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  • Ask and Dare
    62.7K 2.5K 198

    Ask and dare sleepy boi, lusty boi, pride boi,and smol angry boi.

  • Head cannons and short oneshots (requests welcome)
    23.9K 1.1K 49

    I have the attention span of a small puppy. Pretty sure I would get a lot more reads if I put an actual description, oh well. My writing improves over time, so the newest chapters are a lot better than the oldest.

  • Headcanons and maybe one-shots
    53.9K 2.1K 128

    As the title says

  • Oneshots
    6.4K 169 64

    Bunch of random oneshots! This is a mature story. At first, I tried to avoid it, but I gave up. Everything is labeled and requests are open. But preferably something I've already done... Everything I've done is tagged. ⚠My writing has gotten significantly better as I went. Feel free to skip the first half.⚠

  • FTO, SNO, OOO, SDS, and Lukos Hill one-shots
    118K 2.5K 53

    Just a book of one-shots! Requests are always welcome unless told otherwise. NO SMUT OR LEMONS I will let you know at the beginning of a chapter if requests are not welcome at the moment. When leaving requests, please give me a description of what you want it to be about. It makes it easier to come up with ideas.

  • The Informants
    6.4K 476 14

    Silver felt lost in the Coins. Sure, he was Reaper's apprentice, but this just caused more issues for him in the guild. He became more and more depressed until they saved his life. They were lost too, in their own insanity and rage at being overlooked, forgotten. In their rage, they destroyed both their victims both p...

  • My one and only
    3.9K 268 8

    Michael the devil has lived for many years, he has been sent to earth many times for many different reasons. Some of which being punishments. On one of these, he fell in love with a werewolf but sadly, he had to leave him when his punishment was over. He can only assume that his love is gone, one of the things he rem...

  • You and the bitty crew
    3K 129 5

    the origins crew as bitties, and you take care of them. and for those of you who don't know, bitties are from an undertale au called bittybones. a bitty is a human (or monster since undertale) that is so small you can hold one or two in a single hand, which also means they're too small to take care of themselves. beca...