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    Empire High was built for the Empire Society: Reapers, Gangsters, Assassins and Mafias. And as the classes starts, a nerd girl named Fuschia will enroll. A lady who has the key of secret about Three Personas; The Legendary Gang Leader, The Queen and The Empress. Demons who'll you wish not to wake up and mess with. Cu...

  • The Runaway Mafia Heiress (WILL UNDERGO IN FULL REVISION)
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    At a young age, she know what she wanted. She wants to make her Father proud because she is his only Princess. But at such a young age also, she found that her Father is a Mafia Boss, a Demon. And she can't accept that she's the next Mafia Boss, and a growing demon. Her father made her a demon. And, She doesn't want t...

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    EMPIRE HIGH Book II "He died. I died. They'll die."-Empress Fuschia M. Morrigan Death is always upon her. Hunting and Dragging her there. She's used to it. Being the Three Personas is her fate; She's the Living Legendary Gangster known as Bloody E. She's the Queen, the Second Queen of Empire High. And she's the Empres...

  • Mafillia University
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    Mafillia University, a university built by former Mafia Lords for every Mafia familias. They thought that the university serves as an agreement as a temporary ceasefire with all Mafias however, they didn't know what's the reality happening inside. The supposed to be ceasefire became flames in wildfire. "Rest in Peace...