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  • Deadwood Inn (Slashers x Reader)(Hiatus)
    9.2K 386 16

    ❗️This story had been placed on hiatus❗️ (Y/n) was a new employee at the Deadwood Inn, and had no idea what exactly she was getting into. She had needed a job, and the Inn was like a saving grace for her. It was like a constant vacation in her mind. While she wasn't quite sure what she was getting into, she was sure o...

  • The Family: Ties That Bind
    5.3K 243 15

    Book two in my Leatherface fanfiction series. If you haven't read my first book, The Family then I highly suggest you do before reading this one. Matilda has accepted her fate of becoming the newest member of the Sawyer family and has almost forgotten about her past life, that is until a group of amateur investigator...

    23.3K 772 23

    Matilda and her boyfriend Matt are injured in a car crash and left stranded in the rural backwoods of Texas. All the commotion draws the deadly attention of a sinister family of cannibals who capture Matilda and Matt, separating them from one another until the mute butcher can take care of them. Matilda offers to teac...

  • Slasher House (Completed)
    27.4K 940 15

    This is going to be a book about a girl who finds herself trapped in a house with some of the world's most notorious horror/slasher characters. This book is going to include the following characters: Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Norman Bates, Thomas Hewitt (Leatherface) and occasionally mentions of others such as Ca...

  • She's Mine - Yandere/Fluffy Slashers X Reader
    77.1K 2.1K 27

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to have many of the classic killers all fall for you? Witness as each of them falls for you one by one! Who will you chose in the end? - *Contains intense violence, gore, blood, and smut ;)* Enjoy! 🔪❤️💕 - #1 in Slashers - 12/28/19 #1 in Slasher - 12/28/19

    Completed   Mature
  • The New Nurse - Yandere! Slashers X Nurse! Reader
    205K 7.5K 62

    Y/n is a kind girl, she's always had goodness in her heart. All her life she hoped to be a nurse, to help anyone and everyone. Her dream comes true but in the most unexpected way when she gets hired at the most dangerous asylum ever known. The killers that lurk inside immediately take an interest in her, or will it be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lullaby | Brahms Heelshire |
    148K 5.5K 29

    Unconditional love gone wrong. Danny purchases the old Heelshire home a year after the events of The Boy. She is enjoying her new life alone, when a series of disturbing and inexplicable events bring her worst fears to life. And they seem to be caused by the doll with the cracked face. As Danny digs deeper into the r...

  • The Boy Movie Brahms Heelshire x reader FanFic
    386K 13.3K 70

    Brahms is a loose cannon - strong, dangerous, unpredictable, and he's coming for you. It's time to use your wits, gather all your strength to survive his onslaught, because he's killed, hasn't he? This takes up where Cole/Joel is killed. You take the place of Greta. I've changed names for a couple of the m...

  • Hearts and Daggers
    4.7K 150 32

    ORIGINAL OWNER of this story. PLEASE READ NOTE ON THE INSIDE EXPLAINING EVERYTHING Kat and Michael were best friends before she was forced to leave Haddonfield and move away. Now, as an adult, Kat has returned to start a new life in her hometown, in the old Myers House. But what will happen when she finds her childhoo...