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  • Be my Rocket Queen
    5.4K 236 51

    A fan fiction about Guns N Roses It's 1986 everyone's trying to be something instead of being a low life Sarah was one of those people but she gets lucky she meets some friends and they become big but Sarah and Duff get in a relationship and slash gets in the way is Sarah going to risk it all for this one man?

  • Yet Another 40 Ways To Annoy Dave Mustaine
    130 7 1

    Here's yet another 40 ways to annoy David Scott Mustaine. Don't actually do this. He will probably try to skin you alive. This is for shits and giggles so enjoy. I don't own Dave Mustaine. Just this book.

    Completed   Mature
  • 40 Ways To Annoy Dave Mustaine
    1.1K 52 1

    Here you can find ways to annoy the Megadeth frontman. Don't actually do these things to him. He won't be too happy to say the least. Dave if you somehow find this story, I am so sorry. This is meant to be a joke.

  • 40 More Ways To Annoy Dave Mustaine
    280 22 1

    Here are 40 more ways to annoy the Megadeth frontman. Don't actually do these things if you see him. He will probably kill you (or roast the living Hell out of you). Enjoy.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rock Star's Babysitter - A Slash Fanfiction
    46.1K 2.3K 39

    It's 2005, Slash has just finished touring with Velvet Revolver after the release of their first album the year prior. Perla has flown to Hawaii to 'think about their marriage,' leaving 3-year-old London and Cash, who just turned 2, in her rock star husband's care. Trying to be a father, get sober, record a new album...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Secret - An Axl Rose Fanfiction
    50.7K 1.9K 51

    Alex is a shy student in her senior year of high school. At nights she works at as a bartender to escape her troubled home. Axl is part of Guns N'Roses , an emerging band on the Sunset Strip that is flat broke and waiting for their big break. He takes a job as a music teacher at the local high school to help pay the...

  • Serial Killers and Haunted Places
    26K 554 35

    Tons of serial killers and haunted places throughout the world.

  • guns n' roses preferences & imagines
    125K 2.6K 55

    because who doesn't love a little bit of guns n' roses or a lot of them *requests open*

  • Coma ➷ Izzal
    6K 276 11

    Won't you come back to this world again? ~~~ Axl Rose x Izzy Stradlin

  • Nice Ass, Sugar
    2.9K 118 2

    Slaxl AU Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven stumble into a bar late at night, ready to drink themselves into oblivion. But a nice redhead with an even nicer ass puts a halt to Slash's plans ;).

  • My Sweetness (slaxl)
    3.8K 109 5

    "I may seem kind to you but I'll rip your heart in two" ________________ Axl moves to a new school and becomes gay for Slash

  • classic rock imagines
    109K 2.2K 31

    a collection of imagines/oneshots starring rock musicians (basically 60s-90s rock, metal, grunge, etc.). please feel free to make a request! unfortunately, i'm a pretty slow writer, but i promise i'll get to all of them eventually :) no R-rated stuff here, just some jokes/innuendos that may not be suitable for younger...

  • One and only (Axl Rose/Guns N' Roses fanfiction)
    5.6K 119 5

    What happens when the young, upcoming author Karen meets Axl Rose, singer of Guns N' Roses, at a party? Will things work out between them? Read and find out :)

  • GN'R One Shots
    18K 296 7

    Literally what the title says. I will add more chapters as I write them. I've never done this before but I am willing to try to do requests so send them in if your little heart desires. I will only do Guns N' Roses since this is a GN'R book. Also, ❗️SMUT WARNING❗️right here, right now! Enjoy - Kait 💋

  • classic rock imagines/oneshots (Request Open)
    42.2K 560 38

    just random one shots and imagines ftom my favirite classic rock bands/ singers. I dont own any of the singers/bands

  • Guns N' Roses Preferences ||slow updates||
    219K 3.9K 88

    I haven't seen a lot of Guns N' Roses books, so I decided to create this book! Requests allowed. (P.S does include Steven and Izzy!) How to request: . Comment on Intro page plz . Put name of member . The plot . Your name (if wanted) . And if you want fluff, angst, smut, etc. Thanks, Loves!

  • Insane Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It...
    380K 18.7K 60

    Senna is in an insane asylum for witnessing something no one should ever have to see. She doesn't talk, and she hates being touched. Many people have tried to get through to her, but how can you fix something that you don't know anything about?

  • I Remember You. {Sebastian Bach}
    8.5K 70 1

    Stevie Young, a young girl in her early 20's, has never had a lot of luck when it comes to living a life full of adventure. One night, when she runs into Sebastian Bach, the lead singer of the 1980's rock band Skid Row at The Whiskey in the heart of Los Angeles, everything changes.

  • Gays 'N Roses
    1.1K 24 8

    The Bad Boys of the sunset strip being gay. Request please

  • You Could Be Mine ➷ Slaxl
    14.6K 544 12

    "I'm a cold heartbreaker, fit to burn and I'll rip your heart in two." •.•.•.• After the departure of Izzy and Steven, Axl is desperate to keep the remaining members of the band together. However, when Slash begins to reveal emotions he once concealed, Axl is desperate to deny ever loving the guitarist back- but only...

    3K 52 10

    The second photo album by me. just a whole lot of photos of guns n' roses for your enjoyment.

  • Book One: Bad Boys Make the Most Noise | Slash
    47.9K 2.9K 45

    An ill mouthed girl with a fiery temper and bad attitude comes across a blonde headed stranger in her bed whilst covered in something strange. His friends are just like brothers and family soon becomes a tight nation to them all as Sloan grows closer, perhaps one in particular standing out. Between late night talks a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The beat of your heart // Axl Rose [ON HOLD]
    89K 2.7K 38

    He had this strange aura around him. That kind of aura that draws people's attention. He was this strange mixture of complete chaos and frightning calmness, this combination of anarchistic rebellion and unlikely tenderness. In him, I saw everything and nothing. It was just a matter of time when I would fall for that...

  • II Fading Into The Night IISteven×Duff Fanfiction II
    14.6K 698 38

    Duff moves to L.A. and goes to a new high school. he meets a boy, Steven. They grow a friendship, but is it only a friendship? this story takes place in modern days.

  • Slaxl Stories
    7.7K 223 10

    This is just a usual one-shot book. Some of the stories will be sad, smutty, happy, or otherwise. Some of them might even turn out to be books on their own. We'll see.

  • Everybody Needs Somebody | Slaxl
    6.7K 478 13

    *poruszane są tematy związane z zaburzeniami psychicznymi* Nienawidziłeś dotyku, a mimo wszystko poprosiłeś, żebym cię dotknął. Nie angażowałeś się w miłość, a chciałeś, żebym zasmakował twoich ust. Zabawne było to, że nie lubiłeś gdy ktoś dotykał twoich długich włosów, a mi pozwoliłeś wpleść w nie palce. Chciałeś mni...

  • GN'R One Shots (slashfic)
    18K 341 12

    Multiple ships within the band! Warnings before each chapter.

  • Axl Rose Imagines
    92.6K 1.4K 7

    Imagines about the one and only Axl Rose.

  • This I Love
    26.9K 985 14

    SEQUEL TO PATIENCE. It's been two years since Taylor Isbell has left LA, and her troubled lover, Duff McKagan. Taylor returns home to sunny Los Angeles, and along the way crosses paths with her old star-crossed lover. Do not read this, unless you've read "Patience," otherwise get out and get reading!

  • Band One-Shots
    90.9K 1.1K 32

    One shot requests closed for now. :)