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    Headstrong Aussie rock chick, Ellie Devine, must fight to stay focused on her music without getting side-tracked by Britpop pin-up boy, Daniel Armstrong. ***** Britpop. Bands. Best mates. It's 1994. Britpop is reigning in Cool Britannia. All-gir...

  • The Blade
    60.4K 5.3K 36

    Exams, no girlfriend, a cantankerous grandfather - George has it tough. And that's even before the assassins come for him, he discovers the magical sword stashed in the attic, and finds out he's responsible for saving a world he didn't even know existed. Talk about pressure. Fantasy and reality collide, as George ba...

  • The Iron Hallway [Complete]
    10.6K 693 32

    Baird Amergin is a successful writer and poet from the prosperous land of Ferange. He lives a life of ease with his beautiful girlfriend and is in want for nothing. But when the notorious Redistribution Force shows up at his house and evicts him, separating him from his girlfriend and deporting him to another land...

  • for June [#wattys2020]
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    [COMPLETE: A Wattpad Featured story] For the life of him, Chad Gilligan, a celebrity romance author, cannot write any more romance. It started three months ago when he got dumped by 'the one'. Cast aside like a used condom. Not something he wants to admit out loud, but it has messed him up. That day his desire to wr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Magic's Minister [COMPLETED]
    126K 9.5K 57

    Feared by his enemies and tolerated by his allies, Sedgewick Alverdyne, the cynical Minister of Magic, was content with living an attachment-free life whilst striking fear into the hearts of witches, sorceresses, and wizards everywhere. And after several hundred years of faithfully serving the royal family, he's becom...

  • Road To Happiness ✔
    56.5K 3.5K 34

    [LGBTQ+ SLICE OF LIFE/ROMANCE] At the ripe old age of twenty-three, Hugo Garland starts his first year of university. It's terrifying and only adds to the anxiety and depression that has suffocated him for the last five years. But he wants to get better, he needs to, he just doesn't know where to start. His journey t...

  • The Songs of Strife
    8.3K 378 49

    A man's name is important and Salip Pulaco has more than one. He's been called a pirate, a savage, a fool, and sometimes a hero, but a changed man? Now, that one is still up for debate... Feared by his enemies and loved by his people, Pulaco must find away to protect not only his family, but also his own chiefdom as...

  • Hall of Fame
    477K 29.1K 39

    [Completed] Peyton loves baseball. Losing his ace pitcher brother turned Santiago away from the game. Can she make him fall for it again without risking her heart or future? *** Peyton O'Hare loves baseball more than anyone. Too bad she's a girl and can't pursue it professionally. Santiago Miranda has the game running...

  • High School Tabloid
    43.4K 4K 33

    🍾COMPLETED🎉 In the tradition of Veronica Mars and Nancy Drew comes Cassie Chase-an intrepid high school journalist for the Instagram generation. Cassie Chase is having a rough start to her senior year. Dana, a posh Instagram influencer, won the editor-in-chief job Cassie coveted. Her geeky best friend and photograph...

    Completed   Mature