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  • Purple is for Peace: Hamato Donatello Husband Scenarios
    16.5K 502 12

    "You came into my life at a bad time when I truly hated who I was and what I had become. I was broken. Damaged. Fading. But you fought your way in and saved me. You loved me...and you made me love myself, too." You met and married the love of your life. He saved you from yourself. He gave you everything that you could...

  • Blue is for Wisdom: Hamato Leonardo Husband Scenarios
    48.7K 1.6K 21

    "I don't want my own Cinderella story. All I want is me and you. Together. Our own story. Our own happy ending." "Sometimes there's no such thing as a happy ending." "There's always a happy ending, if you're willing to try." You finally married the love of your life, and everything seems to be going right for once. Bu...

  • Boys, You Gave Us A Future
    429 17 4

    The book after the TMNT series. After Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello. Find out what the girls are now up to as they continue to age, set five years after Leonardo finished.

  • Shattered: The Hearts That Can't Move On
    1.4K 49 8

    Shattered: The Hearts That Can't Move One ((Book One)) Life is tough. Especially for Jocelyn Stone. Jocelyn was raised by lousy parents and had their attention only on the eldest daughter of the family, Ella Stone, who later on became a famous actor/model. After leaving her home at age 12, Jocelyn moves in with her A...

  • My Four TMNT Heros (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FanFic)
    6.3K 212 6

    A girl named Kat was sold by her family to Shredder to be his test subject one day Shredder decides do an experiment using mutagen on her read to see what happens how will Kat meet the Turtles, what happens when she gets mutated, what will happen when the boys know that Kat was with Shredder? Find out!

  • This is The Day
    1.9K 103 6

    Leo and Raph got into a fight after Raphael gets injured by the Purple Dragons. Now with Raphael running away, believing he's a monster, Leo feels completely guilty. Will they ever fix the tension between them?

  • TMNT:Unknown Pasts(DISCONTINUED)
    3.1K 106 10

    The past of 15-year-old Izzy Zannella has been hard to forget. Living with her abusive father she struggled to get through every day. But that was nearly 1 year ago. And even though her father was arrested for his crimes her life still takes a turn for the worst with the disappearance of her mother. She is left cluele...

  • Love is Patient Love is Blind
    8.9K 263 12

    This is based off of the 2012-2013 version of TMNT. This is also a Leo/Karai story, along with brotherly bonding. "Okay, so I get why Leo has this small crush on Karai, I mean, she is kind of pretty. But still, for some reason he just won't listen to me when I try to talk him out of it, he just won't listen. He says...

  • My Little Sister; Defender of NYC ( Jones' Little Sister Book 2)
    23.4K 918 31

    Jill is having some personal problems with her fiance, parents, and herself in general. She starts doing something that lets her release anger, frustration, and sadness. It lets her be the best that she can be and she won't have to worry about her potential being limited. Wanna find out what she does? Then add this to...

  • Impossible (TMNT FF, BOOK 1)
    17.9K 906 26

    have you ever had a feeling you were born with a purpose! 16 year old Ayame Saki feels like that every day. Will she find out why when she meets someone that she thought was Impossible? COMPLETED

    24.4K 601 17

    Please do not judge my writing based off of this horribly put together last minute story filled with spelling and grammar errors. It's a train wreck, I know XD I started this fanfic when I was like what, 15? 16?? I can't remember 😂 the point is, I had no clue what I was doing. I was just puking a story out with zero...

  • Complete Turtle Overload (TMNT Book 5)
    9.4K 361 28

    Reiley's dead, Naomi's back, but with a surprise. But her FootClan friend, Kyoto, does too. Even Donnie has a little surprise, but he finds his tied up. With three new Turtles in the lair, can Master Splinter and the boys deal with all of them? Where will they find the room? And what are their pasts like?

  • InLove with a traitor (leo X reader) {ON PAUSE}
    11.5K 337 5

    Y/N is not a normal girl. She has been living with 3 mutants turtles! Sometimes the elder, Raphael calls her Leo. Every time she asks about it, the boys won't talk about. But what happens when karai the daughter of there old enemy shedder, kidnaps her? And she meets someone like the brothers named Laketon who looks li...

  • I Promise (Book One) - A TMNT FanFic
    22K 977 20

    Get ready for adventure, excitement, drama, comedy and even a little romance in this TMNT fan fiction! During a mission to destroy the Kraang's inter-dimensional portal, Donatello makes an unexpected discovery that will forever change his life, and the lives of his family. Don't forget to vote for each chapter! (^w^)

  • Ninja Brothers (an actual story!)
    571 11 2

    This is the Ninja Brothers! They're ninja's and brothers! Duh! Anyways, so they all start to get trained on boxing, gymnastics, and as well as karate. And maybe weapon fighting. They start to train, and they got better each day. They trained, through school, through work, through eating (mikey!) and through night. The...

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Next Generation
    9.5K 199 20

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have hung up their weapons, but their work is not done. They must now train four new ninjas... Donnie's daughter Valerie and her best friends!!! For though Shredder has been long defeated, a new villain lurks in the shadows, and it's up to the new team to defeat them! *new cover page d...

  • Lover Of My Mutated Heart
    2.8K 102 33

    Donatello finds a girl out on the streets running from the Purple Dragons. Weird thing is she's not wearing any pants or a shirt, just a bra and underwear. After she gets stabbed by the PD leader Donnie comes and rescues her, little does he know that she's not as she seems.

    Completed   Mature
  • New Side of the Heart {TMNT Mikey vs. Raph Love Story}
    8.6K 215 8

    Raphael isn't impressed by the turtle in the pink mask. Mikey is feeling something different for her. Maya is her name. She looked exactly like these turtles, but has a pink mask instead. Raphael is cautious at first, but as he starts to see a side of Maya he never knew, is it possible that he likes her? But, what hap...

  • I refuse to give up (TMNT Donnie Fanfiction)(COMPLETED)
    70.7K 1.9K 42

    DEDICATED TO Thunderstormy "I refuse to live in a world without you in it." Donatello, the incredibly smart, super sweet, and sensitive seventeen year old guy. He's got three bothers, and they're all four mutants. He's just had his heart ripped apart right before his eyes by his ex and he's starting to think that it'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Donnie's Tragedy.
    793 21 2

    The title says it all.

  • Teenage Mutant Wizard Turtles
    4K 202 7

    What would happen if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles discovered that they were also wizards??? Will the wizarding world ever be the same again???? *this is an HP/TMNT crossover by me and RowlingsGirls_22*

  • My Ninja Turtle Romeo's (sequel to our red/purple turtles!!!)
    16.7K 480 32

    It's been one year since Jill and Jordyn moved in with the turtles and Jordyn and Jill found the loves of their lives in the weirdest way possible. What trouble will they get into next? SEQUEL TO MY RED/PURPLE TURTLES!)

  • Total Turtle Transformation (TMNT Book 4)
    15.8K 633 48

    Nine Turtles with their own set of personalities, strengths, and weaknesses learn that one is starting to change sides, and one of them is encouraging it! So with nine Turtles running the streets, will this change of faith turn into eight again?

  • Naomi's Little Night
    4.4K 167 18

    One night while she was out, Naomi comes back with an egg. Everyone gets a little nervous, of course, because the last egg they dealt with was the poisonous wasps’. Naomi reassured them, but what is actually in the egg? And what weird adventures will it get into, dragging the Turtles along unwillingly! Only the girls...

  • The Blind Ninja (a TMNT Fanfic)
    1.8K 64 4

    Ashley Turner was just your average girl except one thing... She's blind. Even though she was born blind her other sences developed alot with her parents' help. Her entire world turns upside down as her parents are cruelly taken from her. Rescued by the turtles, how will Ashley cope? Will she learn to trust her rescue...

  • I never really liked the color green.
    15.3K 655 21

    Nicky (Nicole) Jones had everything she ever wanted. An awesome career, (as the number teen popstar in the world!) and awesome best friends (non other than April O'Neil and Mikito) her own record label, her own car, and a mansion. Cool right? So what happens when the turtles come to high school and she falls for one o...

  • Same As It Never Was
    2.9K 66 12

    The Shredder has taken over all of America and working his way to take over the rest of the world. After thirty years of hell, the no longer teenagers of the sewers regroup with the help of some old friends. Carly, Gabby, and Megan. ...Did I mention that the teenagers of the sewers were Mutant Ninja Turtles? (Based of...