ONC 2020 AMBASSADOR'S PICK * * ONC 2020 HONORABLE MENTION * * ONC 2020 SHORT LIST * * HIDDEN GEMS * Sean has a problem: his dreams come to life. It causes him enough trouble that he moves across the country to start fresh at Everwood Institute. But as his repetitive dreams become more vivid, he wonders if anything h...

  • An Account of the Implausible Life of Ryden Brown
    350 70 12

    The last thing Lucas wanted to do after his beloved grandfather's death was rummage through the old man's things, but when he found his grandfather's old journal he couldn't not read it. Imagine his surprise when he found the first entry was dated nearly two centuries in the future, and that was just the first of the...

    839 122 9

    Mathias knew moving out to California and working as DJ Mad Dawg would be difficult, especially considering he's severely hard of hearing. But dreams are meant to be followed---even if it means winding back up at your parents. After moving back to the small farm town of Chestnut, Illinois, Mathias jumps at the chance...

  • Joy (18+) || Open Novella Contest
    3.1K 506 22

    She's a beloved icon, a household name, a bringer of joy. But she's got a secret. Doesn't everyone? *Chosen as an Ambassador's Pick in Round 1!* *Round Two Winner!* Round 1 Milestone: Chapter three Round 2 Milestone: Chapter eleven Round 3 Milestone: Chapter twenty-one *** My entry for the Open Novella Contest III. Pr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Starling
    53 10 4

    Finley Birdwistle has never been a troublemaker, and has always strived to do good in life. But when their best friend is put into a coma that the doctors say she will never wake up from, Finley is forced to make a decision that will change their life forever.