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  • Murder Mystery- A BFB/OC AU
    281 11 5

    (CONTAINS VULGAR LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, BLOOD, DEATH, AND ALL THAT OTHER FUN STUFF) A murder mystery au with BFB characters and some of my own ocs, just to spice it up a bit :flushed: most of the characters are high school ages because... it seemed fun to write! I don't know how to properly write stories, so criticism i...

  • EXITronpa ; Escape, Exit, Elucidate!
    22K 653 47

    Welcome to EXITronpa! 16 Talented Students decide to attend the well-known and prestigious school named EXIT academy. They would soon realize that they would be stuck into a killing game.. A killing game where in order to escape back to the real world, you would need to commit a murder and get away with it. GORE, SWE...

    Completed   Mature
  • Highschool crush (Bfb TreexPen fanfic)
    14.1K 483 13

    Tree has moved to this completely new school from a completely different country ; he was an outcast Pen has been at that place for all of highschool What happens when the two meet? Tree and Pen (c) Jacknjellify Cover by @glowstiix on INSTA !!

  • Off On The Wrong Foot ~ BFB fanfic
    21.7K 821 40

    Penny considers herself an outcast. She deals with tons of problems in her life. She deals with tons of abuse, bullying, and gangs. She decides to run away. She starts with changing her gender, then her name. She drives away and retreats to her Aunt's house in North Dakota. Her new name in this fresh start is Coiny, a...

  • Never ending
    528 37 2

    Coiny finds himself in a bad situation.

  • Supernova (A BFB FANFIC)
    117K 2.4K 28

    A celebration in dedication for the Battle for BFDI being on air for a year is exactly what the objects needed. The EXIT-ORS, The Hosts, and The Teams gather around for a blown-out celebration, and the party holds out all night, with only many heavy hangovers to follow. But when the sun doesn't rise, and the stars ha...