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  • The One (viners)
    838K 19.7K 52

    Who really is The One?

  • The Decision (viners)
    1.5M 29.2K 55

    she's a heartbreaker shawn mendes, cameron dallas, matt espinosa, & taylor caniff (featuring the rest of the 12/12)

  • Sanity // s.m. [IN EDITING]
    120K 4K 33

    False hope tore them apart, but destiny brought them back together for one magical, treacherous, unforgettable, and absolutely exhilarating night-- with unexpected consequences following. *** "She was everything, and she was nothing. She had the power of holding my sanity in her hands, and laughing as she does as she...

  • lost ≫ sequel to taken, c. d.
    271K 7.3K 32

    "I'm lost in my mind. And I don't think I'll be able to find my way out."

  • heartless :: matt espinosa
    404K 11.9K 43

    but even tin man ended up having a heart. i doubt he will ever have one. © pantones 2014

  • Survival > jack gilinsky
    8.3K 244 21

    They lost some and they gained some along the way. But they never lost sight of what was truly important: The need to keep each other alive and keep each other sane. Because after all they're just surviving, right?

  • serendipity x shawn mendes
    1.2M 37.1K 58

    serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident; finding something good without looking for it.