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  • A Lesson in Practicality
    193K 8K 25

    Four seemingly random strangers all answer an ad to move into an apartment in downtown. It didn't take more than a few months before they all realize they've been hiding a secret from one another... they each have a special ability. Now they're just trying to live their lives day by day as they figure their powers, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Prince's Kiss - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    153K 9.2K 26

    The young Prince Roman doesn't know much about the world outside the palace, but one day he meets a boy his age with gift for art and witty comments who climbs up to his balcony one night. When the boy's past comes back to interfere with their future, they have to stay true to one another and fight to keep their lives...

  • You're The Only One - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    44.1K 3.9K 29

    A new era has dawned on Roman's kingdom, one that's he feels he's not entirely prepared for. He's used to riding horses into the sunset and attending balls while hoping he won't be forced into an arranged marriage, but now he's expected to learn about dragons and what it takes to ride one. He'll have to do that with t...

  • Lights Up - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    54.1K 3.1K 12

    Virgil moved to New York to try and move past his old demons that had been causing him to struggle in life since he was thirteen. The problem is, he's got limited money, and being new in town means he's got no friends and certainly no family to turn to for help. However, he happens to catch a lucky break by getting a...

  • Sanders Sides One Shots: Volume 2
    425K 25.8K 142

    Lots of Prinxiety! Mostly fluffy! This is my second book of one shots because I actually ran out of space in my other one! Updated on a loose schedule throughout the week with a definite update on Sunday.

  • Scoundrel - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    149K 9K 30

    Prince Roman is a prestigious young royal, who's as wealthy as he is fair. However, he has access to something Captain Virgil Black has been after his entire life, putting a target on his head that ends up getting him captured by pirates. This book is completed.

  • Young justice : You're Not Paranoid [In Edit. Continues Again]
    159K 4.8K 23

    There's been a mystery girl looming behind the scenes and no one knows who she is, but deep down she doesn't know herself. And the Young justice team are going to do what they can to find out, but not without making a few exceptions. Whether this girl is nice or not their not in it for a play date. come in and her st...

  • Stalker 😨
    16.1K 253 5

    Carla is a 14 year old high schooler... With a stalker so obsessed with her he's willing to do anything to talk to her and I mean ANYTHING 😰

    465K 9K 9

    *** The Vision was shortlisted for the Watty India Awards 2019 under the horror/paranormal category.*** This is a supernatural adventure story of Abhay along with his childhood friend Vipul. Abhay has some visions which were earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Abhay and his frien...