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  • The Curse of Eternity
    117K 1.2K 5

    There is a curse upon the Land of Everlasting Night, a curse that causes the land to never see a rising sun. The Immortal Lord, as he became named to be, was cursed to live a life of immortality. There is not much known about the curse except one sole fact, the Immortal Lord needed a bride every year. Due to the mar...

  • The Taming of the Goblin King
    24.2K 681 17

    Years later, Sarah returns to the Goblin Kingdom older and wiser. King Jareth wants revenge. Can she make a lonely Goblin King realize that some things are much better than revenge, like love? Nothing to do with any of my other Labyrinth stories.

  • Persephone: The Sequel to The Labyrinth
    17.6K 573 25

    She may have freed her brother, but Sarah isn't free. The peach allows Jareth to claim her and force back to the Underground. Now Jareth must make her marry him or..

  • Haven
    7.7M 263K 32

    Aspiring writer Norah Jacobs needs an escape. In the span of two weeks, her corrupt brother has been jailed for murder and his partner has been hovering on her doorstep, threatening to ruin what little peace she has left. Packing her car, Norah flees the city and goes off the grid, finding refuge in the small coastal...

  • The Dark Prince. (Book 1)
    7.9M 223K 28

    The man of your dreams is coming ... or is it your nightmares he visits? Laen is Prince of the Dark fae, with a temper and reputation to match his black eyes, and a heart that despises the human race. When he is sent back through the forbidden gates between realms to retrieve an ancient fae artifact, he returns home w...

  • Daughter of the labyrinth
    35.1K 939 28

    WRITER'S NOTE: Hi, I just wanted to notify you really quickly that I'm actually rewriting this ENTIRE series, considering I was twelve when I started it and I was fourteen when I left everyone hanging. I have released the prologue to the book which is only about two pages long. I will try to release at least one chapt...

  • Labyrinth 2: The Return Of The Goblin King
    189K 5.7K 26

    I only recommend this story for people who have seen, understood, and enjoyed the 1986 movie Labyrinth, starring David Bowie(and his awesomeness) as Jareth-the villain-and Jennifer Connelly as Sarah-the main character. For those of you who haven't, watch it before reading this story my amazing brain came up with. S...