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  • Marvelous Minds
    811 74 8

    Eine bunte Sammlung verschiedenster MCU-One-Shots Du wolltest schon immer einmal wissen, wie es wirklich in den Köpfen der Avengers aussieht? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Die One-Shots in diesem Buch beschäftigen sich mit diversen Superhelden und -schurken aus dem Marvel-Universum, ihren Gedanken, Gefühlen und ihr...

  • Father (Book One) (A Tom Hiddleston & Chris Evans Fanific)
    71.3K 2.1K 30

    Marylin Hiddleston daughter of Tom Hiddleston finds it hard being his daughter as he reveals his daughter at a press conference. People were godsmack and shocked never knowing about her existence. She starts to fall in love with her fathers co-stars, Chris Evans. With doubts he allows his daughter and Chris to date. W...

  • Saved ▷ Chris Evans
    4.8K 98 8

    ''We went our seperate ways.'' ~ Sophia Francesca has fallen in love with one of her, used to be best friends. Young, they were inseparable. But as they grew, the more they grew apart. He became a famous actor. She became a famous singer. They never had time for eachother anymore. Until that one day, that one day.. Wh...

  • Adopted By Chris Evans
    431K 10.4K 52

    What happens when a 12 almost 13 year old girl is adopted by a famous actor? Will it be fun? Or will it change a girls life forever? Will he know how to act like a father? And will she know how to act like a daughter to a famous actor? Megan is a 12 year old girl living in a orphanage in Boston. She's lived there f...

  • Big Family
    61.9K 1.9K 52

    Faith and Kaiden have arrived and the family is going to get crazy. How will Megan care for the two new additions in the family? The house will be in complete chaos. How will the family solve their own problems in their crazy life? And what will happen when Chris tries to teach Megan how to drive? Read and find out! ...

  • My Life is Awesome
    140K 4.2K 57

    Megan Rose Evans has been living with her father Chris Evans for almost 4 years now. After they learned the truth they've been closer than before. What happens when Chris gets a new girlfriend? How will Megan react? What new challenges will they face as a family? All they know for sure is that nothing will ever get in...