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  • Love Scars [[on hold]]
    4.2K 161 11

    Read to find out.

  • 1st Position
    44.5K 1.2K 17

    Sahara Graham and Kehlani Perrish seem to have found love in a world of choas and mayhem. Read and see how they handle trails, troubles & triumph in First Position.

  • ...SO ABOUT THAT DATE (Normani/Kehlani)
    4.2K 122 4

    Kehlani is head over heels in love with Normani, but Normani dosen't quite feel the same way. All Kehlani wants is one date, will she ever get it... who knows?

  • Sex ain't better than love • Kehlani x Rihanna
    22.6K 715 13

    A Keh x Rih love story.

  • Butterfly
    7.5K 491 18

    Kehlani x Teyana Taylor Kehlani "KP" Parrish is force to move to the rich part of town after her mom gets a new boyfriend. Going to a new school and starting a new life starts to be easy especially with having her sister by her side but when happens when she gets caught up with a troubled girl who just wants to have f...

  • Kehlani Imagines
    5.1K 100 2

    Short Imagines about you & Kehlani 💕

  • Kehlani imagines
    34.5K 539 6

    Kehlani imagines

  • What I Need... (GxG)
    148K 3.3K 23

    My boss stared at me predatorily from her desk, "I'm hungry. Bring me my lunch" I shivered underneath her heated glare, "U-uh okay. What would you like for lunch?" She stalked over toward me like a predator closing in on its prey and leaned in close, "You"

    9.6K 613 5

    Sequel to " Yes, Daddy ".

  • In love with a player
    32.2K 1.3K 47

    Mani falls for Kehlani who happens to be a player. Kehlani is a police officer who works along side Mani's older brother, Jared and he has warned Kehlani to stay away from his sister. Will she adhere or she will fall in love with the melanin beauty?

  • Carnage [Kehlani/You]
    4.6K 126 7

    I pretty much decided I'd make this book because I'm bored and my life has nothing to give me right now so I present to you, Carnage. A book about kidnap and love and maybe a little bit of death. But you didn't hear that from me. You awake in a room with a set of clothes and a towel. The woman you ran into earlier com...

  • Side Hussle
    721 37 7

    Amber Williams, a young doctor saves a part time drug dealer's life. Now the drug dealer wants to repay her in plenty more ways than one

    87.3K 3.8K 19

    "Do you trust me, Lauren?", Kehlani stared deeply into those green orbits that had the strongest hold on her heart, "Yes, Mistress", she said. How long until it breaks you? PART II : " NO , BABY " ( KEHLANI ) ---------- Fanfic - converted story All rights reserved. Warning : Kehlani G!P, very mature 18+

    Completed   Mature
  • Games
    19.2K 402 28

    Kehlani a hard gangster with a soft heart met her match with heartbroken Demetria. Facing challenges that neither one of them ever thought they would come close to experiencing. Will they work through it together or push each other away? Can they put their hardcore ways behind them and become a union?