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  • ✿Her Innocence, Her Purity✿ [Male Rivals X Reader X Various]
    341K 11.3K 32

    ✿I've always been told I'm not like my sister and mother. That I didn't have the same bland look in my eyes, or that I was much more....real. My sister had always loved me as I did her, we always stuck by one another no matter what. But...that faith and love came crashing down in mere seconds, all because his eyes wer...

  • My not so normal love life (Yandere sim various x reader)
    331K 9.4K 39

    (Y/n) (y/l/n) is a new high school student in Akademi Highschool. She's a smart, friendly, and Attractive student attracting a lot of male attention, including from the school's Doctor, A teacher, Info-Kun and Nemesis-kun and Ayan Aishi. What will happen? Will she fall in love? Or will she be apart of someone's hit li...

  • LOVESICK:Yandere-kun x reader x Genderbend! Rivals(On Hold For Now)
    71.1K 1.4K 9

    Your parents sented you overseas to live with your cousins, Taro and Hanako Yamada for the summer when you when you were going to spend your 8th birthday. . . . But that was 10 years ago. You are now 18 along with Taro as Hanoko is 17 but going to a different school then the both of you. You and Taro go to Academie...

  • "Why Me?" Male! Yandere Simulator Rivals X Female! Reader
    64.9K 1.7K 16

    After going abroad for 3 years, Y/N L/N finally gets to go back to Japan for highschool. She's delighted once she finds all of her old friends at Akademi High.... But what happens when their feelings for her change from friendly to romantic? Find out in: "Why Me?"

  • She is mine! (Male rivals X Info-kun X Nemesis-kun X Taro X Budo X Reader)
    46.9K 1.2K 30

    Male rivals X Budo X Taro X Nemesis-kun X Info-kun X Reader (not a reverse harem but a kind of route thingy where there are different events and stuff) Arakawa (Y/n), the best friend of Masuta Budo comes back after the years she've spent in China and Korea as an exchange student, who likes him very much. But he isn't...

  • [COMPLETED] Set fire to the Sun once again
    11.9K 499 44

    [Completed] Oh let's pretend there's no covid-19 here Or let's pretend that there is a cure and everything is fine now.

  • (Countryhuman) Deep In The Forest (My Prey) (Human Animals AU)
    8.5K 499 23

    Countryhumans "My Prey" it's a countryhumans story but They are have animal appearances. it's not omegaverse cuz some won't be werewolves. ok a story The usual The prey gets lost and a predator finds its prey. Phil was very nice and likes to help people. One day he gets lost in the forest because America was trying...

  • Pangaea Academy: Same Old Brand New Frenemies (countryhumans)
    257K 8.5K 112

    BOOK 1 A school where all countries could be one, a school where war never existed, a school that brings peace and give them a normal life. But philipia, the only female in the all boys academy of pangaea instead in the all girls, was placed there by her brother Martial, to spy, and befriend the countries that once co...

  • Hetalia Musical (with Piri~)
    12.5K 485 52

    Some random nation embodiments singing some random songs. (I TAKE REQUESTS)

  • countryhumans x philipines
    2.6K 43 11

    this is about my fandom of...COUNTRYHUMANS BUM BUM BUM!! also to see fanart (outside of wattpad) follow me on insta! shia_draws_comixx this story is about the whole sunshine harem with you guessed it Phillipines (there will be other languages in here) also this will also be readerxcountryhumans so you are playing as p...

  • Philippines x World ♥ Our hearts were belong to you ♥[COMPLETE]
    30.3K 672 26

    Love is in the air as the whole countries ate falling in love to a beautiful country known as the Philippines or also called the Pearl of the Orient Seas. There will be some random shipping and wonderful events will be written here. So you can request anything. Warning: there will be no yaoi, Yuri, and lemons. There a...

  • United Nations Academy
    39.3K 1.9K 40

    This is about a little country that travels a whole new world and befriends with other country. But as the story goes, there's always conflict that's messing with her. Let's read the story to see how she surpass all of the challenges that she would encounter. ~~~~~ First update: 09/23/20 Last update: 00/00/00

  • sunshine harem pictures
    45.2K 1.2K 22

    Countryhumans comics and arts. The comics and arts are never mine and never will be TvT

  • My CountryHumans - OneShots❤
    267K 6.5K 118

    Well what the heck! I freaking love countryhumans especially if it has my country on it. Philiippines! But this ones different than all the others. So get ready to see some of your fav Country Humans OTP with romance, drama, humor and some pictures inside this fanfic. If your a Filipino who likes CountryHumans, well...

  • Philippines x Countries [One Shots]
    40.8K 619 10

    Ayee guys, this is my second book about Philippines(again)anddd this is my first time doing a one shots. So, please bare with me, I'm really bad at english quq

  • ☀️ Sunshine Harem ☀️ >Philippines x Countryhumans< 🇵🇭
    55K 871 13

    HHHHHHHHHHHH- Yeahhhh...Countryhumans. REQUESTS ARE ON HOLD BUT ARE NOW OPEN CAUSE IVE BEEN OFF FOR A LONG TIME Philippines x Countryhumans Philippines x OC Philippines x Reader YEEEE Cover by: Krysyeet On INSTAGRAM! Edited by: Your one and only, ME, THE TRASH BAG.

  • You are My Sunshine
    45.2K 1K 13

    Philippines is a loving country that welcomed everyone. But after welcoming all those countries some took advantage of this and ruled over the country causing Philippines to fight against them. But that was all in the past, and now all the countries are together with Phil

  • °Countryhumans Philippines Pictures°
    98.8K 2.6K 26

    I ship Philippines with literally anybody tbh Don't like it Don't read it SKẞGSKSHKKSGSKSGKSGKG They are all pictures They are not mine Well Some of it will be mine But I'm going to do it rarely K let's do this U w U

  • Countryhumans Philippines:)
    25.3K 776 15

    This is an alternative story where Philip is colonized by other countries except Spain, America, and Japan. And everyone here is male so... You will be experiencing some fluff, gay, and smut here so I hope you peeps enjoy my story :D (Btw the cover art is mine)

  • ~ New transfer student ~ CH Philippines! (On Hold)
    29.3K 1.1K 19

    this is a story about Philippines transferring to UN high school, a lot of countries took interest in him. dangers and confusion ahead! read to find out more! - this is inspired by multiple countryhuman philippines In high school stories!

  • The Pearl of Asia (Hetalia Philippines Fanfic)
    23.7K 963 20

    『 Hetalia Fan fiction 』 A story about a small island which is surrounded by bodies of water. A story about Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas. ******************** ^^ [I really can't think of a good description...] Hetalia x OC [Philippines] Date started: November 11, 2018 Date Published: November 27, 2018 Date...

  • Perla del Mar de Oriente | Hetalia Philippines FANFICTION
    47.9K 2.5K 37

    "Someday...I'll be free." Highest Rank in Fanfiction #121 (02.12.19) Rank #1 in Hetalia (01.11.19)

    33.7K 1.8K 11

    What Park Jimin want in his life is just a simple part time job so that he can buy the newest version of his limited edition figure Anpanman. And when he got a call from his bestfriend Min Yoongi, asking him to babysit his niece, he was more that willing to help as that man offer him a fortune that he can even buy t...

  • Achilles' Heel
    3.7K 217 7

    Anghel Buenaventura is every man's dream girl and what every girl wanted to be. She's not just an Angel in name but also her personality. She's what you can describe as 'ethereal' for her visual will take your breath away. With her innocent face and an oh-so hot body, plus the fact that she's intelligent and freakin'...

  • The Alpha's Obsession (Bloodstones' Series)
    174K 3.4K 28

    "Touch her, I'll cut your filthy hand. Staring at her, I'll grill the eyeball of yours. Smile at her, I'll choke you to death. Thinking of her, I'll rip your head. Fantasize her, I'll poison your empty mind. Crave for her, I'll suck your blood till the last drop. And hurt her, I'll burn you to ashes. If I was you, get...

  • I'm the Vampire King's Obsession
    536K 19.5K 55

    "I am a king, but you are my ruler. I am a demon, but you are my religion. I got everything in life, but you are my obsession." * Gresha Iris lived her life in isolation for many years, but everything changed the time her mother died. Her simple life turned upside down. She started to venture life and learned how to d...

  • OBSESSION 1: Lucifer Dark Dixon
    136K 3.7K 46

    "You're mine now!" ---Lucifer Dark Dixon "Bwiset ka! I'm not yours!" ---Cincy Evalyn Valdez

    Completed   Mature
  • My Possessive Professor
    185K 5.7K 63

    Aria Austra Lindsei is a sophomore student in Easton University, who always involved herself in many different fights. She's independent, smart, and gorgeous. But despite the fact that most of her female schoolmates hates her for being the Campus Princess and the boys fantasy... She doesn't give a f*ck. She likes bein...

    Completed   Mature