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  • Untie the Knot - Hades & Persephone
    11.8K 1.3K 22

    Penny Lane hates weddings, especially her mother's. She'd rather spend time at the flower shop or listening to music, no, not the Beatles. She never quite forgave her mother for that one. Haze Delacroix, tall, dark, and handsome, is the charismatic owner of Underworld Delicacies, and always gets what he wants. The on...

  • Seacliff
    2.4K 458 31

    In 2019, Aidan is an Edinburgh tour guide with a mythical secret. In 1919, Saoirse is a Great War nurse who's got nothing left to live for - until the sea brings a naked, unconscious man to her feet. Not one easily shocked after caring for the most broken of men in France, Saoirse takes the stranger in and tends to hi...

  • Athanasius Finch: Private Dick | ONC 2020
    1.4K 263 13

    Beatrix Cagliostro, a starving Doctor in Letters, is hired as a Ghostwriter by Athanasius Finch, an eccentric and megalomaniac P.I, and together they will solve the biggest mystery there is: how to pay rent and not die trying. ***** B...

  • Of Flowers and Flames | ONC 2020
    953 132 7

    Fiama is a princess who wants to escape her royal ties and actually do something good for her kingdom- something good that doesn't involve sitting on a throne wearing pretty dresses. When her path crosses that of Ziedas, a local diplomat's daughter, the two women find themselves in an unexpected game of mistaken ident...

  • Curves | ONC 2020 Shortlist
    48.5K 4.1K 33

    When your girlfriend gives you a gym membership for your birthday, your relationship is probably doomed. Too bad Jenny didn't realize this before proposing. Rejection stings, but it's the catalyst Jenny needs to move her stagnant life forward. When a well-padded but cute woman starts frequenting the gym Juliana works...

  • A Smile For God (ONC 2020)
    51 6 2

    The world broke, and all it took was a question. The planet of Farpoint has descended into a holy war with sides defined by their answer to an all-important question "When God looks upon his creation, what does he feel?" The answers range from joy, to fear, to disgust, but regardless of the answer the result is the s...

  • The Vape God (Onc-20)
    243 33 4

    Okay, let's admit it. 'Supes' get their powers in questionably weird ways -getting bitten by a radioactive spidey, getting struck by a lightening bolt or falling into an acid vat, consumed by an alien symbiote? Well, not as weird as our hero though. Because our so called supe got his powers when he (hold your breath)...

  • Super Freak (ON HOLD)
    2.7K 362 9

    "Suits are just security theatre." "Suits make you believable." "I can make me believable." ~~~~~ Chandler Chase remembers a lot of things about her mother: the way her chin would jut out; how she felt about responsibility; how much she despised the superheroes of Atlas City. After a terrorist attack leaves Chandler's...

  • As the Crows Fall | ONC 2020 Grand Winner
    1.5K 196 18

    ONC 2020 Grand Winner ~ ~ "When the halls run red with the poison of your life, I will rest. Until then, consider your ruin a promise of mine." ~ ~ Four years ago, Yin Ruwei sold her blood to the northern god Xuanwu in return for revenge. Now, after years of perfectly orchestrated deaths at hands that are not her own...

    78 20 2

    Cecil Anderson, a biracial man in 1920s Harlem, is racing toward scandal with Oscar Lovell. Only a hasty marriage can save him. Loralee Stevens is an enterprising young woman from South Carolina who happens to be in the market for a husband. Cecil discovers jumping the broom is the easy part. Keeping his lovely wife...

  • Shattered Wishes
    241 37 15

    She wanted to live forever, so she had to sign her soul to darkness and kill the one she loved the most. When he is resurrected, it's the ultimate battle of revenge and lust. ******* Scarlet has always been afraid of dying. She decidedly signs her soul over to darkness and strikes a bargain to become immortal. There's...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lake House
    1.8K 311 9

    After inheriting a summer lake house from her great-uncle, Vanessa Miller is ready to spend two blissful weeks there with her best friends. But upon arriving, Vanessa begins to suspect that there's more to the lake house than meets the eye...and her dream lakeside vacation quickly devolves into a nightmare. Written fo...

  • Heart of a Prince: A Cinderella Story ✔
    1.3K 193 19

    During a 'soul searching' move to the kingdom of Dak'kine, Tia illegally fumbles her way into the castle's staff. The only possible way to escape this mess without landing in international prison? Marry the Prince. ---------------------------------------------------- A Queer, Cinderella inspired satire. [Complete at...

  • Flytrap
    3.1K 519 26

    A once promising, young detective starts digging into her soon-to-be stepmother's elusive past and finds she might be the reason why men around the city are mysteriously disappearing. **** After a tragic accident leaves her crippled, Barbara Gordon must return to the city she thought she left behind for treatment. Ye...

  • The Prince's Beast (Book 1.5, The Secrets of Tarot series)
    2.8K 276 13

    The Crown Prince of Wuzhen and an exiled kitsune leader meet in an enchanted labyrinth and struggle to accept their new bond, as the secrets of the Virtues and Seven Deadly Sins come to fruition. The Prince's Beast is a dual POV, Asian-inspired paranormal (MxM) romance story that takes the classical fairy tale Beauty...

  • Not Programmed for This | ONC 2020 Shortlister
    1.6K 192 16

    '"The next words out of your mouth better be, 'I'm sorry,' and 'here's the antidote.'" Alberta Mattson has always been open about her sexuality. She brought a girl to the spring formal as a freshman and has a bisexual flag tattooed on her ankle. When her friend's brother joins the robotics team, Alberta takes him unde...

  • Dreamcatcher (ONC 2020 Shortlist | Honorable Mention) ✔
    2.9K 508 19

    "We're at six thousand feet, Cap'n. There shouldn't be land at six thousand feet." ❖ Rav is apprenticed by his father's wishes on an airship as unsettling as the deliveries it makes. The Dreamcatcher's owner is the only captain on the co...

  • Potionmaster
    10.8K 1.2K 25

    When a terrible plague strikes the city of Alkaya, Royal Chef Neveshir must attempt forbidden blood-magic in order to save his home, his people, and the King he isn't meant to love. ... [Round One Winner: Open Novella Contest. Now revised and expanded into a full-length novel.] Royal Chef Neveshir Sevelin is a Karán:...