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  • Untamable Resolve
    30.9K 1.9K 35

    Jo Witheridge has been living a sheltered existence at her grandfather's cottage ever since the supernatural creatures werewolves outed themselves and took over. She lived a simple life of solitude, tending to her grandfather and garden, just trying to survive. However, after being visited by a Gamma, her attendance i...

  • Wings of Fire High
    5.6K 101 11

    Welcome to Pyrrhia High! Here you may meet the Dragonets of Destiny or the Jade winglet. The D.O.D are in year 9, and the Jade Winglet are one year under. Always vote and comment (cause it makes me feel nice). Note: The art of the cover does not belong to me, and the characters belong to Tui Sutherland

  • Love Whispers of Elementals
    676 353 25

    Simply Short Love Words in each chapter. Elementals meet and have sympathy. Fall in Love, and Leave Words For Each Other Each sapient race has one elemental being per element in the Universe. Those beings must live on planes sympathetic to their nature. In the rare times when these beings can meet, they have experie...

  • Destiny
    115 17 13

    Sarah Moughn is just the new girl at Birchtrude Middle school with a boy obsessed best friend and an adorable crush. But her boring life shatters before her eyes one day when she does something she never thought she could: blow up a statue with her mind. Her two friends take her away to a magical world where Sarah lea...

  • Diaries of a Fighter
    2.8K 528 39

    A troubled, wanna-be professional MMA fighter ventures into the dark and occasionally bizarre world of Japanese fighting organisations to become the best fighter in the world. He encounters love, hate, brutality, some suspicious, other-worldly beings and is faced with hard decisions. The life of a fighter is certainly...

    857 31 4

    Ashor, a feudal knight turned immortal is awaken from his sleep by a young woman who is being chased by werewolves. Will Ashor manage to kill the werewolves which are threatening London and protect the young woman? Will the young woman fall in love with the knight? The story is based on the black knight's legend writ...

  • 19:07
    1.5K 465 37

    [MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKINGS] #101 in flashback #17 in rewind #33 in partners #458 in teens Do you ever wish you could rewind time and start all over again? It's all about the small things in life; believe it or not, they make a big difference in our life. Crazy, isn't it? It's crazy how we never pay attention to the s...

  • once upon a life (editing ! )
    982 321 9

    a girl escaping from a fight with her mother but thats not it ..... what will happen next ?

  • nightmare - visions -
    1.4K 560 7

    A girl named Stacy has a vision of the future but her visions are nightmares. She has a short period of time to change her vision before it comes to reality.

  • The Thing About Smiling
    1K 94 28

    Ava Charles is a IT manager at a medium sized company. Julian Mait is the R&D manager at the largest electronic parts manufacturers in the United States. Julian stumbled upon this highly volatile woman by happenstance on his first day at his new job. This is good news for Ava, because she is in desperate need for a fr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bodies Never Lie √
    3.7K 938 35


    Completed   Mature
  • Inyanga's Star and Other Constellations
    13.9K 2.6K 72

    EDITORS PICK 2020. A new student doesn't think her mother understands how magic works. Inyanga Numbia will be the first in her family to go to Magicians' College, and she's going to find out. "Why doesn't Magicians' College just let anyone in?" "Won't they make more money if they accept everyone?" "If magicians get be...

  • Time is an illusion
    377 89 21

    ' time is an illusion ' she said very softly to herself ******* she somehow came on a world where no one knows only there family and name but the rest of your past life you don't remember Some are super rich and some are poor . But there Lives a sercet inside in her . She met and help people and distover her own...

  • Hidden Truth (Rewritten)
    1.1K 334 16

    "So who would have a motive to kill Hailee?" ". . .Me" ~~~ Vanessa Sullivan. The one who always loves a good mystery. The one who eats sleeps and breathes a good thriller. The one who never thought her life would turn out this. . . Deadly.

  • The Moon's Pawn
    4.3K 604 17

    "To play the pawns well; they are the soul of chess: it is they which uniquely determine the attack and the defense, and on their good or bad arrangement depends entirely on the winning or losing of the game." - François-André Danican Philidor They say the weakest piece in the game of chess is the pawn. Smallest in si...

  • HOPE
    2.1K 688 23

    These are the musings of my heart.It contains love, heartbreak and other relatable stuff. Do read them if you have ever fallen in love and got hurt. Most of them will be short. PS: Although the title is HOPE, the content might be despairing, the name intends my wish to still hope even after the downfall. Please do sup...

  • Unexpected Gift [ON HOLD]
    1.1K 317 8

    "You are surprised aren't you" she said jovially " b.....bbuu.....bbbb.....but how" I stuttered " babe I know it's an unexpected gift no need to tell me twice, hope you like it😊 Believe me when I say you don't wanna know the number of people that put their effort to make it work, for you to know the number of peop...

  • Out Of Length
    928 224 14

    High school? No!.....Drama? Maybe!........Revenge? Definitely! What starts as your everyday cliche high school teen-drama ends in the opposite direction. Jamie Anderson battles with the reality of her sister's ex-boyfriend trying to end her family due to the 'pain' they caused him in the past. Mysteries are still be...

  • The Poker Murders
    530 53 23

    Blake Edward, the detective, the crazily clever detective. Befriending Mort Smith, they solve mysteries together and fall into new great grand adventures. Facing lot of foes and dangers, that's gonna be a mysterious mind maze story. So, what are you thinking, meet Blake Edward and Mort Smith?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Labyrinth
    2K 354 22

    In Ancient Crete, each year, 7 males and 7 females enter the Labyrinth and King Minos uses them to feed the Minotaur, a terrible monster. Some lucky heroes manage to escape the beast and decide to collaborate to find the exit to the Labyrinth and kill the King. They only have two things in common: they would do anythi...

    1K 466 13

    Olympia Miller knew something wasn't right within her, she's been seeing weird things happening around her, she fears that the stories described in the books; the ones she found delight in might be true. Confronting this to her family members would only end-up disastrous and they might consider her to be insane; Docto...

  • Bittersweet
    1.5K 471 7

    ~ Won First Place at The Amoré Awards in the Poetry Category ~ ~Won Second Place in The Sparkle Awards~ ~Won Second Place in The Oasis Awards~ -------------------------------------------------- What d e f i n e s you? The desolate woods under the euphoric skies? The d y i n g colours in their menacing eyes? The un...

  • Unspoken Words
    888 185 13

    There are words, stories and feelings we never share and yet they are often the loudest. Unheard Truth. Unloved Souls. Unread Stories. Untold Feelings. Unfelt Love. Unattainable Dreams. Unspoken Words. Awards 3rd place - The Spring Awards 2020 Review Scores 83/100 - WondaGal 96/100 - Treasure Chest Reviews (EliB...

    Completed   Mature
  • Telling a Villain's Tale
    133 21 4

    A girl born on the wrong side of a war she shouldn't be apart of. Family feuds taken to the next level. Magic, friends, and betrayal. I would like to thank one of my best friends for drawing the picture on the cover.

  • Saving Our Minds | Ongoing
    307 85 6

    "What do we do now, when all we have is us?" Lanre and Yvette, two polar opposites who have never liked each other from the very start are thrown into a series of puzzling events and are now left to make the ultimate decision: Go their separate ways or work together to try and get things back to normal, especially n...

  • Maiden of Lies
    4.6K 616 27

    Cassandra is the girl in town that everyone envies. She's pretty, well-to-do, smart, and her parents treat her like pure gold. One day however, Cassandra realizes that her entire life is a lie. Everything she has, everything she's been given by the parents that she loved, was for one reason only- to raise themselves u...

  • Lucentia and the secrets of Woodlock
    145 15 6

    A Historical fiction filled with twists and turns of the Woodlock Estate, set in the early 1900's. TRUST ME THIS IS A HISTORICAL FICTION THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR WHOLE ATTITUDE TOWARDS HISTORICAL FICTIONS! Warning : Contains Non-stop Drama.

  • Tides Turned
    178 27 1

    An 8 year old werewolf,Gemma smith,is left in front of the orphanage on the christmas eve by her dad to keep her away from the rogues. Will her father come back to take her? Will she ever take revenge to that person who destroyed her whole family? This story unfolds itself as it answers these questions.

  • Ada (A Short Story)
    39.6K 5.8K 21

    [COMPLETED] Spurred by her desperation and an eagerness to be released from the shackles of poverty, Ada finds herself joining a sugar daddy site with hopes to make some money to be able to take care of her mother and sister. There, she meets Richard Bamidele, the married CEO of St. Ives Enterprises, a multi billion...

  • Vespian Emeralds - Chasing Secrets ✔️
    1.8K 451 28

    [First place in the Aurora Awards 2020 for Action/Adventure] Veronica Jackson and Rene Carlson are not your average 18 year olds. They didn't graduate from Harvard or Oxford. They graduated from the Academy of Agent Arts (AAA). They don't deal with internships at corporate offices. They intern at companies run by the...